Rafael Bush gets another bonus, as Harvin fine overturned

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Not only does Saints safety Rafael Bush have a new contract, he has a little extra change in his pocket.

Bush just tweeted out word that he won an appeal of a $21,000 fine from the league.

I just realized it took me 3 months to appeal my last fine yep can I have my 21 back now thank you,” he wrote.

Bush was initially fined for a shot on Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin, which knocked Harvin out of their playoff game (though Harvin later returned). He was flagged on the play for hitting a defenseless receiver.

The wheels of NFL justice may move slowly, but that’s a nice bonus, even for a guy who just signed a two-year, $4.5 million deal to be a backup.

The Saints matched the offer sheet the Falcons submitted for restricted free agent, allowing them to keep the bit player behind Kenny Vaccaro and newcomer Jairus Byrd.

16 responses to “Rafael Bush gets another bonus, as Harvin fine overturned

  1. Clean hit put lil’ Percy out of the game. Thank you nfl for doing the right thing for once. Gonna be the baddest secondary in the game, baby! Move over, lesion of womb.

  2. Nice hit. It helped keep the Saints in the game, barely. I guess the Legion does not like getting boomed.

  3. What about the 3 points the Seahawks got as a direct result of that incorrect 15-yard-penalty? Do the Saints get that rescinded, as well?

  4. Saints are a better team than Seattle anyway. I think the 49ers are more impressive than the Seahawks. Bring the She-hawks and their so called “Dynasty” to the SuperDome and watch them get run right out of the building from a scorching passing game. Oh ya Robinson will run all over y’all too. They need their manufactured crowd noise to help them win games.

  5. Saints were better than the sea hawks last year. The Saints shut them out in the second half in the playoffs. The Saints would have beat them by 30 points in the dome. Justice will prevail this year.

  6. Saints fan here. I understood the penalty call. Game moves fast and Harvin took a monster shot. Didn’t make it right but I could understand it. However, I was shocked when the league fined Bush. This was the right decision. Honestly, very confused about the competence of the person(s) deciding on the fine. Also, glad to have him back in black and gold and not a dirty bird!!

  7. Seattle will have to come to the dome sooner or later and if they win there (I doubt), then I will be impressed. Winning in Seattle would be like me trying to out-eat hog at the trough. It’s been a long time since Seattle came to Louisiana and the times we’ve played a game has always been there. Time to change it around with a number one seed in New Orleans this year.

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