Alex Mack five-year deal will be worth $42 million


The staredown between the Browns and the Jaguars over center Alex Mack is about to begin.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Mack will sign his offer sheet from the Jaguars tomorrow.

The deal is set to be for five years, and worth a total of $42 million, with $18 million the first two years. It’s also reported to include a player option after the 2015 season which would prevent his team from tagging him.

So if he wants to leave Cleveland, which he hasn’t exactly/kind-of sort-of said, he could do so even if they match, after making $18 million over two years.

The Browns have five days to decide to match, but if they don’t, they’d get no compensation since he was given the transition tag instead of the franchise tag.

65 responses to “Alex Mack five-year deal will be worth $42 million

  1. 42 million for a center? For a second I thought the Ravens signed Mack to a offer sheet. Remember they are the same team who paid a QB who throws more picks then td’s.

  2. Only the Jaguars or Browns would commit $42 million to a center.

    A freaking center.

    Why not draft a rookie one and spend all that money on a more important position.

    Whatever team signs this player loses in the long run.

    -thepftpoet Analysis

  3. $40+ mil on a center. That is such a Jaguars move. And it would be such a Browns move if they match it.

  4. Well that’s much better than initial reports but still a lot for a center. I guess we’ll see what the new front office thinks of this team moving forward. Since they were going to pay him over 10 million just for one season, I imagine they have no problem paying him 18 for 2 seasons. Risky tho since we have Haden, Taylor, Gordon and Cameron to re-sign.

  5. Two bottom barrel teams playing tug-o-war over who gets to throw money at a center.

  6. this is an easy match for Browns and a win for Mack with a lot of money. This also allows Browns to draft a center to learn under Mack for 2 years and if he opts out we have replacement. If he doesn’t opt out, he may agree to restructure. the key is the Browns need to win and show stability.

  7. It’s a high price to pay for a Center. However, if you are the Jaguars you have to do things like this to upgrade your roster because as of now its bad.

  8. what exactly does “match the offer sheet” mean? do they have to match the contract verbatim? or do they just have to match the guaranteed money structure of the contract? even though the contract is 5 years 42 mil it looks like if the browns “match” they only have to match the 2 years 18 mil and tagging clause.

  9. Pain in the butt for the Steelers who have the Pouncey rookie contract coming up in a couple of years. I hope they resign Velasco as a backup.

    $42 million for a Center. Only teams without QBs can afford that kind’ve thing … oh yeah., that is the Browns and the Jags.

  10. Please remember that no one would have even given Mack a thought about signing had the Browns placed the franchise tag on him. No one would pay him top dollar AND give away first round picks. No one.

  11. I remember when he was drafted, the Browns were blasted for essentially taking him over Sanchez…funny how it works in the long run.

  12. I don’t get this at all. The two teams staring each other down have no quarterback that a $42 million dollar center can protect.

    And protecting a rookie QB ain’t worth paying that much to a center. Maybe a LT, but not a center.

    Not a center.

  13. He still could have made more money playing the one year deal out and playing this contract game out 1 year from today. $18MM over the first 2 years just does not sound like a victory when he had $10MM for 1 year and a Haslam that would have almost surely felt the same way about him 1 year from today. Plus with the cap rising maybe other teams would haven risen to interest.

    Maybe Mack just used the Jags to make the process of cementing his future with the Browns a little bit easier. If he wanted to leave this team, or make the most amount of money possible, then he shouldn’t have signed, and should have said at least make it $45MM instead of $42MM cause Haslam will match that too. If you can’t sign me to an offer sheet for that, then you’re not helping me leverage my options the right way. It has to be $45MM, or let’s figure out something other than a 5 year deal.

  14. I don’t know about anybody else, but I were given the choice between overpaying a player and burning a high draft pick, I would pay the player and keep the draft pick. So maybe Mack gets $2-3mil/year more than he’s worth. The high draft pick you have to use to replace him is worth a lot more.

  15. For those who think Mack is not worth the money… Look who he had to line up against for the last few years: Haloti Ngata, Geno Atkins, Casey Hampton. And thats just in the AFC North.

  16. Seems to me that the Browns and the Jags could each save $42 million if they just play with no center at all.

  17. No Franchise Tag, Player Option to continue the contract after 2 years… That is close to a “poison” pill……

  18. So let see, that’s $9 million for 2 years and an average of 8 million the last 3 years.

    Now Carolina’s Ryan Kalil is currently set to be the highest-paid center this year at $7.28 .

    So really it is not that much out of line, especially with the unused cap room the Browns have.

    If he leaves after the 2015 season he will be 31, they could have a low round pick over the next couple of years groomed and have the $8 million a year available for free agency 2015/2016 .

  19. Jags cut loose Eugene Monroe, one of the best young LT in the league because his contract was up. He just signed a five year deal for $36 million. Now they are (allegedly) willing to pay an older center $6 million more than that. Tough to see the logic.

  20. If taken with the context that the jags have two young promising tackles that account for minimal cap hits, it’s not a bad contract to throw a great center in.

  21. This is not your fathers NFL. Welcome to today’s NFL. I think most of us posting feel a center shouldn’t receive that amount of money. However, in today’s NFL centers values are increasing. This seems like alot today, just imagine what Pouncey will get when he’s up for a new contract. If the numbers are right Mack’s agent didn’t do as good a job as it seems. The Browns had already transition tagged Mack guaranteeing he would get $10 million this season. If they couldn’t work out a new contract there was a good chance the Browns would have franchise tagged him for the 2015 season. That would have given him another $11 million. That would mean $21 million guaranteed over 2 years. With these reported numbers he is going to get $18 million guaranteed over 2 years. Left $3 million on the table. Way to “craft” a contract Mr. Demoff.

  22. It’s a risky match. Essentially the browns would be saying that hey trust this dude to be a high caliber center for more than two years. Because if he ends up playing poorly and doesn’t void the contract, then they look dumb in two years.

  23. Perhaps the Jags watched The Browns pull this stunt on The Bengals in paying a kings ransom for WR Andrew Hawkins…….

    Mike Brown didn’t think Hawkins was worth the money, and The Browns would be dumb to pay that amount for a centre, irrespective of how good Mack may be…….

  24. The cap is going to increase over the next few years. Mack is one of the best centers in the game hence the transition tag that was going to pay him$10 mil. We don’t have an overpaid avg QB in the $20 mil range, Eli, Stafford, Romo, Flacco etc. We have a LT that is on the 2nd year of rookie deal.

    This is the second year of a 4 year avg of the cap floor and money must be spent. We are rebuilding. Mack is worth the money.

    But keep up the hate because one day this team will not be the bottom of the NFL.

  25. The center makes the calls for the offensive line. Mack is also extremely mobile which fits Shanahan’s blocking scheme. Having said that as a Browns fan, I’m skeptical of paying him for two years then losing him. Too much money. The Browns have many draft picks so use one to pick up a center. Enjoy your over paid center Jags.

  26. Out of control salaries. I bet most of you earn 50k or less a year and these are your idols. Cable/Sat bills are skyrocketing, why, high sports contracts, specifically the NFL.

  27. This is an easy match for the Browns who have tons of cap space.

    Critics can harp on no franchise QB in Cleveland, but they will be drafting one this year and will have a top line center and a good line protecting him.

    High salaries only hurt a team in the context of cap space. The Browns have tons of room so this is a no brainer.

  28. The Browns and Mack used the transition tag to allow Mack to set the market – which is what happened. They match and have Mack for two years minimum for LESS than the franchise tag and can either renegotiate or Mack leaves. We don’t know what the guaranteed $ is so everybody saying that a center isn’t worth $42million are right, but that is not what a contract “worth $42 million” means.

    In the meantime we have a stud center – more important in 2014 NFL than in the past – to help a young QB and train another center in the meantime. All around good business.

    If Mack really wanted to leave CLE – he wouldn’t sign the JAG offer sheet.

  29. I say sign him, but then we draft Michael Sam and let him take snaps under center with his palm side up in practices every once in awhile.

  30. Todays big contract is tommorows chump change….all top players are going to get ten million a year now…regardless of the position..wait till next years free agency….this will be where they start the negotiations….the only way to avoid this is to draft and develop players to step in to replace these players….

  31. So…..the Browns would have paid him $11.6 million for franchise tag, and now will be able get him for 2 years at $9 million per year…….and by then (since he will be in his 30’s), they can let him go to free agency or cut him. Huge win for the Browns……Pro Bowl center……they will match this in a heartbeat. Thanks Jacksonville……you did all the legwork and the Browns will save $$.

  32. Look…is it a lot for a center ? Sure it is, but the salary caps for every team is rising a ton every year…

    I remember a few years ago people were laughing at all the guards getting big money…now it’s commonplace.

    Same will happen with Center, and Mack obviously is a good one. ( If not the best)

    With so many defenses bringing A gap pressure…it’s not really that dumb to want a good center.

  33. Look…is it a lot for a center ? Sure it is, but the salary caps for every team is rising a ton every year…

    I remember a few years ago people were laughing at all the guards getting big money…now it’s commonplace.

    Same will happen with Center, and Mack obviously is a good one. ( If not the best)

    With so many defenses bringing A gap pressure…it’s not really that dumb to want a good center.

  34. Love all you Cleveland Haters. Average of 9 mil over two years. Let him go. As been stated, they will find his replacement and the Browns will continue to roll. That right, continue to roll. The regime in place reminds me of the old 49ers front office and an up and coming Bill Cowher clone in Mike Pettine. This season has the making of a team being reverent.

  35. Understand all the comments about this being too much for a center…

    I agree…

    One other component to this is the higher salary cap that is now $140 million.

    No, that is NOT all of this as they are still spending too much on a center.

    The rumors are that the cap will rise again by around $10 million each of the next two seasons.

    With a $160 million dollar cap, we all need to get used to see a LOT of money for all players and positions and shaking our heads at it all…

    It’s the old rising tide lifts all boats…

  36. Who cares. The browns have lost at least 11 games 6 years in a row.. Holy cow,are they a joke. Mack is overrated. Haden gets burnt all the time. They need to move them again. What a joke the browns are

  37. Jags did Browns a favor, they were already in for 10 million for one year, now it’s 2 years for 8 million more.

  38. If the Browns are to draft a young QB, it would be a big benefit for them to keep an experienced
    star Center to help break the new kid in. The Browns have the cap space, and should definitely re-sign Mack.

    They did screw up by not tagging him with the
    franchise tag initially though. Now they risk losing one of their few star players they can’t afford to lose.

  39. True,very true. These guys are wwaaay overpaid,overpriced, you namr it. Love the franchise that say, naah, we going to draft a rookie or pay one from a practice squad.

  40. with 30 mil in cap space and the luxary to restructure the deal next year if needed. Mack wants to win and make more money best chance would be in Cleveland. No one else offered him a contract wonder why??

  41. Thanks to the Jags, the Browns will get to keep Mack for at least an extra year, and pay him less each year. (They were going to pay him $10 mil+ for ONE year, and let him test the market next year)

    Thank you, Khan!

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