Carl Banks scoffs at Clowney-L.T. comparisons

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Former Giants linebacker Carl Banks has heard some people compare his former teammate, Lawrence Taylor, to Jadeveon Clowney. And Banks isn’t impressed by that comparison.

Banks told ESPN that anyone who has been criticized for lacking a great work ethic (like Clowney) should not be compared to Taylor who, for all his off-field faults, went 100 percent on the field.

“L.T. was the guy that would always set the tempo for practice, whether he hated every drill,” Banks said. “He would complain after the fact, but he would give 100 percent. . . . He never took a play off, never wanted to take a play off and resented players who took plays off. He’d talk about you if you wouldn’t finish.”

Banks thinks that even if you really believe Clowney will be a great one, there’s never going to be another L.T.

“No. 1, you’re stepping over a lot of great defensive ends,” Banks said. “They should hope he’s as good as a Richard Dent, Neil Smith, Bruce Smith or Charles Haley. If he can get to that level, he’s a dominant player. But you want to jump over those players and say he’s the next Lawrence Taylor? It’s ridiculous.”

It’s ridiculous to compare anyone who hasn’t played a down in the NFL to Lawrence Taylor. But it’s not ridiculous to say that Clowney has the talent to be a great one.

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  1. Jadevon Clowney has undoubtedly the highest ceiling and most talent out of any player in this draft.

    Sammy Watkins comes in as a second.

    If developed right, Jadevon Clowney has the potential to develop into a Aldon Smith / Von Miller type player.

    I watched a lot of his game film, and he was constantly getting double/triple team blocked every snap, and had no chance to make an impact.

    If he works hard in the NFL, his athletic ability can take him a long way.

    -thepftpoet Draft Analysis

  2. Good for Banks for mentioning those other players. It’s usually “the-best-or-nothing” with analysts. You don’t have to be the next Jerry Rice or L.T. to have an awesome career in football.

  3. Gotta say I agree with Banks on this one. Rather than hoping Clowney is LT whichever team takes him better hope he isnt the next Keith McCants. Look it up if you dont understand.

  4. On one side, it’s ridiculous to compare anyone pre-NFL to LT (as the article said).

    On the other side, it’s also ridiculous to act like legends of these sports (MJ, LT, etc.) can’t be touched.

    Records are made to be broken.

  5. It’s a bit premature to put Clowney in LT’s neighborhood. But Clowney and Mack will look great in Vikings gear next season – both of them.

  6. Thank You! Somebody with a respected opinion finally speaks some sense about this guy.

  7. I wish the draft would just be over. I don’t think I can handle the daily “Clowney is going to be a bust” type comments for much longer. Aren’t there other dead horses out there that need beating, people….

  8. Someone did a detail study of DE and QB drafted in the first round from 2002 to 2011. DEs had a bust rate of 40% and QBs had a bust rate of only 36% over the same period. The whole theory that drafting DE over QB in the first round is a safer pick is unmitigated BS.

    Clowney will be the next physical freak bust in the NFL.

  9. Clowney would be fortunate to be half the player Dexter Manley was, the greatest defensive lineman of his era. LT is a low class criminal. It’s no surprise the low class Giants worship him.

  10. Yea.. lets watch him play a single snap in the NFL before we anoint him the best pass rusher ever..

  11. Pre and Post … I am with Banks 100%. LT, and other players of his calibre in sports, Jerry Rice maybe, Walter Payton, maybe, Jim Brown, maybe, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, they do come from time to time, and there will be another in Football.

    The point is not that another great one will never come. And it is not that Clowney is not a great college football player. It is that, until Clowney has done what it takes to be a great NFL football player, he is not in LT’s league.

  12. Joe Greene is the greatest defensive lineman in NFL history hands down. The guy drew triple teams and still was able to get the ball carrier. He did not have the flashy stats (although certain stats were not even kept during his tenure) but the guy was an all out beast.

  13. The real fact is Clowney can’t be compare to any player who played in the NFL.Now until after he is on a team for the first regular season game he’s just a guy. He has not gone against any NFL player in a game. Bill

  14. I wont compare Clowney to LT until I know how much cocaine Clowney can consume before he plays the game.

    LT went 100% every play because he was jacked up on drugs EVERY PLAY

    People want to compare a Clowney to a guy who acted like an animal on the field because he was full of every narcotic on the planet is not why there is a comparison.

    The physicality of which Clowney plays is why we’re comparing him to the coke-head underage girl-screwing loser that was Lawrence Taylor.

    LT is a big loser folks. NOBODY should try to be him.

  15. LT did give up on plays at times. He even admitted this in the 1986 Giants America’s Game. He said he was too tired on the game winning play against Dallas that year.

  16. Also surprised Banks didn’t mention Reggie White, but I guess that’s because he wasn’t a pure defensive end since he spent time at the tackle spot too.

    It’s way too early to decide what Clowney is gonna be. I think he’s gonna be really good, but to put him in the category of a dominant game-changer like the four Banks mentioned is a little premature, let alone compare him to LT. Let him play and develop and then see what he turns into

  17. The people who put down LT and say he wasn’t by far the greatest ever, never saw him play.


  18. “How Reggie White gets no mention is beyond me…”

    Because he played a different poistion. LT was a 3-4 OLB/DE.

  19. The fact that LT was great enough to completely overshadow his HOF teammate and linebacker Harry Carson during their playing days, should be a measuring stick of how dominant LT was. For THAT matter, his fellow teammate Carl Banks was a very, very good LB as well, and knows of which he speaks. I wouldn’t want him as a father, however comparing ANY incoming player’s on-field skills to LT is asking for ridicule.

  20. I believe that the athlete is in a different mind state. I think with most athletes that are older they stayed those 3rd and 4th years in college and really savored the NFL to stay there and dominate until they couldn’t put in their mouthpieces anymore.

    With 2 and 3 year college jumps along with the instantaneous culture that is now around… the athlete today thinks its like playing Punch Out…you keep beating up folks and jump from round to round not knowing what it takes in between time to really have that thirst for longevity and greatness of their respected sport…

  21. Banks is right, go out on the field and prove it. I still remember “The Freak” Jevon Kearse and how long did he last? Wasn’t he supposed to be one of the greatest?

  22. There were other athletic freaks: Bo Jackson, Javon ” the Freak” Kearse, Julius Peppers, etc. None of them were Hall worthy.

  23. ‘…It’s ridiculous to compare anyone who hasn’t played a down in the NFL to Lawrence Taylor. But it’s not ridiculous to say that Clowney has the talent to be a great one.’

    Sure he has the talent but anyone who watched Clowney play this year knows there was a major letdown in his play from the 2012 season.

    I honestly think I’d rather take Sammy Watkins or Greg Robinson. I just see less risk w/ these two.

  24. I’m not even a Chiefs fan but Derrick Thomas was a heck of a football player too. Before we put Clowney in the HOF let’s see if he’s willing to work.

  25. Banks is full of it. Sorry to break some hearts here but I have a friend that played 7 years with LT on the Giants and hates him. Told me the guy never gave a damn in practice, was a terrible teammate and even partied all night the night of the Superbowl and played hung over on God knows what.

    This guy also said it didn’t matter, LT was that damn good. A freak of such nature that he shuttered to think what what LT would have been if he ever worked. It always mad him mad everyone had to work hard to excel but LT dominated in his sleep. Straight from a well known sources mouth.

  26. You can’t be compared to LT until you break a Redskin’s quarterback’s leg.

    Man, that FedEx field is meaner than Taylor…

  27. Banks is totally right. Clowney is a slacker, took a year off WHILE PLAYING and didn’t try, and had 3 sacks in 12 games last year. How does anyone figure if he didn’t dominate college, he will dominate the NFL? I see him as another Haynesworth, Moss, or Chris Johnson, who once he gets the money you aren’t going to get an all out effort period. Theres been tons of players with “potential” drafted as pass rushers and had the talent. This kid reminds me of Audrey Bruce, Vernon Golston, or Keith McCants a lot more than L.T.

  28. I am not a Giants fan, but LT is the greatest NFL player in history. Not even close. He was a beast, totally unblockable and single handedly took over games.

  29. Time is such a wonderful cologne. Taylor was a great OLB – one of the best. But now we remember him as this unstoppable force that beat every Tackle he went against and sacked every QB on every play. He certainly was dominate, but let’s not make him out to be irreplaceable.

    Clowney might not be the guy to be that good, but there will be someone. He would have to be in the same sort of defense with the same sort of support cast – guys who eat up blockers and DBs who make the QB hold the ball just a little longer than they want to. I loved watching Taylor play, even though I’m a Dallas fan. Ya gotta love a guy who ends Theismann’s career.

  30. There are a certain few players that come along and transcend generations. These players are few and far between and unquestionable first ballot hall of famers.

    Players like Johnny Unitas, Bruce Smith, Joe Montanna, Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders, Jim Brown, Lawrence Taylor, Emmit Smith, Walter Payton, Dick Butkus, Reggie white, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Anthony Munoz, John Elway, Ronnie Lott, and Jack Lambert.

    There are several more I’m sure I’m forgetting to mention, but it’s Ridiculous to put a guy who basically red shirted his last year in college on par with anyone who performed at the level of some of the greatest players of all time.

    The kid had all the tools and a ton of potential, but so did Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell, Brian Bosworth, Tony Mandarich, and Akili Smith.

    You need to earn those types of comparisons, so Carl Banks is absolutely right.

  31. Well Said. You don’t step on Superman’s Cape in May…. Clowney may be just that come 5 years from now but LT will last forever.

    Black and Purple

  32. If you want a good visual of what Clowney will look like for the first 10 years of his pro career, watch ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’. That is what a chip on your shoulder looks like.

  33. LT is the GREATEST defensive player EVER and quite possibly GREATEST football player! Point, Blank, Period!!! He was FEARED. He changed the nature of the position and how defensive is played. Certain athletes impact the game on AND off the field(Wilt Chamberlain, Muhammad Ali). LT is that guy!

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