Talks between Brandon Lloyd and 49ers about comeback


The 49ers continue to look for receiving help, and they’re looking at every possible avenue.

According to Matt Maiocco of, the 49ers are talking to veteran wideout Brandon Lloyd about a comeback after he was out of the league last year.

The 49ers need someone to add to the mix of Anquan Boldin and Michael Crabtree, and have investigated several options already.

Lloyd, 32, didn’t play last year, despite a solid 2012 season with the Patriots. He caught 74 passes for 911 yards that year, but didn’t latch on last season.

Such a move would bring him full-circle, as he began his career as a fourth-round pick of the 49ers in 2003. He was then traded to the Redskins, and had stints with the Bears, Broncos and Rams before going to New England.

There’s an obvious reason Lloyd has played on so many teams, but the 49ers could provide safe harbor, and a place for a guy who has recently contributed.

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  1. New England had squat at WR and didn’t want him back after the quietest 900 yrds I’ve ever seen the yr before. That should tell you something.

  2. The first thing I too thought of was SF trading for Stevie Johnson. I hate to say it, because he’s one of my favorite Bills. Junior college, then Div 1, then undrafted, then worked his way up to a legit #1.

    He’s explosive. No one has put up better individual numbers when matched up against Revis and Sherman. Look it up. He can beat those guys because he’s quick enough off the jam to negate their size advantage.

    And, since the bills are deep at WR (of his type) and on a youth movement, I think it makes sens. Buffalo could use a pair of mid round picks this year, if SF would be willing to give them up. 3/6 4/5? This guy is worth it to SF, and it would allow the bills to pick up a larger WR or two in the mid rounds.

  3. He said he did not want to play last season and if he did play he would have only played for NE.

    At least the guy knows he has bi-polar issues he has to get under control before he goes back.

    He was an interesting receiver. Was not a burner by NFL standards and as someone posted earlier he would make a diving catch on a ball he could have caught and run after the catch.

  4. Lloyd would be a great addition again and all — but considering today’s news about Kap — who’s gonna be throwing to him?

  5. The niners need to draft a corner way more than a wr (see Chris culliver story from yesterday). Both positions are always draft gambles. For every one tremaine brock or tarrel Brown picks there are three or four mike rumphs. For every one Quinton Patton there are five or six Aj Jenkins, Rashaun Woods, Brandon Williams.. You get my point. The sample size is small, but Patton is a real NFL receiver. Veteran depth would be much better than putting First round draft status on a guy fighting for “fourth we.”
    With the uncertainty of the draft I would like to SF go the Vet route at wr and then load up at corner in the first 2 or 3 rounds.

  6. LLoyd was at one time easily the most athletic player on the Niners. Yet they traded him without hesitation, or regret, and found themselves with an unquestionably diminished receiver corps as a result. That doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Though I don’t recall a lot of explanation for the move.

    Frequently when that’s the case, it’s related to maturity or work-ethic issues.

    He’s not in his prime any more. If he’s to be of benefit to the team, it really can’t be at a cost of being a cancer in the locker room.

  7. I’m guessing the niners can sign him dirt cheap which is important since the salary cap is starting to become a big issue since they still must sign their draft picks. Their interest in him makes me think that maybe the niners will go defensive with their first pick, probably a CB. I would rather see them trade way up and get Watkins.

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