Mike Pouncey watching Alex Mack deal carefully

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With Alex Mack’s apparent attempt to move south and get rich, another center a little further down I-95 is thinking the same thing.

According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, Dolphins center Mike Pouncey is watching the Mack proceedings carefully, and with great interest.

Even though the Dolphins center will be locked up with a fifth-year option, he still wants a new long-term deal, and probably deserves one based on his own Pro Bowl status.

But while Pouncey believes he’s outplayed his current rookie deal (he has), he doesn’t have the luxury Mack had of free agency.

With the Dolphins able to sit on him for an extra year, they don’t have the urgency to throw money his way. That will create a delicate balance for the team, as they try to rebuild after last year’s internal disaster.

11 responses to “Mike Pouncey watching Alex Mack deal carefully

  1. The Pouncey brothers are very good players but they are two of the most over rated offensive linemen in the NFL.

    And there are some questions about their behavior (at least Mike’s).

  2. The Dolphins should let him play out his contract and wait to see where things stand. Pouncey and his brother could both still end up in serious trouble if they come to be implicated in the earlier alleged crime/s committed by Aaron Hernandez. It would still seem feasible that one or either of them could face the risk of jail time in relation to their past association and actions with the former Patriot.

  3. mike pouncey is like an emotionally and psychologically stunted version of Alex Mack.

  4. Pouncey was an emotional roller coaster last year and far from leading anything respectable on the team. IMO I’d take Mack over him and if I could work that trade straight up I’d do it today.

  5. The rankings are simple Kelce (Philly), Mack and Pouncey according to PFF. Pouncey is good, but needs to earn his Contract after a good year. Pouncey was teammates and friends with Hernandez. Why would he be implemented in a crime he was not even at? You guys do not understand the Law. You can be guilty by association in High School, but not under the legal system. If the evidence was there, he would Cellmates by now.

  6. To clarify for those of you not in the know, the Pouncey brothers were implicated as being at the scene along with Aaron Hernandez when two men were shot in Florida. This was while all three were still in college and has come to light because of the investigation of the Odin Lloyd murder. Pouncey is also being investigated regarding interstate gun trafficking allegations involving Hernandez, of which he is thought to have awareness. So no, Mr. Pouncey is by no means in the clear.

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