Pro Bowl will be held in Arizona next season

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The NFL is sending the Pro Bowl back to Hawaii, but not before a stop in Arizona.

The league announced that this year’s pre-Super Bowl all-star game will be played at University of Phoenix Stadium on Jan. 25, 2015.

The Super Bowl will be there the following weekend.

The league announced that an agreement was in place with the state of Hawaii to play the 2016 version of the Pro Bowl at Aloha Stadium, “but final confirmation of the game will be made at a later date.”

This will mark the third time a Pro Bowl has been paired up with the Super Bowl site, following the first Super Bowl in Los Angeles and the 2010 game in Miami.

Putting its best players at the Super Bowl site will bring more marketing opportunities for a league that never seems to run out. Of course, more players will grumble about not getting that Hawaiian vacation, and “injury” replacements will likely soar.

25 responses to “Pro Bowl will be held in Arizona next season

  1. Too bad there won’t be any hometown Cardinals there to play in it… because they will all be playing the following week.

  2. Cardinals and their fans beware: talking about the Super Bowl before the END of the regular season is guaranteed to get you a losing regular season record.

  3. Who would want to go to Arizona for vacation anyways without the Superbowl? No players are going to come out AZ to play in the pro-bowl.

  4. Too bad the Pro Bowl isn’t in Minnesota.

    Minnesota is the most gorgeous state in the entire U.S.

    Plus we attract a high amount of viewers on everything we do because of our historic franchise.

  5. Makes perfect sense.

    The weather is great, the roof retracts, and we don’t don’t have to spend $10,000 to go watch a game in Hawaii.

  6. Paulnoga is rigjt,
    Notice how almost every team who hosts a super bowl is guaranteed a losing record.

    Lets see:
    2010 Dallas Cowboys: 6-10
    2011 Indianapolis Colts: 2-14
    2012 New Orleans Saints: 7-9
    2013 New York Jets : 8-8
    2013 New York Giants: 7-9

    Back on topic:
    Last years pro bowl was great.
    Keep it that way.
    But please no draft

  7. That’s a given. I still can’t believe that the host team hasn’t even made the playoffs in the past several years. Even two years ago when the Saints were contenders (they finished 13-3 the season before and came within a play of hosting the NFCCG) the bounty gate crap emerged and the head coach was suspended for the entire year. Go figure…..

  8. Yuck, Phoenix is gross. Ever drive there and notice the brown dome of smog just sitting right on top, hello lung cancer.

  9. 49ermbr: To your question, “Who would want to go to Arizona for vacation anyways without the Superbowl?”

    I will grant you, Northern CA is beautiful. But have you ever heard of the Grand Canyon? The Red Rocks of Sedona? Golf in the winter?

    The answer to that question: people from the world over.

    To your other point: The problem is that players have come to think of the Pro Bowl as a vacation, not a privilege and honor.

  10. Cardinals have not been relevant in fifty years? They were in the Super Beezy 6 years ago. Not the most prolific franchise in the NFL but much more relevant than NFL master(bater) suggests.

  11. There’s IDIOT Goodell changing B/S again!!! that’s why the ratings are so bad. I boycott the popularity bowl until it goes back to AFTER the Super Bowl!!! This way is no sort of vacation that all players deserve even the Super Bowl players!!! GOODELL IS AN IDIOT!!! FIRE YOURSELF YOU ARE RUININGTHIS GREAT GAME!!!

  12. keep it out of hawaii permanently…give other fans accross the country an opportunity to see it without havign to spend god awful amounts of money to trave land see it.. rotate it around to cities and include hawaii every 5 years or so! if you really want fan interest give them a chance to watch it live in the mainland!

  13. On the one hand, the selected Pro Bowl players and their families don’t get to go to Hawaii. Nice place.

    On the other hand, I don’t think I have ever seen Aloha Stadium more than 60% full (yes, I watch the Pro Bowl).

    If the Pro Bowl came to my city, I’d probably pay to go just to see so many exceptional players on the field at one time. Maybe get to meet a couple of them while hanging out downtown. But golfing sucks in Seattle in January, so I doubt it would ever be considered.

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