Cardinals were “shocked” Raiders didn’t franchise Jared Veldheer


The Cardinals signed left tackle Jared Veldheer to a five-year, $35 million contract at the start of free agency, but that wasn’t what they expected to do at the start of the offseason.

Cardinals offensive coordinator Harold Goodwin told Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic that the Cardinals didn’t think Veldheer would be available because they thought the Raiders would put the franchise tag on him. Goodwin said that when General Manager Steve Keim told him they would have a shot at acquiring Veldheer, they were, “Shocked. Shocked.”

The Cardinals view Veldheer, who previously played with quarterback Carson Palmer in Oakland, as a difference-maker to their offense.

“He’s tough. His size. He’s a guy you watch on film, he very seldom gets beat,” Goodwin said. “Every tackle at some point is going to get beat, but the thing you like about him is the next time, he’s going to try to beat that guy to a pulp. He’s not going to let that happen again. I think the comfort level between him and Carson (Palmer), having played together, is going to be huge. I also think he’ll bring a leadership role to the room. He’s a guy who is no nonsense and not afraid to get a little physical in practice or on the field. Don’t get me wrong, Bradley [Sowell] did a great job. He’s still a young guy. It was really his first year. Bradley is going to get better. I think Carson is a little bit more comfortable, and I think us as an organization are more comfortable having Veldheer.”

If Veldheer is as good as the Cardinals think he is, Arizona fans should be thankful to the Raiders, for allowing a franchise left tackle to walk away.

30 responses to “Cardinals were “shocked” Raiders didn’t franchise Jared Veldheer

  1. Sums up the raiders. Lose a top tier tackle, so they can replace him in the draft. Pointless if you had fifty million in cap space

  2. Above average pass blocker. For how huge he is below average run blocker. That’s the book on Veldheer. I have to believe that there was something about Veldheer that scared the Raiders off. Not trying to start rumors but the dude is monstrous. Either way he wasn’t worth top LT money which franchising him would have led to. Good luck Hulk.

  3. Cards have not had a legit blindside protector in literally forever. If Veldheer works out it will be a major plus for Arians as he tries to at least tread water in a crazy tough division.

  4. As a Raiders fan i’m disappointed Veldheer left. I dont think the Raiders should have tagged him as hes not a top 5 tackle. Its not like hes been a constant pro bowler even for the Raiders and their lowly record.

    A very good player though but apparently he wanted to leave Oakland (according to Reggie), not much you can do there, no point paying him a ton of money if he just wants out.

    I think it all went downhill when his brother became his ‘agent’. Actually wish him well in Arizona, think the Raiders would have resigned him earlier but the injury last year made them nervous. Veldheer didnt look dominating after coming back from the injury so i’m not surprised the Raiders didnt offer a huge contract

  5. I was pretty surprised at first as well, but after reading everything I have about Oakland’s GM, I reckon I shouldn’t be. He has made bad decision after bad decision. How he is still employed I don’t know. Not a Raider fan at all but I feel bad for them…

  6. As a Raider fan I was stunned as well . But after hearing McKenzies response I had no problem . Why franchise someone who doesn’t want to be a Raider ? Sadly , especially since good linemen are hard to find , it was time to cut bait .

  7. The MVP of the Junior Varsity team is still a Junior Varsity player. See how he does under the lights on a Varsity team before singing such high praises.

  8. Giants should have grabbed him…
    but instead they are grabbing TE’s to stop the guys getting by the crippled OL

  9. Whoever said Veldheer is a below average run blocker is way off the mark. He’s not below average in ANY aspect of his game. He may not be top-5, and that’s debatable, but he’s certainly top-10 in the league. But most importantly, he was the single best player on our team. It’s that simple. Now poor Schaub, who struggles under pressure, gets below-average (in every way) Donald Penn to try to fend off the big-time pass rushers in the AFCW. Not a good situation to put your new veteran QB into. Reggie is a disaster for this organization. The nightmare continues.

  10. Oakland didn’t “have” to franchise Veldheer. They just needed to work out a long term deal. Reggie better have a great draft or the natives will start getting restless.

  11. Really this guy has not performed to impress he was hurt and if the Cardinals where the only ones in play for this guy it goes to show how good he is, plus cards like all our over paid players how has that planed out. Reggie cleaned house got us lots of cap he’s working with guys that love football not just pay me guys and all contracts our one year show me contracts that means no more Al Davis scholarships, we can sign anybody we need now in the coming future no more being hand cuff to bum players as a fan feels good we are out of debt.

  12. While Veldheer was a fan favorite, his injury and lack of production last year hurt him. You cant run on the fumes of reputation for long in the NFL. When Asumgha was allowed to leave in FA, everyone was again tearing their clothes and defecating in their trousers…but he was pretty much useless in Philly and subsequently is history.
    Sometimes the team knows a little better than we fans. Some guys here have made good points about his staure as a player v. his reality as a player.
    Others in here are just trolls who lack a sense of humor. if you troll, at least be funny.

  13. Arizona counting on a Raider cast off, is very humorous. I really think they should look at a QB, Carson Palmer will lead them nowhere, except lead the NFL in int’s. Arizona back tracks to a record of 8-8, 9-7.

  14. He was good but come on this is spilt milk.Im happy for him.They were surely better than us last season so lets see who makes the Playoffs first.Im not crying over him or Houston.

    So what Goodwin was shocked, oooh!.Does’t mean we should have franchised him .

    Obviously Reg knows what went down and to me it does’t matter.If JV did not want to be here then so be it.If Reg did not want to pay him what his brother wanted for him, then so be it.Irreconcilable differences,you part ways.

    Man if he was as good as Goodwin thinks he was then he should have been an All Pro? I dont think So.

  15. Shocked?!!

    This is the same guy that missed the first 9 weeks of the past season with an injury…and when he returned, we lost 6 in a row…


  16. I always liked the Cardinals and Palmer but he is Not Clutch…Raiders are what they are …except for 3 Super Bowls Wins…like Arians, Palmer, Peterson, Veldheer etc…the Cards are looking good.

  17. Franchise tag a player who never has made the pro bowl and was injured most of last season. Played all positions on the offensive line and could never dominate one. The Cardinals were the only team chasing him. Average player at best. Reunite him with Carson Palmer? Didn’t they having losing seasons in Oakland when Palmer was there and Veldheer was trying to protect him? Maybe Oakland knows something we all don’t. Big gamble for Arizona.

  18. Yeah he hasn’t made a pro bowl but when was the last time any player made consecutive pro bowls in Oakland? Except the kicker and punter.
    Now he’s playing for a real team.

    BIRD GANG!!!

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