Reggie Bush: No one looking down on Suh for not being at workouts

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The Lions started their voluntary offseason workouts this week and defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is not among the players working with new head coach Jim Caldwell in Detroit.

Suh and the Lions are working on an extension that would both keep Suh in Detroit beyond the 2014 season and lower his $22.5 million cap charge for the coming season, which running back Reggie Bush thinks is the reason that Suh hasn’t joined the other Lions at this point. Bush also said that no one on the team has any hard feelings toward Suh about his absence.

“From what I know it’s a contract thing so that’s the business side of stuff and we all go through it so everybody understands,” Bush said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “Nobody’s looking down on him. I’m sure as soon as he can be here he’ll be here.”

Bush may not be right about the reason for Suh’s absence as he’s frequently skipped the voluntary portions of offseason work in the past when he didn’t have extension talks going on. Those absences haven’t been met with any public negativity from his teammates, so it’s not surprising to learn that it isn’t leading to any raised eyebrows this time around.

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  1. Even though this is not what I want, but I feel this will happen: Lions will trade Suh to the Rams in exchange for 1st rd swap + Rams 2nd rd. pick. Lions will then draft Sammy Watkins.

  2. He wants to be a team captain, but doesn’t lead by example in any way a captain should. He’s making $22 million this year, you can’t call it a contract thing.

  3. Of course. “Stars” never have to conform to the requirements of the rest of the team. Favoritism?

  4. Guys are probably afraid if they say something, SUH will stomp them in the beanbag when they are on the ground at the OTA’s.

  5. That may be understandable, but why can’t Suh speed up the process of determining how much money he wants and working out a deal so that the Lions can get it done sooner rather than later? If it is later, then that might hurt the team’s chances of making additions, or rather what if he worked out a deal a long time ago and our FA period looked much different, maybe it could have been better. There’s the business side, then there’s also being aggressive to help the team out so the team can win. Does that matter to Suh? Until he is signed or shows up for work, then there is nothing to pat him on the back over, and only things to grumble about.

    I’m skeptical though if everybody on the team agrees with Reggie Bush. Nick Fairley just had his 5th year option yanked, and now they are going to extend Suh and give him more money? He should feel like crap in comparison. I want to know what Nick Fairley honestly thinks and I could care less about what Reggie Bush thinks. He’s a yes-man and he’ll say anything he can to support his coaches or his buddies. He’s not an objective or neutral voice and I’m not convinced that he speaks for everybody on the team. But those players would be afraid to come out and defy the “leaders” of the team.

    And he could have been there by now, so the real truth is that he can be here when he darn well feels like showing up to be here, but that ain’t going to happen until he has his way in using his leverage to get the money he wants. It’s not anything like what Reggie Bush is claiming.

  6. Not showing up for VOLUNTARY workouts is no big deal. Especially since Suh has never shown up on voluntary workouts for the past 3 or more years. Yet he still shows up in better shape and condition than anyone else on the D-Line. He still works out, just not at the facility. It is only news cause the media is blowing it up. Physically he will show leadership by example on the field. Given all of that, I seriously believe that he will be traded just because I do not think that any team can handle paying 3 salaries that are amongst the top for the position (Stafford, Johnson, Suh). If he is traded, hopefully it is to an AFC team like Oakland that can afford him.

  7. Well, it’s a good thing now that Gym Shorts is gone Suh has become more of a team player rather than an individual who does what he wants.

  8. I really want to like this guy because he is one heck of a player, but he makes it impossible.

  9. If the Lions do trade Suh I hope they get a lot for him. I mean a lot, like this years 1st and 2nd, next years 1st and 2nd,, and maybe a 3rd in one of those drafts or the one after those. It has to be a great deal to let the best defensive tackle in the game go in his prime.

  10. Up in Minny we call him Donkey Kong Suh, feel free to use that. Just because he gets paid the big bux doesn’t mean he’s a team leader. Its clear he doesn’t want to be a team leader just a – show up and play type of guy – which is absolutely fine. Not everybody is a leader. He wasn’t a leader in college either.

    Can you imagine if Peyton Manning kicked someone in the happy zone after he got sacked? Just picture it, its absolutely unthinkable. Why? Because Manning is a real leader, thats why. Picturing it makes me laugh though.

  11. Despite not showing up to VOLUNTARY workouts (which are slowly becoming defacto-mandatory), Suh has a reputation for being one of the hardest workers on the team. No one questions his work ethic.

    Here’s the reality – he’s lifting weights on his own instead of doing it at the team facility. I had no idea this was a capital offense!

    When reporters talk to Reggie Bush, they should ask him what he’s doing to stop coughing up the ball. Unfortunately, that’s made him kind of a bust. He’s explosive and exciting, but then he hands the ball to the other team. That’s a deal breaker.

  12. Suh is tired of losing, he probably want to play out this year contract to see where the team is headed. He probably have one good extension left and he’s undecided if this should be with a team that making the playoffs is their only goal. To come on before necessary he will hear contract talk everyday. Yes he is a team player, but constance losing wears on a player (ask Barry Sanders). When was the last time the lions been to the super bowl? Ok, enough said. He don’t have another five years to wait, his career is already winding down.

  13. Anyone talking about how Suh will be traded; he won’t. The Lions are still on the hook for about $16 million in guaranteed money even if they trade him. That money counts against the cap. Suh has agreed to restructure his contract twice, which is why there’s so much left this year.

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