Miami police call initial report on Kaepernick “out of context”

The Miami Police Department says the initial report that 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was being investigated for an alleged sexual assault was based on taking information from a police document out of context.

Miami Police spokesman Rene Pimental told the San Jose Mercury News that TMZ, which initially broke the story of Kaepernick being a subject of a police investigation, “took the report out of context.”

TMZ is still carrying the headline, “Colin Kaepernick investigated for sexual assault” on its front page, and the TMZ report also says, “it’s clear they are investigating an alleged sex crime, due to the fact the case was referred to the Special Victim’s Office, which handles sex crimes.”

However, the Special Victims Unit section of the Miami Police Department’s website says that office actually covers more than just sex crimes. Incidents ranging from abuse of the elderly to missing persons reports also fall under the “Special Victims” umbrella. It is not currently known why the Special Victims Unit was working on this case, but it would be wrong to conclude that it must be a sexual assault investigation.

Police took an incident report from a woman who said she was hanging out with Kaepernick, 49ers receiver Quinton Patton, and Seahawks receiver Ricardo Lockette. She says that after drinking with them she went to bed, and the next thing she knew she was waking up in a hospital. That incident report lists Kaepernick, Patton and Lockette as suspects, but the police say that doesn’t mean a crime was committed.

“There’s no evidence of a crime or a sexual assault,” Pimental said. “This report is simply an incident report taken at the woman’s request.”

One of the few things that’s clear about this story is that there’s still a lot we don’t know.

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  1. I’m confused.

    If there is “no evidence of a crime,” why and of what are they considered “suspects”?

    Methinks they Miami police have evidence of something, but are waiting to see if they have enough to take it to the DA before saying anything to avoid looking like clowns.

  2. Sounds to me like she passed out and they took her to the hospital. Maybe someone should have stuck around to answer questions so she doesn’t have to file a police report.

  3. Regardless, you can bank on those three being handed a cup and asked to pee. I will be very surprised if at least one person doesn’t come away with a 4 game suspension. And if that one person is Lockette, then look for him to be out of a job.

  4. Sounds like convicted on the internet before being charged with anything in the real world.

  5. Yeah dope. Nothing happened. Women wake up in hospitals all the time. Both teams have great running games… And now running the train games.

  6. 3 NFL players were in a place that one rented and there was marijuana and related paraphernalia according to the initial report. The rest can be figured out later. All three should take a drug screen immediately.

  7. In related news Vernon Davis and Kam Chancellor were spotted together at a club also in Miami where it’s being reported that as soon as Davis spotted Chancellor he immediately started trotting backwards and wasn’t seen after.. We’ll have more on this story as it unfolds..

  8. Have you guys ever seen the first 48, tv show ? If Miami has svu detectives half as bad as their homicide detectives, this case will be never heard of again.. Honestly if I were to commit a violent crime I would go to south beach

  9. A woman reports to the police that something might have happened,she doesn’t know what. She states that she and Kap did NOT even have sex that night but have in the past.They take down her statement and then they say this…

    “There’s no evidence of a crime or a sexual assault,” Pimental said. “This report is simply an incident report taken at the woman’s request.”

    Not only is there no evidence against any of the 3 players (2 Niners and one Seahawk) but there is no evidence that any crime whatsoever was even committed.

    Things could change but as of now that is where it stands. Nothing to see here folks,move along.

  10. The Niners would be better off cutting Kaepernick and getting Pryor from the Raiders.
    Same clueless, run around in circles style, less off-field headaches.

    You think Kaepernick is the only scrub that can blow championship games? Guess again…..

    And ANYONE can wear a snap-back ballcap sideways and look like a tool.

  11. Let’s see last year the press targeted the Redskins and attacked them with “unidentified sources” and blew Sherman’s comments all out of proportion taking from Seahawks excitement of going to the Super Bowl. Now the press is attacking the 49ers. Not saying Colin is innocent but quit putting things out there without the facts.

  12. Yeah, Kam Chancellor is a real tough guy for hitting Vernon Davis when he’s sideways trying to catch the ball.

  13. Lockette’s gonna be cleared of all wrongdoing but Raepernick and Patton are going to prison for life where they belong.

  14. For me, this story isn’t about whether or not he committed the crime (although I really hope he didn’t). It’s about Kaepernick constantly showing his immaturity. I’ve never wavered from the opinion that Harbaugh shouldn’t have benched Smith. That moment he made that decision, there was no going back – and he did so based off of one game. By the time the SB came around that season, Harbaugh was called a “genius” by the pundits but I think they had it backwards. I felt like Harbaugh had done virtually everything right at the beginning of his tenure in SF with the exception of that decision. Aside from that, I know Smith would have been a bargain at the contract he would have settled for.

  15. Yeah, put into context, I feel certain it was a missing person or elderly abuse report, because, most NFL players are involved in the above types of problems!!

  16. If it was a character competition, Alex Smith would win hands down. I’ve been wary of Kaepernick’s attitude ever since the Dolphins cap episode. Alex was the chaffeur for Matt Cain when the Giants won the World Series. He even got fined for wearing a Giants cap during the season. He organized training camp when there was a lockout and he didn’t have a contract. At this point, I would be happy with Alex back as the Niners starter. After a lot of tough years, he’s proven himself to be a winner, even if it’s not always with the long ball.

  17. Miami PD can learn a lesson from the Tallahassee PD. A woman has made a complaint. She may be a kook but don’t play jock sniffer and investigate / get rid of it right away. Dismiss the case and she will continue to pursue it. Haven’t we seen this already.

    Obviously they called Saul before Gloria made her way to Miami from LA. What are the chances all three players threw some serious cash into a pile to make this go away? And Colin should stay away from the hoes and IG.

  18. Bunch of jealous haters in these comments. Kap is one of the most genuine, hardest working and good guys in the NFL, but the haters let the media turn them all into sheep, and then point to the fact that he gives short clipped answers to the media, who are dragging his good name through the mud, as proof of what a bad guy he is.

    Bunch of sheep.

  19. Wow, look at the desperation from the niner fans trying to sweep this under the rug and make it go away. Something happened. To what extent, we might never know. But one thing is for sure, rapernick sure seems to attract controversy and that’s probably not a good thing.

  20. Let’s face it, he’s a head case and won’t ever be great.

    Think when his legs slow; nothing left.

  21. No Hawks fan but you need to look at the film. On a running play Chancellor picks Davis off the ground and throws him down. Honest.

  22. Can’t blame Harbaugh for making the call at the time, but I think it’s become pretty clear that the Niners would have a Superbowl ring with Alex Smith by now, probably two.

    Tough decision but Harbaugh probably should have forseen Kaepernicks inability to cope with the pressure and responsibility of being an NFL quarterback. Shame for Smith too as he will have to play out the rest of his career with a mediocre team.

  23. I hate the 49ers but i think we are looking for something that is not there. When i first saw this story I was hoping to hang Kap out to dry on this but after reading up on this seems like nothing. Also I think i might have to give the players some credit on this. How many NFL players would would take a overly intoxicated women to the ER.

  24. SVU was involved because a person who thinks they may have been drugged awoke in a hospital. If anything good comes of this,is that there was someone thoughtful enough to take her to the hospital and not dump her on the street.

  25. If he didn’t wear his hat and dress like a gangster,and show gang signs in pictures with teammates it would be easier to believe this is some big misunderstanding. Yeah, that is stereotyping but that’s life.

    I’m a Niner fan. But I can say that people wouldn’t give this story nearly as much credence if it was a “good kid” like Alex Smith or Russell Wilson. That’s life. Deal with it Kaep.

  26. As a seahawks fan im not going to say anything about Kaperchoke until I see evidence. As of now there is no evidence of wrong doing down in Miami. There is evidence he’s a choke artist and way overrated. Also, has a knack for sticking his foot in his mouth. How’s that prediction he made that Manning would pick us apart?? Hope he’s the 49ers QB for along time. He couldn’t win the big one with a great defense and that defense will only get worse once he gets paid. Their window is closed and ours just opened and wouldn’t you know it a Lombardi trophy flew right in. Nobody has it better than us. I also liked the stupid billboard that niner fans bought up here. It said “Got Lombardi’s?” The funny part was that billboard ran for 2 weeks after we won it. Everytime I saw it I said “Yeah we do”

  27. Last year was: ”I can wear my Dolphins hat and p–s off 9er fans I do what want!”

    This year he is parting with said girl, she wakes up in the Hospital not knowing how she got there and Kap is the last person to be seen with her?

    What do you have in store for us next year Kap? I don’t think its going to have 18 mill a year written on it.

  28. Sorry to hear about the “incident,” if it’s true, though I’m glad the kid didn’t get his extension and raise… Now the 49ers can monitor the situation and see how it plays out. In the mean time, they should extend Harbaugh.

  29. He’s lost all leverage in contract talks #1.

    Belichick/mccarthy/john harbaugh/sean payton dont get calls like this about their qb’s.

    When Big Ben had problems ownership stepped in and said this better stop and it did.

    Maybe he wants to play for the dolphins. He had a picture taken of him wearing a hat and now this. He wants to be like lebron and take his “talent” to sout beach!!!

    I’ve heard that they maybe wee/d drug paraphanelia in the apt this took place in. Thats gotta make 49er ownership feel good.

    I think he wants to be namath all over again.

    Least favre/montana/elway/bradshaw/troy all carried themselves properly off the field.

  30. Look at Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Peyton…..this stuff happens to them all the time, that’s part of why they deserve their pay grade. Give him $18Mil!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  31. In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. In Miami, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. These are their stories.

    Don dun

  32. Obviously their lawyers have advised them not to comment, which leads inevitably to the conclusion that they have something to hide. If they don’t want to tell us how this lady (?) ended up in the hospital, which usually has something to do with drugs, then they should expect that people will speculate as to how and why she was there. And despite fervent 49er fan’s wisdom, women don’t end up in the hospital with no explanation as to how they got there “all the time”, chauvinist pig.

  33. Of course this incident was taken out of context. Everyone knows Kaepernick is only interested in relationships that can provide full length mirrors and his own reflection. The pot smoking is probably true.

  34. My QB may be a bit of a geek, staying home with his wife making rap videos and drawing new logos, but at least he does not find himself in this kind of situation. HTTR

  35. This is a strange story and I will withhold judgment until the FACTS are known and I’m no way a niners fan!!!!

  36. While so many are quick to assume that these guys have done something wrong, they fail to face the fact that South Beach is full of gold diggers that will do and say anything to get paid. Trust me, this girl is not some innocent nun that just wanted to hang with the guys. It’s typical, she took her usual amount of drugs, passed out and ended up at the hospital. When you don’t know how you got there the doctors call in the Miami Beach PD and have you fill out a report. This happens every day on South Beach.

  37. Idiot! I’m a huge Kap fan. But this is just stupid. Get to the bottom of it before the draft. If he has any guilt at all, can him. There is no way I would hand over the keys of the team to any QB who is dumb enough to be in that position.

  38. I know what will happen kaep will get off lockette will get a four game suspended deal from the nfl n everything will be all smiles in little ole Frisco n the blame pete Carroll somehow

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