Ryan Tannehill: I need to make a big jump this year


Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill hasn’t been bad in his first two seasons in the NFL, but he hasn’t shown the flashes of greatness that young quarterbacks like Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, Robert Griffin III, Cam Newton and Colin Kaepernick have shown. Tannehill says this is the year he plans to do it.

Tannehill has completed 59.4 percent of his passes, with 36 touchdowns and 30 interceptions, for a passer rating of 79.1. He wants to be a lot better than that this year.

“It’s huge. I have to make a big jump, I’m aware of that,” Tannehill told ESPN. “I’m putting in the work, putting in the time to get myself physically ready, mentally ready and learn this new offense that we’re going with this year. So there is still work to be done.”

And, of course, Tannehill wants the Dolphins to have better records than the 7-9 and 8-8 marks they’ve had in his two seasons.

“I look for a big jump in myself, both in production and wins. That’s what we ultimately play for is wins. So, I’m excited to see what this team does,” Tannehill said.

The Dolphins need to get better on defense and special teams, too, so there’s only so much Tannehill can do to ensure that they win more games this year. But he can control his own play. And he says his play is going to get better.

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  1. This is the year he has to prove that he was worthy of being taken with such a high pick, or if once again poor/desperate drafting/scouting doomed this team once again. How many second round picks from the last few years are still on this team?

  2. No love for Foles. An OLine and a receiver not named mike Wallace would give him a shot

  3. Russell Wilson has as many Super Bowl championships as the rest of his fellow 2012 draft class QBs has combined playoff wins.

  4. I look at all the 8 wins Miami had last year and 7 of them I say that Tannehill straight out won them, the other was a great team effort against the Jets. On the losing side, I placed 3 games directly on him, 3 of them he could have played better but was not the primary reason and the other 2 (the last 2 games) he stunk it up but so did the rest of the team. I was more disappointed in him though than the rest of the team. There was no leadership coming from him in those two games. Your team is at risk of missing the playoff and you are being looked on as being a leader, you better be barking on the sideline to get your teammates pumped up.

  5. O line was a mess. That alone getting fixed will help his production. He has the ability to make every throw. That being said, he MUST get better on the deep ball. He cost Wallace at least 3 or 4 TDs last year with under throws.

  6. He has shown promise and anyone that can’t see that is just a hater. He had far less experience at qb than the rest if the fellow draftees. He def has to hit Wallace on some deep routes when he’s open . I watched every snap of Miami games last year and had he hit Wallace on half of the wide open looks he got Wallace would have had big year. They probably would have won a couple more games too. Deep ball accuracy is number one concern for me but improved line play should help.

  7. Yes, I am a Homer on this, but he could benefit from a decent Oline, better playcalling that suits his skillset (very accurate on the run/rollout) and as others have stated better timing on the deep ball. However, in his defense-No QB was better being knocked on his back 58 times (NFL Sack Record) and lost his starting TE and Slot WR at the beginning of the Season to Injury. Beware the Dolphins.

  8. Tannehill has what it takes to be a very good player. I hope he can deliver this year. There will be even more pressure on him, it will be interesting to see whether he can just go out and play loose, smart and quick. Astounding though how he has progressed after not playing QB much in college and then coming into the league and starting from the start especially on a team that has been staring at the abyss for a long while. Lets be honest he has not had a lot of help, no running game, no O line, average receivers and a defense that flatters to deceive. But at the end of the day he will have to kick on, sooner rather than later.

  9. Tannehill suffered a lot those last two seasons due to inept play calling. Sherman would almost never call rollout plays and when Reggie Bush was on the team we never used screen passes and instead told Reggie to pound the rock. And to his credit, he wasn’t half bad at it either. Tannehill certainly needs to improve on his accuracy and his touch on deep routes, and could stand to improve a lot from a better O-line. But he’s been fighting uphill for two years without a doubt because of his former OC.

  10. No consistent running game, lost starting TE before season even started, Brandon Gibson lost in 8th game, top receiver, B Hartline tied for 5th most drops in NFL last season, RT sacked 58 times and prolly hit 1,000, playing behind what had to be the worst O Line in NFL history, lacking chemistry with M Wallace and RT still completed 60% of his passes and more importantly, miraculously finished season not in a complete body cast. Yes, he can improve but Ryan Tannehill was not the problem last year. With an improved O Line and some more weapons he will be fine.

  11. If I wasn’t such an Aggies fan I’d say “meh” on this guy…hope he gets better but I’ll believe it when I see it.

  12. All things considered, RT’s limited qb experience compared to his peers, the horrible play calling by Sherman that did not take advantage of RT’s strengths, the putrid o-line and loss of his recvrs & te, I am comfortable with him as our QB and cant wait to see what another year maturity and Lazars offense brings out in him.

  13. Tannehill has to win. If he doesn’t he won’t last long. The most common thing that creates a great QB is a lot of winning at some point early in their career, so they get the benefit of the doubt later and can develop. Usually it is a strong defense that creates the opportunity. See Roethlisberger, Eli, Brady. Tannehill doesn’t really hold the team back.

  14. “Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill hasn’t been bad in his first two seasons in the NFL, but he hasn’t shown the flashes of greatness that young quarterbacks like Andrew Luck…”

    Tannehill had better stats last season than Andrew Luck, across the board.

    3900 yards, 24 TDs… while taking 58 sacks. I’m impressed.

  15. Tanny has never been the guy….

    when he’s needed to make plays, he hasn’t… he doesn’t close in the red zone, doesn’t play well in the second half, doesn’t stand out as a leader, doesn’t make smart pocket decisions for the most part

    I hope the Phins don’t continue to waste time on him.

  16. The Seahags have proven that you don’t need a “great” QB to win it all – it’s about having a great TEAM. Tannehill will be fine – just needs some help.

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