Zach Miller on taking pay cut: I wanted to be in Seattle

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The Seattle Seahawks were able to get some additional salary cap relief this offseason when tight end Zach Miller agreed to take a pay cut for the final two years of his contract to remain with the team.

Miller’s contract was set to cost $7 million against the cap for next season with a base salary of $4.8 million. Under his new deal, Miller will get just $900,000 in base salary with his cap number being reduced to under $4 million.

Miller spoke about his decision to accept a pay cut Tuesday at Safeco Field prior to the Seattle Mariners home opener against the Los Angeles Angels.

“Not really,” Miller said. “When it came down to it I wanted to be here and I just wanted to make that happen. Whatever I had to do to be here, that’s what got done.”

The Seahawks Super Bowl team was being honored before the game with Miller, head coach Pete Carroll, quarterback Russell Wilson, receiver Jermaine Kearse and linebackers Bobby Wagner, K.J. Wright, Mike Morgan and Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith all in attendance.

Miller knew he had a large cap number this season and that it was possible he would be asked to restructure his deal.

“I’ve been around long enough that I know the business of the NFL,” Miller said. “It’s something you hear rumors about. You never know until you hear from the horse’s mouth. I’m just happy to be back. Love to be on this team, love playing with these guys. For me, it never was a question of being anywhere else, I wanted to be here.”

The Seahawks have expressed interest in Jermichael Finley this offseason as well and hosted him for a free agent visit last month. However, the interest in Finley may have just been to provide leverage for Seattle in their pursuit of getting Miller to accept a pay cut. Seattle could likely be set at the position now with Miller, Luke Willson and Anthony McCoy under contract.

While Seattle remains nearly $15 million under the salary cap, the pay cut was important to Seattle as the team has looming extensions for safety Earl Thomas and cornerback Richard Sherman possible this offseason, and quarterback Russell Wilson after next season.

35 responses to “Zach Miller on taking pay cut: I wanted to be in Seattle

  1. I still believe Seattle targets heavily on skilled position players this draft in wr te cb edge rusher and lb . They have some young promising linemen and seem to be reluctant at drafting linemen high bc if their success with projects and lack their of with higher picks .

    Hawks also drafted 2 DTs last season that rarely saw action bc they started the year inured and on IR . Having Scruggs back who looks like the mold of a young Bennett with some size and ability to rush the passer .

    I see Seattle focusing on adding completion to the pass catchers and de with the constant eye for value in the secondary especially with their success rate at the position .

  2. AKA “The market for TEs sucks and I couldn’t get more elsewhere” (and I do in fact want to stay in Seattle)

  3. Funny thing is I remember when the Raider faithful were all swearing that Zach was a Raider through and through and would never leave Oakland. As soon as he left, most of them turned on him like a pack of dogs and praised the oft-concussed Giants TE they picked up as vastly superior. How did that play out? I can’t recall.

  4. One of the best blocking TE’s in the game, not entirely sure why he doesn’t get more targets. I’m just happy ole stone hands has 2 guys in front of him.

  5. We all love Zach here in Seattle. The guy is not blazing fast, but has great hands and can block like crazy. The guy has been a rock since he got here! Glad to have him back – and talk about a team player…

  6. Zach is an underrated versatile TE. He’s a perfect fit who can block well as a TE for a run first team, but is a sure bet catcher when asked upon. On top of that he is a team leader and guiding force for the offense and Dangeruss.

  7. Well that’s at least one player who means it when he says it’s not about the money. That’s a rare occurrence in the sports world in this day and age.

  8. Atta boy, Zach! An absolutely unique story of an NFL player willing to take that hometown cut in pay.

    CJ and DJ and all you others, see how this is done?

  9. Gotten a chance to meet him twice at Northwest Sportcards in University Place. Class Act, lots of fun, great with the fans. He knows he has a chance for more rings and what is important is not always $$….

  10. Of all the players that could’ve been asked to take a paycut or given their outright release, the release/paycut decisions turned out exactly as I expected. Zach has done everything Seattle has asked of him since coming to Seattle; suppressing ego to spend most of his time blocking instead of running pass patterns while making clutch catches when needed. Now it includes taking a paycut to help the team. Great team player. A great relief valve and protector for RW, and a great mentor for the talented (but raw) Luke Willson. Great to have him back!

  11. You see Tate, this is what really loving your team is all about…. Love Miller and cant wait for him to help put a second Lombardi in the case…. Something you will never see again Golden, seeing how the Lions have only been in the playoffs once.

  12. I compliment Zack, but I don’t agree with his decesion. The NFL is a business and tomorrow isn’t promised. This isn’t the 70’s and 80’s where loyalty was the primus. Take the money, no option.

  13. FWIW Zach Miller has a net worth of $16M and how many millions does one need??? Sooner or later you make the decisions that are best for you and make you the happiest. Maybe he’ll get a 1 year extension after that or maybe he’ll be a TV commentator. Whatever his choices, he’s got a great life.

  14. Yeah Golden Tate, this is what it takes sometimes to be a true and real ” Dedicated Ball Player “. I simply was emotionally touched by what Zach had to say…he’s an awesome ball player, and I’d love to see Russ use him on dump off 5-10 yard routes. Let Kearse and Harvin spread the field. Zach is sneaky and every defense knows he can block…I see the Hawks use him as a decoy block and release into the flat.
    I have nothing bad to say about Golden Tate. I enjoyed his antics…he was classy and was going to be a great punt returner. He jumped the gun entirely too soon, signed with Detroit the second day of free agency…he didn’t negotiate with the Hawks. Now, I doubt Schneider and Pete gave him a “take or it or leave it” deal. I don’t know, what was said, therefore I can’t judge Golden. I will miss him…I still can see him on his knees holding back the tears, then drop on his back pulling his NFC Champions cap over his eyes after the Hawks beat the Niners. After that I had nothing but love for the guy. He has no chance in Detroit, they are going no where. Megatron gets all the first looks…Golden might flourish there, who knows. He should of stayed in Seattle…he would of been happier . Again, very classy move Zach! Nice to see you in Blue, Green and Silver =) GO HAWKS!!!!!

  15. Miller was overpaid to come to Seatle in the first place. He was going to either stay and take a pay cut, or go somewhere else and take a pay cut.

    For the person ripping Golden Tate for what he did, just remember that Zack Miller had already had a big payday. Golden Tate hadn’t. I don’t blame Tate one bit for leaving, just like I think Miller made the right decision to take the pay cut to stay.

  16. i think the pre-draft free agency has gone really well for the hawks.they’re well positioned going into the draft.i’m thinking they may pull off one trade before the draft tho.

  17. Taking a pay cut to stay on a team poised to make another run at the SB was better in his mind than suffering on some team that was in hell. See also Cleveland…

  18. Remember, the contract says one thing. The actual earning is another. Football contracts aren’t. Equal to the MLB and NBA (Guaranteed money)!! Seattle is under paying it’s players as it is. The cheapest team in the league…!!! These player are an injury away from retirement…. Why not get what you deserve. Pay up Seattle or fall back to the bottom.

  19. I’ve seen team loyalty back to players and vice versa. Rare, but like this situation, it does happen.

    I think Miller knew his contributions haven’t been in line with his contract, he saved all those “fat” paycheck years, and has enough money to be happy. Why not win too?….

  20. No ill intent folks! But as the season begins we will definitely see the digression of play with the beloved Hawks. Adjustments to the defensive stunts and mediocre receiving will definitely subdue the the recent accolades. The 4-12 Buccaneers exposed and destroyed them last year in the first half of play..Totally confused them. Look for teams to admister the same techniques in 2014…

  21. You can’t hate Tate for taking the money. He wasn’t making much in Seattle. Miller, on the other hand, already has had a big payday in Seattle. He can stay with a yearly SB contender that needs t to save $$$ to sign the Big 3.

  22. People bashing Tate are off base for reasons already pointed out. But, where are all those haters saying that no player would take a home town discount to stay a Seahawk?

  23. SB hangover. Get used to it. Sherman will have to take a team discount or leave. Or the Shehawks will over-pay him. Take your pick. This is where the good teams excel. You know, the ones who are in the playoffs every year.

  24. I want to thank all the seahawks who are willing to give a little to keep this team intact. I do not think I have ever heard of so many players on one team offering so much. Thanks guys.

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