Jerry Jones: Cowboys miss the playoffs, but we remain popular

Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones isn’t happy that his team has gone 8-8 three years in a row. But he is happy that mediocrity hasn’t affected his team’s popularity.

Jones pointed out on Sunday that there’s nothing Americans love more than watching the Cowboys on TV, and that hasn’t changed despite the string of .500 seasons.

“As you know, the Cowboys have not gone to the playoffs in several years,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. “We have not gone, yet we’re the most popular TV show there is on television. We lead all teams in TV ratings. We lead, 24 of the last top 25 shows were NFL games, and any time your Cowboys play they’re up there at the top and leading. Now, what causes that? What causes that is creating some aura, creating some excitement.”

Those aren’t particularly inspiring comments for fans who want to see the Cowboys make the playoffs, but Jones is right: The Cowboys are popular whether they win, lose or do both in equal measure.

146 responses to “Jerry Jones: Cowboys miss the playoffs, but we remain popular

  1. Jerry Jones is the reason the Cowboys miss the playoffs every year. Hes more concerned about being “popular” than winning. I mean please, any team thats actually trying to WIN a Super Bowl wouldn’t sign Tony Romo to a 6 year contract for 120 mill when Romo isnt worth a tenth of that. Complete joke of a football team

  2. Isn’t there somebody in Jerry’s circle that can tell him how incompetent he sounds everytime he talks?

  3. Titans/Jags football games beat World Series games. Ratings mean nothing.

    Cowboys are being watched because they’re being put on the national games. Once people realize that this isn’t the 70s, or the early 90s, we’ll see more teams that don’t struggle through a terrible division.

  4. I hope my owner is more worried about Championships over TV Ratings. But hey if your satisfied with beating out worthless TV shows I will root for you!!!

  5. And that line of thinking is exactly the problem. It’s also why people should stop going to the Cowboys games if they ever want to be good again.

    As for watching them on TV we don’t really have a choice now do we Jerry. America’s team is pretty much just rammed down our throat.

  6. Jerry doesn’t look good in the above picture. Maybe he should go and visit a doctor…..wait!!!….he is a doctor!!

  7. And this is an achievement to him?? being popular?? I know the NFL is ALL about money but man, at least ACT like you care that the fans have to see an average at best team every year.

  8. The problem is that it seems like that is all Jerry worries about these days…

    If I was a Cowboys fan, I would take a season off to let Jerry know that fans expect him to put a better product on the field.

  9. Jerry Jones: “I’m the thirty-second best GM in all of the NFL, yet people keep buying tickets”

  10. Because the NFL is just a popularity contest, huh, Jerry? Maybe you should go to the Teen Choice awards next year instead of shooting for the playoffs!

  11. Oh Heavens Jerrah…you may think it, it may be true, but you say it and you open us up all up to ridicule. Thanks a bunch!

  12. Jerry Jones is simply pathetic, obviously the only thing he cares about his popularity and money. Cowboys are not even coming close to winning a Super Bowl with this guy around. Such a bum

  13. Typical Jerry! Doesn’t care about winning as long as his bank account gets bigger! BTW.. Cowboys aren’t America’s team!


  14. Justifying losing !!!

    Someone needs to write a book about the stuff that comes out of this clown’s mouth.

  15. And that’s why Jerry doesn’t care if the team wins or loses, because he’s making money. If Dallas fans want change, they need to stop going to games and stop watching them on TV.

  16. Well there you have it Cowboys fans. Your owner could care less about winning as long as you sell out the stadium and buy Cowboys licensed merchandise.

  17. I am a life long Cowboy fan, live and breath cowboys. But right there is the reason the Cowboys will not be a contender for a super bowl title as long as JJ has that type of attitude. He could care less if we win or lose as long as we are popular. Come on JJ, sale to someone that actually cares about the football part of this

  18. Yeah, the rest of the NFL has no doubt been greatly entertained watching the numerous meltdowns, front office hijinks and every other embarrassment in between.

    This guy is the greatest owner/GM ever, and I hope you live forever Jerry.

    I don’t know what an NFL season would be like without disappointed cowboy fans at the end of it. Not as good, that is for sure.

  19. That may be one of the problems with the Cowboys. As long as they have their popularity, get fans in the seats and have people watching, it’s not affecting Jerry Jones’ wallet. Maybe if he was losing money then he would feel more pressure to actually make major changes.

  20. The ignorant mind, with its infinite afflictions, passions, and evils, is rooted in the three poisons. Greed, anger, and delusion.

  21. And the greatest mishandling of an NFL franchise continues on. He’s ecstatic to still be popular becuase his pockets continue to be lined. The building of Cowboys stadium clearly was way more about a massive revenue stream to include many non-football related events and using the Dallas Cowboy brand as the front to reel in these events.

    The only thing Cowboy fans care about is the abject underperformance of the actual football team and the major dysfunction of the management structure that has led to this poor playing.

    What we want: Less popularity and more wins.

  22. Maybe so, Jerry, but that GM of yours is going to foul that up too just like he does everything else. How that guy keeps his job I have no idea! HAHAHA!

  23. It’s hard being a Cowboys fan sometimes… Can people just stop asking this man questions?

  24. Stupid Jerry Jones… That’s nothing to be happy about idiot. I’m a die hard cowboys fan but our owner needs to keep his mouth shut and concentrate on getting the boys back to how they were in the 90’s. Matter of a fact take ur old ass out of the GM position and let someone who knows what there doing replace your old ass. Your a owner not a GM. SHUT YOUR HOLE ALREADY JERRY JONES. ITS BECAUSE OF YOU THE BOYS GEY SO MUCH HEAT. SMH!!!

  25. I watch red zone for the Sunday game that is going on when my main team is not playing, then I watch whoever they decide to put on for Thursday, Monday and Sunday night. That is pretty much how my buddies do it too. It does seem like they put on the cowboys a lot during primetime but that’s just what they give us so of course we watch what else are we going to watch “dancing with the stars” or “full house” reruns? Don’t these NFL games always become the highest rated programs, you can have the Jags versus Browns and its still gonna crush it. I dont care either way and I live in Washington state but it seems like everyone up here hates the Cowboys and would mostly be cheering for them to get there butt kicks no matter who they are playing.

  26. well Jerry, as the song goes …

    “those loveable losers,
    and no account boozers,
    and honkytonk heros, like yew …”


  27. Just a matter of time when that palace he built starts being half-full and the mess that he alone has created will turn the Cowboys into a financial mess.Only a coincidence that Romo and Witten were in the owners box for the National Championship game.Same two guys who went on vacation to Mexico before playing the Giants in the playoffs.Its all about accountability!

  28. Cowboys fans, your lot in life probably won’t improve until your current owner shuffles off the mortal coil. Trust me on this one.

    A Chicago Blackhawks Fan

  29. “We suck. And the ratings show that everybody watches us suck.”

    Good job, Jerry. I’m actually getting to the point where I feel sorry for Cowboy fans.

  30. These comments would make me sick if I were a Cowboys fan.

    Heck, they make me sick just being an NFL fan. The league’s most influential owner cares more about popularity than winning? Wonderful.

  31. That is completely pathetic that any official of the team, is complacent about their dismal records during the last several years. Its as if he’s saying to all of those who shell out major bucks to fill the seats at his Jumbotron palace, to just keep paying and shut up. “We’re number one on TV, who cares about you stiffs here at the stadium?”

    Last time I saw the Cowboys play was at the Clink, two seasons ago. So I’m not one of the gullible faithful pumping up the Nielsen’s.

  32. Jerry Jones is speaking from the business side. The cowboys are not winning but his bank account is. One of the richest owner in sports!

  33. Started out with the goal of winning…..He won……Now it is about the ratings and winning isn’t important. It shows.

  34. Thank You Haters you are as responsible to why The Cowboys are America’s Team. Nothing will ever change that. Thank You Mr. Jones for your extraordinary vision. WE LOVE OUR BOYS hear in Texas, all over the country, nation and WORLD. Just keep hating. WE LOVE IT!

  35. Been with Dallas since the late 60’s. JJ replaces a declining Landry in late 80’s and the early conclusions are that JJ wants to WIN more than breathe. Incredible early success thanks in large part to Jimmy J. Jimmy J is fired in 94′ over who is in charge and the decline begins. And now the once most competitive owner in sports has given up after 20 years of frustration and bad GMing and says “Well they still like us”. JJ the business man. Time to sell JJ. This is sports. Winning championships is the goal, not TV ratings. You don’t understand this any longer. Time to get out.

  36. I tell all of my partners that are Cowboy fans that Popularity does not equal greatness

    They don’t seem to believe me and just like every other Cowboy fan

    They seem to think they are Superbowl bound year after year…..SMH

    Fact is I believe they will finish last place this year!

  37. Jerry is dumb as a fox. If the Cowboys have great ratings it is because everybody wants to see the angst in his face when Romo throws an interception. He may cringe at the choking but he has a money making product.

  38. The Cowboys are probably my favorite NFC team but even still why does the owner have to come out and say something like this unless he feels “less than”? This smells like an inferiority complex to me. Come on Jerry, it can’t be that difficult to beat dysfunctional teams like the Eagles and the Redskins. Lets be honest here.

  39. I feel as if you put ANY team on a National Broadcasted game EVERY week, they would get plently of ratings.

    Add in SNF and MNF games. Then add in that they are the only team to consistenly play the 4:00E spot where games are limited (I’ve actually seen Denver play at 1 on the E coast while Dallas @ Buffalo was at 4:15E.

    They, along with the god-awful Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, get shoved down America’s throat.

  40. And THAT attitude trickles all the way down to the practice squad players. Everyone knows THAT is all that is important to Jerry and when the players know that they will never be concerned about their job.

  41. How about we take the Dallas Cowboys out of the NFC East and place them in either the west or south and then see how those ratings go over time . Constant games on the top markets in the East along with being the only South west team (sorry Cards but you know it is true )

  42. “We lead all teams in TV ratings. We lead, 24 of the last top 25 shows were NFL games, and any time your Cowboys play they’re up there at the top and leading. ”
    Jerry, you need to be leading in POINTS, not ratings!

    Jeez, even my 7-year-old knows that fact. BTW, he likes watching the Cowboys lose, too.

  43. He still has many loyal followers from the early 90’s seasons.

    He should send a check to Irving, Emmit, and Aikman every year because he is still enjoying popularity that stemmed from their success.

  44. Say what you will about Jerry Jones, the guy sure knows how to market a team.

    That said, I’m guessing many Cowboys fans would strongly prefer he focus on just that – marketing, and leave the GM stuff to a real professional.

  45. Jerry is apparently smarter than all of you clowns because he knows you will still watch. Sports is nothing other than competitive athletic entertainment. If you keep the viewers/attendees entertained (i.e. ratings) then you win.

  46. Thanks for confirming the very point I’ve been making for yours, Jerry; We need to stop enabling Jerry’s delusion. Don’t give this character any more of your money. Don’t buy merchandise and don’t go to games until Jerry hires a real GM with real authority. Otherwise, nothing will ever change.

  47. the reason more people watch the boys is that there are plenty of bandwagon jumping fans that abandoned their local losing team in the 70s or 90s in favor of the cowboys (also the last time the cowboys were actually relevant). these are the same people that are also laker and yankee fans outside l.a. and n.y.. then there are the legit cowboy fans who reside in the general area and follow the team as did their families over the years…

    add these legit fans, and faux fans to the huge demographic that absolutely detests jerry and his overhyped assembly of players (and coaches these days with three offensive coordinators and two defensive coordinators) . that equals the cowboys tv draw..

    we get it jerry, you’re raking it in…. the thing is, bob kraft and lurie and the rooneys are also making a ton of money. and they don’t seem to be obliged to run around acting like a combination of howdy doody, alfred e. newman and al davis….

  48. well of course Jerry would say that! he doesn’t make his money off of their win-loss record…he makes it off their popularity. I’d say you’re doing a fine job! by the way, the great ratings you enjoy is because there are just as many people who hate the Cowboys and want to see them fail as there are those who follow you and the Romo-Road Show. Just remember, even die-hard fans have a breaking point!

  49. I am a Toronto Maple Leafs fan. They too remain extraordinarily popular and valuable as a franchise despite not winning.

    I need the Steelers in my life to keep me sane. They win. The Leaves don’t. My sons are Steeler fans, but they have not bought into the Leaves. Sad for me, but I can’t blame them.

    If you are a Dallas fan, I recommend you find yourself a solid, well built team and culture that delivers championships in another sport to keep you sane.

  50. That attitude right there is why they are perpetually 8-8….

    Jerry is still making money hand over fist… until you dope cowboy fans start voting with your wallet and your remote, keep expecting mediocrity.

  51. I see a few seahawk fans talking about the Cowboys being in trouble, that so cute. It’s funny because when the seahawks have 1 bad season, you’ll not see them on tv again, 1 hit wonders…

  52. Jerry Jones: “We lead all the TV ratings for our games. Now, what causes that?”

    NFL fans: “Because the whole nation enjoys watching the Cowboys get beaten. It makes our day, reminds us our team is better.”

  53. Hey, at least he’s honest….

    Maybe they resigned Romo for the publicity, those game sealing interceptions generate alot of buzz!!

  54. That does it. He has settled for average and taking our money. The branding back before his time as “Americas Team” was absolutely brilliant. Dallas success was before Free Agency as we know it today and the harsh reality of the CAP system. Dallas has not put a winner on the field for decades. I’m done after watching the Skins and Eagles get better then us. Jerry is laughing all the way to the bank.

  55. Watching the Cowboys lose is good self-therapy. Makes me feel good about myself. I have an extra spring in my step the next day. The Cowboys are good for the NFL.

  56. Why not embrace the mediocrity of an exactly .500 record and 1 playoff win since the 90’s teams moved on? Jerrah doesn’t care because he’s getting to play GM everyday, his lifelong dream.

  57. Everyone’s missing the point. Jones equates popularity with revenues. And as long as the Cowboys lead the league in revenue (popularity) why should he care about winning? I wouldn’t either.

  58. I only time I watch a Cowboy game is at the end of it, in hopes that they show Jerry’s sour looking face when they lose. Only owner/GM to get locked out of his teams locker room, by the team.

  59. And this represents the problem. Jerry the business man is content to take in the TV money and not really worry about playoffs or super bowls. Just have an entertaining team and stadium.

    But eventually the fan base will die off and the Cowboys popularity with it. That will be JJ’s legacy. Sucked it dry to the end. Nice Jerry.

  60. It’s all about the money with JJ. He is the most successful owner in terms of profit. Love him or hate him, he is a brilliant business man. The only problem with that, is the business of football is supposed to include winning games.

    I live and die with the Cowboys, but even I don’t understand the popularity of the team. 1 playoff win since 1996, 3rd straight 8-8 season and the Cowboys are still #1 in merchandise sales. Can’t explain it. But that right there is why the Cowboys are so hated. People don’t understand why there are so many Cowboys fans even when the team continues to be mediocre year after year.

    Love em or hate em, you’ll watch em, and Jerry will laugh all the way to the bank, or vault, or wherever he keeps his Scrooge McDuck sized pile of money.

  61. It’s bad for the Redskins that they get stuck in a division with such bad teams like the Cowboys. The Redskins need more competition than lousy franchises like the Cowboys, Eagles and Giants.

  62. Sitting somewhere smiling to himself is Jimmy Johnson.

    If there was ever any question as to why there was a Cowboy resurgence in the “90’s, JJ has proven over the last decade and a half that it was all Jimmy!

  63. It’s good to be the king, spewing statements that are fire-able offenses if mentioned by anyone else within that franchise.

  64. Yeah same with the Jets. That’s not something you should take pride in Jerry.

  65. Jerry set himself up for all these comments. Good thread. As a Redskins fan I truly apologize Cowboys fans, yaw deserve better than an acceptance of mediocrity. That man is laughing all the way to the bank, & that’s part of the problem. I miss hating yaw. Jimmy made me hate yaw because he had them fear losing. The Star is better than this. I want my mortal enemy back. Why? Because The Star back makes us have to stay on point. Real talk.

  66. I still can’t understand why this brilliant businessman can’t see that his football team would be better off with a real football man as GM.

  67. The Cowboys are the NFL version of “The Walking Dead,” which is the most watched show on cable. Jones looks like a zombie.

  68. Jerry should thank his lucky stars that half the teams they have played were worse then the “boys.” Never thought I would see the day the Cowboys would fall to this level.

  69. I wonder what he’s been smoking or if he’s been tested for senility. His ego seems to get bigger and bigger as an inverse ratio of how little there is to support his words. Hmm. Can you imagine if we put him and Trump in the same room. With the doors locked…

  70. If remaining popular, even while becoming a perennial loser is ok with Jerry, then congratulations, you have just officially turned the Dallas Cowboys into the NFL equivalent of the kardashian family, strangely popular, yet absolutely ridiculous, empty, and meaningless.

  71. It’s all about the money, Jerry Jones. If you gave a ratzaaz about your product, you would hire a real General Manager and compete in the NFL. You are an arrogant bag. Enjoy another mediocre season…

  72. I was once a “Cowboy Fan” back when Tom Landry coach the team and Tex Shramm was the GM. Landry had gotten a “raw deal” when Jerrah fired him, and took away the box suite away from Landry’s widow and their family. When Landry passed away…so did the Dallas Cowboys…b/c TOM LANDRY IS…THE DALLAS COWBOYS! (So, I don’t know who these jokers are, all dressed up in silver and blue) So, I became a fan of another NFL team… ‘WHO DAT!’

  73. “As you know, the Cowboys have not gone to the playoffs in several years,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. “We have not gone, yet we’re the most popular TV show there is on television.

    ……yes, and imagine how much popular they would be if they actually won?

  74. Have to laugh at Perpetual Mediocrity.. Cowgirls are the joke of the league!

    Even that stadium is .. in reality.. a hunk of junk (showy but very poorly engineered and built with substandard materials)

    JJones is a pillar of incompetence. Poor little Cowgirl fans… Haha

  75. Hey Jerry, what the fans love about the boys is seeing them get their butt kicked. I watch ever minute of that thumping Chicago gave the Cowboys and the best part was watch your face and comments, like, if we had of gotten a couple of turn overs the game would have been different. You don’t get it the team was out matched despite playing against a backup QB!

  76. I for one watch Dallas to see them implode year after year ! The thing is EVERYONE knows that Jerry is the problem , except him , he fancies himself a coach but most REAL owners would have fired him years ago !!!

  77. “If there was ever any question as to why there was a Cowboy resurgence in the “90′s, JJ has proven over the last decade and a half that it was all Jimmy!”

    It wasn’t so much Jimmy Johnson as it was Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin and an overall quality group of players. Let’s give credit where its due….not on the guy with the perfect hair.

  78. My 2nd favorite team remains… “whoever is playing the cowgirls”

    perpetual mediocrity is worse than sucking

    this team has no hope… very cruel.. no GM and no HC… no hope

  79. Thanks for admitting your scam is working jerry. Actually no body except cowboy fans give a crap about the cowboys. The last 10 years of suffering you and your fans have endured are well deserved and its wonderful watching you fail OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. You cant run a team anywhere except into the ground. The only thing you can beat the Ravens in is a coin flip btw. Ouch

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