Panthers sign Ed Dickson to a one-year deal

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The Panthers added another person to potentially catch passes, which can’t hurt.

The team announced they had signed former Ravens tight end Ed Dickson to a one-year deal.

“Ed is a young player who has shown he is a capable blocker as well as receiver in the league,” coach Ron Rivera said said in a statement from the team. “He provides experienced depth at the tight end position, and we look forward to having him in the mix.”

Dickson has teased with his potential with the Ravens. The former third-rounder caught 54 passes in 2011, but just 25 last year when Dennis Pitta missed the season with a hip injury.

He’s an inexpensive alternative behind Greg Olsen, along with former Rams tight end Mike McNeill who signed earlier this offseason.

19 responses to “Panthers sign Ed Dickson to a one-year deal

  1. Dickson is a quality pickup, but he’s no WR1. Besides, there’s a guy named Brandon Williams already there, who deserves a real chance. He has game breaking skills for a TE. McNeill is the one I don’t know about.

    I guess they will do battle in camp.

  2. Now this is a solid move if Dickson gets the targets…which sounds like he could if they choose to go with two TE sets…which seems like a possibility since they lack of receivers.

  3. Ed Brickson is a nice guy but is probably one of the worst TEs in the NFL. He had a good first half of 2011 because they forced him the ball but eventually lost his job to Pitta and his been 2nd string or worse since. Terrible hands but outstanding speed…so he’s worthless

  4. So essentially a Steve Smith for Ed Dickson trade. That’s a deal most Ravens fans would take in a heartbeat.

  5. I hope this guy plays well with the Panthers. I still remember all the potential he showed as a young dude. Can’t figure out why his hands turned to stone this season. Hopefully it’s all mental and he gets it sorted out. Good luck, Ed.

  6. Get a 26-year-old for the vet minimum, compete with McNeill for the backup TE slot. Nothing wrong with competition. Whoever does best in camp and practice games gets the spot. No risk, some possible reward. Suits me fine.

    Now let’s just hope we can get a starting LT and WR in the draft, and we should be OK.

  7. Solid signing for the Panthers. They needed another TE with some talent next to Olsen, and Dickson still has some room to develop into a more consistent player. Figure they grab a receiver or two in the draft, and their offense should be just fine

  8. Solid move if Ed catches the ball. Great kid good upside if he can concentrate better downfield. Ravens weren’t going to pay him what he was asking for and last year sealed the deal with a so-so year. He has the potential and signing at the minimum gives the Panthers flexibility. Hope he does well for the Panthers.

  9. Dickson, what can i say about the guy.

    He seems very nice and never got into trouble here in Baltimore, but when your position entails catches passes, you better catch passes.

    This guy has bricks for hands.

  10. Didn’t ted ginn have stone hands before he played for carolina last season? Seemed like he had one of the best seasons of his career. He did get paid by the cardinals because of his consistently good play last year. I think a change of scenery will be good for Ed. I could see him catching 40-5o balls for 400+ yards. I’ll take that on a one year deal. For the vet minimal

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