Johnny Manziel to visit Buccaneers next


Since Johnny Manziel’s already in the neighborhood, so he might as well drop by.

According to Albert Breer of the NFL Network, Manziel will head to Tampa for a pre-draft visit with the Buccaneers after wrapping up today’s trip to see the Jaguars.

The Bucs haven’t been linked with most of the quarterbacks among the mock draft intelligentisia, but there’s a reasonable case to be made for them drafting one.

While Josh McCown is a stable veteran presence, he’s also 34, and a mature enough human being to handle a clipboard if need be. If the competition is Mike Glennon, he’s clearly better though, and a solid-enough player to win.

Given coach Lovie Smith’s background (getting to a Super Bowl with a defense that carried a Rex Grossman-led offense), investing the seventh pick in the draft on a quarterback still seems unusual.

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  1. I don’t think Johnny Football is a first round quality QB prospect. We don’t know for sure that these teams with top 10 picks are considering him in round 1. He could end up being a high 2nd round pick. It was considered almost a given that Geno Smith would be a 1st round pick last year.

  2. this would be a wasted pick no matter what qb they pick. Lovie has no idea what offense is let alone a NFL one. they will win the same way the bears did with a field goal offense and a strong defense. and while grossman did not play well he is not the reason the beears lost the super bowl,the moron in charge who thought it would be a good idea to take out Thomas Jones and replace him with Benson was. Jones had run for a 60 yd. td the last series so you sit him for a rookie who promptly fumbles and changes the whole momentum of the game. the defense had held manning in check until then, then he expects grossman to win it at the end?

  3. Glennon really gets crapped on. Check out the stats. Pretty impressive considering he had one reliable WR, no RB, and a lame duck coach.

  4. Drafting Manziel, for any team, is the key to the real goal: Drafting Jameis Winston in 2016. Manziel excites a fanbase, but his almost certain bust status ensures that whoever picks him will be in position to be drafting #1 when Jameis comes out.

  5. Thanks for pointing out that Rex Grossman got Lovie to his only Super Bowl. He should probably be the veteran qb mentoring Mike Glennon.

  6. I would love to get arron murry as our qb here in tampa, i think we should gwt him in the second round if available, kid has smarts, and would be great team player w no baggage

  7. Go after a wr, if evens and Watkins aaregone, make, or an ol, or de. What do yall think about murry, in the second or 3rd if still available

  8. Just stay away from manziel please!!! Guy was great ij ncaa, but i thinkbhe will a bust, not as bad of a bust as tebow, but still a bust, kid is all about him and a only him, evens made him now the other way around. Wo evens to throw to so mamy oy those jump balls would have been interceptions

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