Shoulder injury keeping Demaryius Thomas away from Manning workouts


Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is again taking his receivers to Duke for some individual work before the team can start, but not all of his pass-catchers are there.

According to Jeff Legwold of, wide receiver Demaryius Thomas isn’t in attendance because of a shoulder injury suffered in the Super Bowl. The injury is described as a separated shoulder.

Manning still has plenty of guys to throw to, as Wes Welker, Emmmanuel Sanders, Andre Caldwell and tight end Julius Thomas were in Durham with him.

But the fact Thomas is still aching after a hard shot from Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor is a bit of a concern, even if he has months to get ready for OTAs and training camp.

He’s demonstrated toughness, playing through the injury to catch a Super Bowl-record 13 passes. But with plenty of time to recover, there’s no reason to push it for Manning’s back-to-school session.

13 responses to “Shoulder injury keeping Demaryius Thomas away from Manning workouts

  1. The whole broncos team didn’t show up for he Super Bowl.

    So I can’t imagine we should care too much about one player not showing up for a get-together with teammates that’s not mini-camp, training camp, or even preseason.

  2. I am pretty sure it is the contract that is keeping him sidelined. This guy will be a hold out in training camp bc he sees the team spending money and not offering him a new contract.

  3. It was funny after kam laid him out, Thomas tried to play it off by putting the ball between his legs while walking back to the huddle.

  4. The Super Bowl would have had an entirely different outcome if the Seahawks were ALSO playing without their 3 best defenders and their starting left tackle. Everyone talks about how Seattle handled Denver but they fail to realize Denver was working with a makeshift O-line and several reserve players on Defense. Props to Seattle for taking advantage but let’s be real, they were playing against a bunch of 2nd – 3rd stringers. Would it have been the same game if Seattle was playing without Kam Chacellor, Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, Russell Okung AND Max Unger??!! Doubt it.

  5. @tommymomoney — 43-8 still stings but I know it wasn’t Denver’s best vs. Seattle’s best. Answer the question – If Seattle was playing without Chancellor, Sherman, Thomas, Okung, and Unger, would the outcome have been the same?

  6. Typical of bronco fans to use the injury excuse for everything…was manning “injured” too? or did he just do his usual song and dance…awards for himself all season long, but when it came to a group effort to get his teammates a ring, he disappeared, as usual. He’s a very selfish player, and the biggest choker in the history of sports, bar none. G.O.A.T.?? pfffttt. Although far from a Seahawk fan, I give them the respect they deserve for being the best in that SB game, while bronco fans are still ignoring the scoreboard.

  7. The reason that Seattle is so good is that not only do they have great starters but have tremendous depth.

    Examples include Maxwell who was a 3rd string CB.

    Malcolm Smith who won the MVP honors was a backup and only played prior to the NFC championship because other LBs were injured.

    Seattle played close to half of their regular season games with 3 offensive line starters out of the game due to injuries.

    A championship team understands this and builds depth because injuries are part of playing the game.

    Sorry but having injured starters is only an excuse for losers.

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