Eli Manning to have arthroscopic ankle surgery Thursday


Giants quarterback Eli Manning will have arthroscopic surgery Thursday on the left ankle he injured in the season finale against Washington, the club said on its website.

Manning told Giants.com that surgeon Dr. Robert Anderson, who is performing the procedure, told him he “should be running in about six weeks.”

The Giants begin their offseason workout program on April 21. Their organized team activities (OTAs) begin on May 28, with 10 days of workouts scheduled. Their mandatory minicamp runs from June 17 through June 19.

“I was still experiencing some discomfort as I began my normal offseason preparation, and after consultation, we felt the right thing was to have Dr. Anderson clean out the ankle,” Manning told Giants.com.

Manning told the website he’s having the surgery “so the ankle isn’t an ongoing issue.”

The 33-year-old Manning has started 151 regular season games in a row for the Giants, most among active quarterbacks. He struggled in 2013, throwing 27 interceptions against only 18 touchdowns. He was sacked a career-worst 39 times.

25 responses to “Eli Manning to have arthroscopic ankle surgery Thursday

  1. Even though it has not been mentioned before, is it possible that his ankle was not 100% for much of last season? I’m throwing it out there for opinions.

  2. I told everyone last year the Eli era was over. I’m not happy I was right. I said Nicks was finished and I was right. I said Baas, Snee, Kiwanuka, my man Justin Tuck and David Wilson were all finished and I was right.

    It will be a long rebuilding process but maybe by 2020 the Giants will get back to being a .500 team.

  3. “You can’t spell Elite without Eli”

    Hahaha do people still believe this garbage? Didn’t last season show you all what kind of QB he is when he’s asked to carry a mediocre team?

    The INT king lives on. Living proof for why it makes zero sense to judge a QB on TEAM success.

  4. 2X Super Bowl MVP!!! Not to mention he holds the NFL record for 4th qtr TD passes for a season!!!

    Keep drinking that Haterade haters!!!

    95% of the posters here with they had a two time Super Bowl MVP at QB that has led their team to 2 wins in the last 2 minutes of Super Bowls!!!


  5. Last couple of years Eli has been an interception churning machine fact, just like Flacco. Of course his super bowl wins cant be understated, he has balled when it counted, but dude just throws too many picks. That could be play calling, poor offensive line play calling, Hakeem, injuries.. who knows. All we know is that he keeps serving it up on a silver platter to DB’s…

  6. Let’s just face it, if Joe Montana was playing in NYC, football fans would bash him too. I am thinking this country is SO anti-NY when it comes to sports!

  7. Eli had a great run but I think his days are numbered. The last 2 years he’s been a shell of his old self. Giants know it that’s why they drafted a QB last year. Giants will not contend until they have replaced Eli. 27 Ints in a season is pathetic.

  8. He should get gluteal implants too to cushion his dozens of sacks and hits after back foot throws.

  9. Hahaha “2-time Super Bowl MVP”… you Eli fanboys are killing me.

    Giants scored 39 points combined in those Super Bowls against an incredible Patriots offense. Your D deserves FAAAR more credit for those wins than the mediocre QB play.

    In those playoff runs, your D made Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Tony Romo and Matt Ryan all look average or worse. Get a clue.

  10. Eli haters make me laugh. He shredded GB twice and beat the top defense in the league. He has 2 rings. Your qb likely has none.

  11. How could some people be so cruel to Eli Manning? He is going for surgery and all these mean people make fun of him and talk about picks. Why don’t people be kind and patient and compassionate? The man is going for surgery. Pray for him. He is still a great QB and a great person. Please stop the cruelty.

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