Incident report in Kaepernick case makes no specific allegations

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The official incident report identifies 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, 49ers receiver Quinton Patton, and Seahawks receiver Ricardo Lockette as suspects.  But what they’re suspected of isn’t specified.

The incident report, a copy of which was obtained by CSN Bay Area, explains that an unidentified woman went to Lockette’s apartment in Miami.  Kaepernick and Patton were there.  She later “mixed some drinks for all of them and gave them shots.”  She claims the men “told her that in order to drink the shots she had to ‘hit’ the bong which contained marijuana.”

The woman says she began to feel lightheaded and went to a bedroom to lay down.  Kaepernick allegedly entered the room “and started kissing her.”  He then began to undress her.  Kaepernick said he’d be right back and left the bedroom.  She waited naked in the bed, and Patton and Lockette opened the door and “peeked” inside.  She says she told them to leave, they closed the door and left, and she remembers nothing after that.

The woman claims that she woke up in a hospital bed, and that she doesn’t recall how she got there or who took her there.  She also said that she has had a sexual relationship in the past with Kaepernick.

While the report states that Kaepernick and the woman did not have sex before he left the room, the report doesn’t say whether evidence of intercourse was detected at the hospital.  It’s also unclear whether the victim or police believe that she was drugged.

For now, the incident is described as “suspicious,” and the report indicates that the “investigation continues.”

At a minimum, the NFL will be concerned about the allegation of marijuana use, which could be enough to get the players in Stage One of the substance-abuse program (or higher if they’re already in the program).  Far more serious consequences would hinge on whatever police determine happened to the woman, and if there’s any reliable way to prove who did it.

135 responses to “Incident report in Kaepernick case makes no specific allegations

  1. Seriously Kap?!? How do you even put yourself in that situation?

    This isn’t college anymore, kid.

  2. This may have been the worst offseason of all time:

    Your franchise QB is being accused of sexual assault.

    You Traded for Blaine “Bust” Gabbert.

    You Signed Jonathan “Bully Gate” Martin.

    And a report leaked that you tried to trade your Head Coach who led you to 3 straight NFC championship games.

    Dysfunction at it’s finest

  3. In the end it will be, “I made mistakes, I will learn from them” on some Jeremy Schapp interview, as if he didn’t know these were mistakes to begin with…typical athlete stuff.

  4. Ohhhh Miami how i miss you so… Miss my hometown… and from the time of the year…weather is awesome everyone is sexy and there are plenty of hoochie coochie going on lol.
    Seriously lets not jump the gun on this…Also I still dont see how men who are at their physical prime and obviously handsome need to involved anything in the mix to get a woman… MAN-UP and run some game!

  5. Cmon lady what are your intentions when going to this apartment with three dudes, one of whom you’ve already had sex with, and start drinking and ripping a bong? Maybe the guys took advantage, idk, but it seems like she went there with the intentions to atleast be with Kaepernick. If they drugged her and raped her then they deserve prison, but if she was a consenting adult, as it seems, then she needs to take some responsibility for her actions.

  6. Whether there was a crime committed is still up in the air- either way sounds like a classy get together. Bet Kap ditches the head-phones and snap backs in his post-game interviews this year in an attempt to look the part of a ‘franchise qb’

  7. Imagine that. Another potential Seahawk suspension from the NFL.Who would have thunk?

  8. I’m guessing she’ll be filing the civil suit against these players soon, seeking an undisclosed amount….

  9. UMM did I miss the arrest, formal charges and the trial. Apparently so based on what I read here. hope none of you people EVER serve on a jury and if you already have , there should be a retrial

  10. How about let it all play out. Not a great scenario.. BUT there as of now no actual wrongdoing regarding assault. So we will se how it all plays out. Love the Vick comparison, classy

  11. This would never happen with Rodgers, Brees, Brady, Ryan or Manning. If Kap is not guilty he still put himself in that position for something potentially to happen.

    I try not to get caught up in stereotypes but its hard not to with Kap. He apparently wants that punkish image judging by how he dressess and all of the ink etc.

    There’s no way in heck that I’d want this guy to be the face of my franchise.

  12. Typical Santa Clara 49ers. Is this even a surprise anymore? This is the same franchise that proudly employs a charlatan head coach with a DUI. Bill Walsh is rolling in his grave!

  13. Who are these women who find themselves drunk and drugged out of their mind, in condos with three pro athletes who all want to hit?

    I have a feeling it’s the same ones who flood their Instagrams with selfies…

  14. I’m just amazed that more decent, hardworking people don’t find themselves in this EXACT same situation.

    These jackasses would be in county lockup or worse if they weren’t good at playing football.

  15. This is my team and has been since before their first
    sB win. I’m ok with going backwards if it means we get rid of pot head punks. If you can’t be a pro go play for another team!

  16. Too early into the investigation to know what happened, if anything.

    I know one thing though, These young, rich athletes have bulls-eyes on their backs.

    They have simply got to be smarter when dealing with young ladies.

  17. If it’s an consolation, Brandon Lloyd is in talks with the 49ers to rejoin the team.

    The question is, who’ll be throwing to him?

  18. Colin is just frustrated with being outclassed both on and off the football field by Russell Wilson.

  19. He may be a scumbag, but from a criminal legal perspective, it is going to be hard to overcome non-consensual sex if she had a prior sexual relationship with him and was making out with him before she passed out. Now if the other two participated. . . . .

  20. Her story is awful. Okay so a person you’ve had sexual relations with in the past, you go over to the apartment of his friend, mix drinks for them (not drink but MIX THEM YOURSELF), smoke with them, and then get naked for the person you have had sexual relations with before and now you’re…

    Stop stop stop stop stop! This already sounds like a money attempt.

  21. Darren Sharper disciples?……..This could end up with all three men being out of the NFL and in a cell…………

    Hope she just got wasted and after Kap saw that she was totally incapacitated he left and asked the other two fellows to check on her. They then decided to take her into the hospital after concern for her deepened when she wasn’t responding……….

  22. Somebody’s not ready or following his tattoos.

    ” The Golden Rule, treat everyone as you want to be treated!”

    “Do unto others as you would have them do unto to you!”

    Heck, even Atheist know this.

    Another Falsie.

    We could see this Wolfie a mile away.

  23. Never ceases to amaze me the trouble these guys get into. Here’s a better way to handle it… Don’t make a girl smoke a bong. If a girl says she needs to lay down, put the girl to bed, fully clothed, and shut the door so she can rest, and do not let your idiot friends bother her. If she needs to go to the hostpital, take her there and stay with her and explain what happened to the doctors.

    In other words act like a good person.

  24. It’s pretty sad that the NFL seems to discipline players equally for marijuana use as raping a woman

    Roethlisberger was only suspended 4 games
    Ricky Williams suspended an entire season (albeit he was a repeat offender)

    Something is very wrong here…

  25. If it turns out that a sexual assault did occur,how do you even put yourself in a situation like this to begin with? As soon as these guys get some money in their pockets and their names in the news,all common sense disappears (unless you’re a complete psycho like Aaron Hernandez). Why do people who seem to have it all throw it away?

  26. Shouldnt Kaep and the WR be in someones multi Million dollar home, looking at game film in their multi million dollar equipped film room?

  27. If I were in the NFL and want to ” enjoy ” myself, I’m making that girl sign a statement..just in case. There are so many hungry girls out there who will do anything to get a settlement

  28. To early to pass judgement on her or them but the shaky story by the women, she mixed her OWN drinks and got naked herself to have sex, then guys peeked she said get out they left, i hope all is cleared up so all you perfect folks can move on with your perfect lives.

  29. Innocent until proven guilty has been gone for quite awhile now hasn’t it? These are allegations not facts right?

  30. I don’t think not “putting hands on women” means to be celibate. It means domestic violence. It’s interesting that people here seem more forgiving of violence than someone having sex with an established consensual sex partner, who waited naked for him to come back and finish.

  31. Man, this is bad stuff. Even Patriot players wouldn’t stoop this low. What do you expect, it’s the 49ers. Anything goes in that organization.

  32. When the smoke all clears, no pun intended, guilty or innocent, this will all make for great tattoo artwork on Kap.

    “Born to raise hell”, or, “Unjustly accused, unjustly convicted!”. You get the idea. Memories are made of this!

  33. Dude, you have money, fame, and a surplus of hot stupid chicks that will throw their bodies at you.
    Why do you feel the need to take advantage of the unconscious????
    I just, don’t get it.
    Is it a power thing?

  34. Even if this wasn’t a forced encounter, what kind of piece of filth gets a woman naked and leaves the room so his buddies can look at her and giggle? Grow up just a little and learn some respect.

  35. How do you even know if it was sexual assault? Not a Kap fan but jeeze.

    Woman goes to the apt, mixes the drinks (doesn’t sound like a roofie), hits the devil’s lettuce, goes into the bedroom and gets naked with Kap – apparently willingly from her statement – and then can’t remember so therefore it’s rape?


  36. I’m not a 49ers fan and I’m certainly not a Kap fan but based on the information thus far, this sounds like a money grab.

    Why would Kap have to drug someone he’s already had a sexual relationship with? Unless there’s some proof that the other two had sex with her this is a complete non issue. Particularly because there’s no evidence that she even had sex.

  37. Another alcohol related incident. If she hit the bong with a “Dab” (75%+THC) & had alcohol, its no wonder she passed out. i hope those boys r the ones that took her to the hospital.

  38. Maybe I’m getting old and a bit fuzzy on the “party” thing, but it was always my understanding that the goal of drinking alcohol and smoking pot in combination was in fact to get lightheaded, and when it works, it really shouldn’t come as some kind of shock.

  39. Also, this is yet another reason why rape shield laws should apply to both accuser and accused. There haven’t even been criminal charges filed yet. There may never be. But the simple accusation of rape or sexual assault leaves a permanent shadow. If they’re proven innocent, Kap and co will probably recover, but what about a Joe Smith who’s just some dude in college?

  40. I hate the niners and think Kaepernick is a punk. But there isn’t anything here…yet. I love judging people as much as the next, but geeze. Let’s get some evidence of some wrong doing.

    I also agree that the NFL’s drug testing program is a joke.

  41. you people are funny none of you were ever young none of you you were ever young you never made mistakes you never found yourself in situations. The funny part about it is when you have money, problems will follow you and it’s easy to say don’t put yourself in that situation but hey guess what the word here is human if you did wrong you suffer the consequences and then hopefully you’ll learn from it until then stop pretending you guys are Forty Niner fans and making accusations when you have no idea what happened

  42. think about this seriously young kid with money soon to get paid do you really think he has to do something like that to somebody now if he did then he will suffer the consequences but at this moment nobody knows anything except for him and the other two fools

  43. This is what happens when a low class Niners franchise tries to use an imitation RG3 at QB instead of trying to get someone even half as classy, talented and hard working as the original.

  44. After reading all of the bashing Big Ben has gotten on this site about his incident that sounded a lot less nasty (He didn’t drug anyone) I don’t want to hear anyone saying money grab or misunderstanding! Everyone involved should get a 4 game suspension even if there are no charges filed or arrests made.

  45. The woman claims that she woke up in a hospital bed, and that she doesn’t recall how she got there or who took her there. She also said that she has had a sexual relationship in the past with Kaepernick.

    Its not going to be about the sex, its going to be about why she ended up in the hospital.

  46. The report is vague, because it doesn’t include if there were signs of forced intercourse, which would make a HUGE difference and there are no mentions of DNA results that show who and how many may have been party to the act. Determining guilt or innocence based just on this is impossible. He did pretty clearly make some stupid choices, though.

    And as far as the blaming the woman and assuming she’s going for a money grab; that’s truly classy, gentlemen.

  47. Ugh… Time to trade up 🙁

    Come on Coach Jim, time to stop being buddies and more of a hard nose no bs coach!

  48. How is it that the Seahawks fans are on here ripping the 49ers…one of their guys is involved in this too…

  49. We should stop calling these players professionals, kids that continue to place themselves in unbelievable positions.

  50. As a fabricated symbol of cheer leader safety, Goodell should suspend the 49er’s defensive coach and head coach for a year. Also, suspend their GM for 6 games. He knows the fans of other teams won’t object to him doing so.

  51. The report states that it’s unclear whether the victim or police believe that she was drugged. And she doesn’t know who took her or how.

    So, did the report include anything about WHY she was in the hospital? You don’t get taken to the hospital just to sleep it off.

  52. When you’ve got the cash that these guys have, you get quality weed. After a few drinks, the young lady just couldn’t handle the primo and it knocked her out….most likely the end of the story, as anything else will be pretty hard to prove.

  53. It’s great to see players from rival teams getting along… Still, if he has any direct association with the verifiable abuse of a woman, he needs to be out of the NFL and getting a taste of own medicine in prison. It’s a disgrace to the league that Perrish Cox and Demariyus Thomas are still employed.

  54. As far as I’m concerned Lockette can hit the road if this is true. Spending free time with that mediocre QB in itself is bad enough. Plus the draft is yet to come. I’m sure Seattle can replace a backup WR as oppose to let’s say, a starting QB asking for $18 mill. Go Hawks.

  55. Hope its not true but if it is they deserve everything they got coming and likely more. Details seem suspicious to say the least. The “water pipe” could wind up being the only things thats true with this. I know this is a sports sight but a woman possibly got raped, you know someones daughter or mother. Should have nothing to do with whatever team rivalry is out there.

  56. Kaepernick is a dope. Nothing serious, but always around the wrong people, wearing the wrong teams gear, saying the wrong things… and I don’t think he’s as good as he thinks he is. Good player? Absolutely. Great player? Absolutely not… and the off field antics make him unattractive as a professional quarterback and the face of a franchise.

  57. “Woman goes to the apt, mixes the drinks (doesn’t sound like a roofie), hits the devil’s lettuce, goes into the bedroom and gets naked with Kap – apparently willingly from her statement – and then can’t remember so therefore it’s rape?”

    Depends on the state I think. If a partner is unconscious or otherwise unable to control their behavior it can be considered rape if they were not able to provide consent. It also doesn’t matter if they had sex previously.

    Mind you, I don’t think this is the issue.

    Doesn’t make sense on the face of the information that we have been given.

    I am by no means a Kaepernick fan. However, something wrong happened. Whether it is the woman going for a money grab or kaep and the other two having fun at her expense.

  58. One, something seems fishy here. Two, even if nothing happened, I’m guessing Kaeps girlfriend isn’t too happy about this and he looks like a jerk womanizer.

  59. Looks like the Niners won’t have the Kaep space problems they thought they would have.

  60. Sooner or later one of these “ladies” that takes someone to court with no evidence and trying to get money off of a celebrity needs to do some serious jail time to put a stop to these law suits.

  61. SF fans, a few points:

    1) Ricardo Lockette is at the bottom of the WR chart for the Seahawks and probably won’t be one by the end of the season. A little different than our starting QB.

    2) Our coach didn’t start last season with a big speech aimed at the 49ers talking about how they should be classy and not break the law (and then have multiple felons on the team).

    PS – Russell Wilson was too busy watching film and preparing for his next championship to be out in Miami hitting the bong.

  62. well he has been accused of something by a women he has slept with before…guilty of what?

  63. After reading the whole report, sounds much more likely the two receivers are a bigger part of this story than Kaep.

    But you know, Kaep gets the eyeballs to the site.

  64. you know – if he would have just stayed home and kissed himself – this never would have happened…

    and good luck paying lawyers and public relations firm on your chump change salary…

    think what you want – but I am in sales and make more than he does…right now anyway…but the playoff game losing fool certainly has cost himself some $$ – didn’t he?

  65. Just as I predicted, Niner fans trying to dismiss this as nothing.

    Guilty or not, when you’re a franchise QB, and you’re looking to get paid 18 mill, you don’t hang out like the other players., that may be unfair, but the days of the playboy QB are over. You don’t hear about any other of the young QBs putting themselves in these types of situation, because they understand what comes from being they face of the franchise. It’s different when you’re the QB. Something that Kaep hasn’t grasped yet. That’s why Wilson is a champion, and he’s not. Gotta be a leader on and off the field.

  66. Well, I never! I bet Joe Namath (or Joe Montana. or JFK) never ever did anything of this sort!

    Oh… wait…

  67. You know… This would be HUGE if he was a … good quarterback.
    He’s not. I’m sure the team was already wondering what their next option will be before this came out.
    He’s a good athlete in a system that masks his flaws.
    Does he make the team better? No. The team makes him better.
    He needs to get his head out of that celebrity hip-hop, club going stuff and try to become an NFL quarterback. Before it all passes him by. Which it will. Soon.
    And… $18m per year? In your dreams, kid.

  68. Seems odd that this story would hit the media when so few facts are even available.

    That said, why are we not hearing about Kaepernick having a penchant for reefer? It is still against the NFL substance abuse policy to smoke weed, no? Has he been tested, or is the NFL going to wait a few weeks to test him to make sure he doesn’t come back positive for drugs?

    If Kaepernick was in the same room with a bong, he was smoking weed through that bong, just like everyone else in the room.

    The NFL needs to adopt a zero tolerance policy of this kind of behavior. Get caught in that situation and you are out for a year. No exception.

    Anyway, if Kapernick gets suspended, Gabbert can lead that team to the playoffs and finish with the same sort of record and better stats that Kaepernick. The QB is not a very important part of the scheme in SF.

  69. People are saying that Russell Wilson is a real leader while Kaepernick is a punk. Really? Doesn’t Wilson benefit from an even-more-awesome-defense than the 49ers? Check out his Super Bowl numbers: not so awesome. You don’t think Kaepernick would be as good on the Seahawks or at the very least comparable? I’m not so sure. People shouldn’t let the fact that Wilson is much more likeable than Kaepernick cloud their assessment of the two from a football standpoint. I think the world of Russell Wilson, but Colin Kaepernick isn’t chopped liver.

  70. “Anyway, if Kapernick gets suspended, Gabbert can lead that team to the playoffs and finish with the same sort of record and better stats that Kaepernick. The QB is not a very important part of the scheme in SF.”

    I do not understand this statement. How can a QB not be the most important part of any scheme?

  71. “That’s why Wilson is a champion, and he’s not. Gotta be a leader on and off the field.”

    Wilson is a champion because the Seattle defense forces turnovers like no other defense in the NFL…this year, at least. Kaepernick came up a bit short, granted, but let’s not use one data point to make a hasty generalization about two quarterbacks who are just getting started in this league.

  72. Sure this will be big news for a couple of days and then it will suddenly disappear because Kaepernick’s attorneys and “handlers” will reach out to this girl and pay her hush money. They’ll slip her a few thousand and surprisingly, it will “go away”. When was the last time a “star” athlete was sent to jail for something like this. It just doesn’t happen. I remember reading a piece a few years ago in a major paper and it outlined what happens when an athlete gets in trouble like this. They have people who “take care of things” behind the scenes. Look at Jameis Winston. You know some shenanigans went on with him and that woman, but his attorneys and others used the old “consensual” sex excuse and he’s off the hook. We’ll find out this was similar. She had a few drinks, couldn’t remember everything that happened and bingo….no charges. Of course the fans will welcome him back with open arms and will blame the media for stirring it all up in the first place.

  73. The leader or leaders of the Seahawks is not Russell Wilson nor the Seattle offense, it is the Seahawks defense! The Seahawks could have won the Super Bowl with NUMEROUS other QB’s at the realm of their conservative offense that is predicated on the “ground and pound” the ball style of offense. I like how the Seahawks fan act as if Kap has already been charged and like Wilson was the difference maker against the niners in the playoffs and against the Bronco’s, he wasn’t! The Seahawks success now and in the future lies with their dominate defense…PERIOD!

  74. If it is true that she was raped or assaulted then evidence will have been collected at the hospital and he will be charged soon….but if he isn’t could it be that she is simply another gold- digger looking for a free ride off of an athlete? A paycheck like so many others who haven’t actually pressed charges but sought out a trial lawyer for a civil suit against a professional athlete?

    One undeniable fact is this: this should be a wake- up call to
    him and other professional athletes, do not put yourselves in such compromising positions.

    I keep hearing how perhaps they put drugs in her drinks but according to the TMZ reports she acknowledges that she in fact made the drinks, so those theories don’t make much sense .

    Most likely outcome from this: Miami PD concludes investigation without any charges being filed and then she decides to sue them in civil court for the payout she really wants.

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