Report: Other players involved in Kaepernick case

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It’s still too early to know much about the sexual assault allegations reportedly made against 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

According to Matt Maiocco of CSN Bay Area, police have indicated that 49ers receiver Quinton Patton and Seahawks receiver Ricardo Lockette were involved, and that the incident happened at Lockette’s apartment in Miami.

It’s unclear at this point whether there will be any criminal charges or league-imposed discipline.  Four years ago, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger received a six-game suspension (reduced to four) after being sued for sexual assault in July 2009 and then accused of sexual assault in early 2010.  He was never arrested or charged in either case.

It’s also unclear whether and to what extent the allegations will affect the 49ers’ willingness to make a significant long-term financial commitment to Kaepernick.  Based on the perceptions of former 49ers safety Donte Whitner, coach Jim Harbaugh may not be thrilled about this situation, at all.

“He said that we can do anything in the world and we can come and talk to him and he’ll forgive us except put our hands on women,” Whitner said in 2012, after Harbaugh first season as head coach.  “If you put your hand on a woman then you’re done in his book.  So other than putting your hands on women, you can do anything and come talk to him, and it’s true.”

What’s true or not true in this case remains to be seen.  There’s a good chance that, as in other situations like this, the full truth will never be known.

71 responses to “Report: Other players involved in Kaepernick case

  1. Kaepernick is held to the same higher standard as Ben is, correct?

    He better get the same punishment.

  2. This is a serious accusation…..unfortunately, it doesn’t take much more than a change of opinion to make it from a money grabbing opportunist.

    Even worse guilty or not….it’s gonna be settled likely by money….because we all know that extra currency in your bank account takes the pain away.

  3. I hope Richard Sherman calls for the same actions that was taken against Ben Roethlisberger (Six games).

  4. Gettin’ worse by the hour. Just when you think that it might be a booty call gone wrong, it gets worse than that with more than one player implicated.

  5. As a Dolphin fan when I read the first report that this supposedly happened in Miami then the headline to this one that more players are involved my heart stopped.

  6. So the rivalry between SF and SEA is only between the Fans here at PFT? Why would Lockette be having a party with two SF players at his apartment?

  7. This is where Reggie McKenzie needs to pick up the phone and reach out.
    He may be able to get a third and a seventh for Pryor right about now.

    Timing is everything…..

  8. Oh btw the 49ers signed Perrish Cox not once, but twice.

    So much for Harbaugh’s “policy”.

  9. “So it happened at a Seahawk’s appartment? Smells like a setup.”

    Are you kidding me? You think these players have the same hate for each other as you fans? News flash – they don’t give a damn about the city they play in or their fans. Not saying don’t like football and root for a team but wake up.

  10. If the allegations prove true, it’ll be interesting to see if Harbaugh is a man of his word according to Whitner.

  11. If all this is true it’s like in chess when you sacrifice your pawn to take out the queen. In this case the Seahawks would lose Ricardo Lockette while the 9ers lose Kap. Although I would miss all the turnovers that Kaperchoke gives us every year.

  12. Typical…not surprised. I wonder if he was wearing the stupid stocking cap at the top of his head.

  13. Why has everyone glossed over the fact that the woman A: admits to having sexual relations with Kaepernick in the past and B: said in the report that Kaepernick and her did NOT have sex that evening?

  14. If Ben can get in trouble for essentially being an idiot and messing with sleezy women in sleezy locations more than once, even though he was never charged and they were obviously sleezy as nobody who was actually sexually assaulted goes to sue FIRST, then I expect something to Kaep.

  15. I thought ‘9ers and ‘hawks were supposed to hate each other?

    I guess that’s on the gridiron and not in the bedroom…

  16. innocent until proven otherwise, but I have to wonder why it wasn’t squashed yet with that many witnesses.

    personally, I prefer Alex Smith with or without all of this story. give me that guy any day to lead my team. can you imagine the complaining that will take place if they bring in actual competition because of this, say through the draft? he wouldn’t be quiet and helping his fellow QB like Smith did.

    I think teams may take QB’s who you aren’t expecting this year. because take the 49ers, you think they want to hand him 100 mil now?

  17. All it take is money to clean up this situation, happens all the time to Rich people.

    In the words of Ed McMahon….’a problems not a problem if writing a check will make everybody happy’.

  18. First Aldon Smith and Delanie Walker, then Culliver and now Kaepernick. what in the hell is going on with the Niners? Its getting ridiculous.

  19. Lockette is one of Kaepernick’s best friends in the NFL. They purchased a home together in the bay area before the niners cut Lockette.
    I’m already disappointed in all three for getting in this situation. Obviously they went out clubbing and probably had alcohol. If there is a conviction of any of them in this I would for sure turn in my Kaepernick fan card.

  20. If I were a professional athlete I would only leave the house for practice and games. Should probably give him the Rothlisberger treatment even if the allegations turn up false. At the very least it will get it into his head that in his position (famous pro athlete) you just can’t put yourself in a situation like this.

  21. I’m no fan of Kaepernick (who’s been going down hill off the field for a year now). That said, I can’t help but wonder if this “Seahawk’s apartment” news will quiet down loud and obnoxious fans in Seattle who’ve been enjoying this breaking story too much.

  22. Other players too huh?


    C’mon. What ever the truth is, Kap shouldn’t be kicking it with scrubs. He should be on vacation and working on the playbook at 9er HQ.

    Ballers are a bunch of spoiled, rich, egotistical littler girls.

    They have the power to inspire but they mostly disappoint.

  23. Umm… Perish Cox ring a bell?

    Harbaugh is full of it. I almost gained some respect for him until I remember they signed that piece of trash!

  24. To the people who are calling for the NFL to give Kaepernick the same punishment as Roethlisberger, settle down. Big Ben was a repeat offender. PS – Not a fan of either team. HTTR!

  25. I’m guessing she’ll be filing the civil suit against these players soon, seeking an undisclosed amount….


  26. Perrish Cox the ex Bronco was acquitted of rape but he used the date rate drug and forgot to use a condom when having sex which resulted in her getting pregnant.. Way to cover your tracks. But money buys freedom in some cases..

    So Harbaugh never said that else he would have never signed COX 2 different times.

  27. This only applies to non-starters.

    He should have got her on video asking specifically for what she wanted from him. Had he done that, if he is innocent, he’d be in the clear. The technology exists, and the fact that a woman can falsely accuse you and not be held responsible (no deterrent) demands that you use current technology to protect yourself in situations like this. It goes triple for pro athletes, entertainers, and politicians. The deck is completely stacked against you. The alternative is having her sign a written contract that spells out in legalese what is about to take place. That ought to be a fun read LOLzzzz.

  28. The fresh Prince of San Francisco has been exposed.

    No sex before marriage is the bible and it’s a sin —to go against these words, I guess it doesn’t apply to the Fresh Prince of San Francisco.

    Keep cherry picking the bible Wolfie.

  29. Let’s see if the NFL is serious about not touching women when the time comes to deal with the Ravens Ray Rice and Forty Niners Colin Kaepernick!

  30. Lol….I didnt know the Seahawks keep Lockette. I thought they just picked him up after the Niners cut him to get a look at the Niners playbook and piss the 49ers off.

  31. Dalton’s a Bengal, Brees is a Saint couldn’t resist…

    Wonder if Darren Sharper was around that night??

  32. Rapists and killers are everywhere in the NFL and nobody seems to care.

    Just don’t dunk the ball and everything’s alright.

  33. 49ers had Perrish Cox on their roster twice last year. Enough of the Harbaugh won’t allow violence against women. Jaja

  34. I hope this does not impact Kaep playing next year, I want the Hawks to beat them fair and square on the football field next year!

  35. Gotta love the Rothlisberger Kap compairsons… remember 2 important things, like em or hate em Rothlisberger has 2 SB rings on his fingers, Kap has 2 goose eggs and will never win a SB starting at QB.

  36. Besides, Harbaugh won’t discipline Kaepernick. He doesn’t discipline his important players (see Aldon Smith) and Roger Goodell won’t discipline one of his favorite teams.

  37. I hate these cases with a passion. Mainly because there never seems to be a clear cut answer to what happened. Rightfully people who commit sexual assault are branded and scorned by society however it’s almost as bad when someone is accused of sexaul assault when they’re completely innocent.

    At that case the question becomes is better that 9 guilty men go free so that one innocent person is not falsely accused or do we go with the horrendous nature of such crimes and consider innocents accused of SA as unfortunate collateral damage.

    After all the trauma from being assaulted is worse then the trauma that comes from being accused. And sadly what I’ve learned from the Chris Brown case is that some people are a little too quick to forgive heinous acts of abuse.

  38. I’m almost done following football.

    This case may or may not be true…. but I’m sick of watching these guys who make millions live like heathens… They keep their job. Keep their money. Then life goes on.

    If any of the rest of us did crap these owners and players do, we’d be in jail or jobless.

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