LSU trainer says Zach Mettenberger’s nearly full strength


LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger is planning on doing all the drills at his pro day today, in hopes of proving to NFL teams he’s sufficiently recovered from last November’s torn ACL.

That’s shouldn’t be a problem, as the LSU medical staff is apparently capable of performing miracles.

Team trainer Jack Marucci told Albert Breer of the NFL Network that they tested Mettenberger’s knee Friday, and it was at 97 percent strength. Marucci went on to say that if there was a game this week, Mettenberger could play.

That’s three months out from surgery to repair the ligament that provides stability to the knee, so either Mettenberger’s a fast healer, or the standards to play are looser in Baton Rouge than in other places.

To be honest, saying he’s “97 percent strength” sounds a little made-up. I’d have probably gone for a decimal point, just for show, because “97.2 percent” sounds even more science-y.

Either way, we’ll see how Mettenberger moves today, and have a better idea how he’s progressing from a surgery that takes other mortals more time to recover from.

8 responses to “LSU trainer says Zach Mettenberger’s nearly full strength

  1. Maybe it’s blowing smoke to say he could play today, but for a pocket QB & with recent advances in ACL reconstruction he should be ready to go by training camp.

    Some think he might turn out to be the best QB in the draft.

  2. i could see the Patriots picking him. He’s big, strong–similar to Mallett. he’s not going to play year 1 anyway recovering from the knee injury

  3. He said the “strength in the knee is at 97%”, not that he is AT 97%.

    The strength is directly measurable, as is flexibility. Just compare the “strength” to his other knee is all that need be done to determine that stat. So that if perfectly believable and anyone who has going through PT will tell you as much as PTs measure strength and flexibility all the time to gauge recovery.

  4. I still think even though there is not a clear QB in the draft to start day one. There are so many capable prospects this year that any team with a ? at the QB position should be drafting them in May.

  5. Like I said before, this dude is no secret anymore.
    A few months back he was getting projected to the 4th or even 5th round, and not even as a top 5 QB.
    Now I bet he goes in the first 2 rounds, and I bet hes the 4th qb taken.

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