Seahawks “monitoring” situation involving Ricardo Lockette, Colin Kaepernick


The Seahawks and 49ers have not found much common ground over the last few years, but the release of a police report of a “suspicious incident” involving players from both teams has led to similar statements from both Seattle and San Francisco.

49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, 49ers wide receiver Quinton Patton and Seahawks wide receiver Ricardo Lockette were all cited in the report by a woman who said she woke up in a hospital bed after last remembering being naked in a bed in Lockette’s Miami apartment. The 49ers responded with a statement saying they were aware of the situation and gathering “the pertinent facts.”

The Seahawks have also released a statement and it follows along pretty much the same lines.

“We are aware of the situation, monitoring it closely and will not have any further comment at this time,” the statement reads.

Miami police said the investigation into what happened is ongoing and there probably won’t be anything else from the Seahawks until the authorities end the investigation or take some other action.

38 responses to “Seahawks “monitoring” situation involving Ricardo Lockette, Colin Kaepernick

  1. kaps only mistake in this was not hanging around more famous players, because his name is getting raked over the coals go kap go niners

  2. LOL, Kaepernick and Lockette. When those two step out onto a street together it probably qualifies as a suspicious incident. Not a lot of brains between the two of them.

  3. Lockette was already a target to upgrade in the draft with a deep receiver class, and he’d already bounced around the league last year.. this won’t help his tenuous roster status.

  4. Does anybody else think that the Seahawks would risk throwing Lockette under the bus if it meant an opportunity to implicate Kaepernick?

  5. In the end true justice will prevail.

    Kap is 100% innocent and even if he isn’t, it’s 100% irrelevant.

    Because come Feb. 1st, 2015, Kaepernick will be hoisting the Superbowl MVP Lombardi.


  6. Lockette and Kaepernick have been friends for some time. I read on another thread that they had purchased a home together. I don’t know the details on it. I don’t believe conspiracy theories such as “throwing” Lockette under the bus.
    Seahawks have no need to do such a thing. They split the games in 2012 and Seattle won out 2 games to 1 in 2013. No sense risking all of that on a tawdry issue like this.

  7. “monitoring” mean doing nothing as that is the Pete Carroll way. I know all the beloved Seahawks fans will thumbs down but if you look at his track record he is not know to hand out discipline on any level.

  8. Nothing but speculation hope none of this is true an I’m a hawks fan,…I knew them taking shots at us was just asking for a heaping spoon of karma! Maybe harbaugh will focus more on what the niners are doing and not the Seahawks!

  9. Yes if Kaepernick just watched he’s still guilty of a felony. He’s also a complete creep.

  10. Theres nothing in the police report that would get any of the players in trouble other than the bong. Which was in Lockettes apartment.

  11. “Chris Culliver, Aldon Smith.”

    Have you seen Marshawn Lynch’s rap sheet? Read it sometime. But pack a lunch, it may take a while.

    Not to mention how many Seahawks have violated the league’s drug policy in recent years.

    Glass houses, my friend.

  12. She woke up in a hospital bed? Who took her to the hospital? That should certainly be on video surveillance, unless the hospital bed was in Lockette’s apartment which is just creepy.
    I lean towards innocence for all 3 for now.

  13. And the 49ers are trading harbaugh to the browns…..blaaaaa
    Oh and also crabtree raped a girl before the superbowl! Guys football season is over….just get ready for the draft….

  14. I guess this sends RG3’s new logo off the news headlines now, huh?
    All of a sudden, the hacks out there, writing crap about a true, law abiding guy, who has prior obligations in business ventures, finally have something to legitimately question, in the guise of the great QB, Kap!

  15. I guess they are all getting tested by the NFL, if they haven’t been already because of the mention of a bong. Me thinks suspensions are coming at the least.

  16. Brilliant move by Seattle. This is analogous to the hockey scrum, in which you send your no-talent goon to fight the other team’s best player and you both get thrown out of the game.

    If you’re the Seahawks you make that trade, 20 out of 20 times.

  17. Dude hooks up with an ol fling as stated in an ‘incident’ report. There’s about as much to see here as there is in the city of Seattle – nothing.

  18. It would seem highly unlikely that these guys would sexually assault her and then take her to the hospital so that they then could get busted once the attending physicians decided to do a rape kit on her. This will come down to the only thing that matters: physical evidence…no physical evidence (semen, etc.) then they will certainly walk as nothing could have happened, unless the haters are now suggesting Kap and the other players are also CSI agents capable of eliminating such evidence.

  19. No one has made the comment that is just wrong for a Seahawks and 49ers player to be hanging out together? As a sports fan, I find this simply repulsive.

  20. I am a Seahawks fan. The SF QB is not guilty of anything yet. No evidence of a crime. Plenty of evidence of 3 young guys partying. Partying in your 20’s isn’t a crime. Kap is franchise QB…blah…blah…blah….If he is innocent then he has done nothing wrong. You and I may or may not like what he’s done or how he does it but so what?
    Okay Kapaernick is guilty of being a 20 something with too much time on his hands. He may be a little spoiled and a bit immature. So what? Was Tery Bradshaw EVER a towering figure in the maturity department? QB’s in the old days had the advanatge of the fact that we were not as socially connected. Now some kid sneezes in a bar and it hits the media.

    If they did do something criminal, they should all be tried for it. But if they partied like rock stars and this girl was not violated then they should be left alone.

  21. This sort of situation only happens about a dozen times a day. Young adults getting together to socialize, and someone winds up getting taken to a hospital.

    From what I have read, there was no evidence of sexual contact, although there may well have been some desire for same by some or all of the participants, given the alleged circumstances.

    For whatever reason, she became ill or unconscious, and someone did the responsible thing and took her to a hospital.

    All three players can probably look forward to some “random” drug screening in the near future, as well as an uncomfortable discussion with their respective coaches, but I don’t see anything yet that rises to the level of criminality.

  22. All 3 brands will be forever tarnished and affected by this and it will be brought up year after year and will affect them monetarily, socially and professionally. Employers don’t want probs.

    Kaepernich will not get the raise that he wants this year and may be slowly phased out as QB. Lockette will probably be cut. If the rape kit comes back they will NOT be charged but forever haunted by this.

    This re-emphasizes one thing abt CK: Not only does he make bad decisions on the field but off it as well.

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