Zach Mettenberger says he won’t need to go on PUP


LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger impressed scouts yesterday, partly by being able to work out three months removed from ACL surgery.

But he said afterward that his knee shouldn’t be a problem, and anyone drafting him won’t need to stash him on the physically unable to perform list.

“I’m three months out of surgery and not in playing shape,” Mettenberger said, via Jim Kleinpeter of the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “My legs are kind of tired so that’s something to expect. I’m doing everything I can to work through that and be ready for rookie camp.

“I’m not going to start the season on the PUP list. I think I showed I’m healthy enough to go through practice and compete for a job. By the time the season rolls around in September I’ll be fully healed.”

Mettenberger threw more than 120 passes yesterday (while wearing full pads, that’s a thing now apparently), enough to leave him winded after an exhausting rehab process from his Jan. 2 ACL surgery.

“I was very impressed considering when he had the surgery,” Saints coach Sean Payton said. “He threw a lot of passes. I thought Cam [Cameron, the LSU offensive coordinator] did a great job of orchestrating and really putting a workout together. I thought all of these guys, the receivers, it’s as good of a workout I’ve seen in regards to the amount of throws. But to know he’s 3½ months post-surgery, that’s pretty impressive.”

He’ll have plenty of time before came to get well, and perhaps push for someone’s job, as his draft stock rises.


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  1. RGFragileEgo said he didn’t need to on the PUP last year either, how’d that work out ?

  2. Maybe a 7th or 8th round bench warmer … Throwing INT’s like he did when LSU got took to the Woodshed when they played Ole Miss, and no I’m not an Ole Miss fan either… But look at it on the bright side Drew Brees was a 7th round pick and has done well with that, but he’s no Drew Brees either…. He might go un-drafted!!! But with that said he just might be better than some of the starting QB’s that play every week in the NFL -It’s all about getting with the right team and the politics in the NFL – which I hate !!! Politics within the NFL have ruined the QB spot for upcoming young QB’s!!!Some people may not agree but Tim Tebow & Greg McElory are better than some of the starters out there playing every week, and put those two with the right team and they would shine and that’s just two I could probably name 10 over the last few years that have got the wrong end of the deal from teams in the NFL…. Best wishes the Zack, as he moves to the NFL , but he needs to take a season off I’m not he will never be anything in the NFL , and ACL is something that takes more time if he rushes things he will ruin himself for future play….

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