Aaron Hernandez associates indicted in murder of Odin Lloyd


Two associates of former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez have now joined him in being indicted in connection with the murder of Odin Lloyd.

The Bristol County District Attorney’s Office announced today that a grand jury indicted both Carlos Ortiz and Ernest Wallace on murder charges. Hernandez was already charged with murder in Lloyd’s death, and Ortiz and Wallace had been charged with being accessories after the fact.

According to reporter Wesley Lowery, who has covered the Hernandez story, under Massachusetts law prosecutors will not have to prove which of Hernandez, Ortiz and Wallace actually shot Lloyd in order to secure murder convictions against all three. Lowery describes the indictments as “Not good for Aaron Hernandez.”

Hernandez was arrested in June and remains in jail, where he has been for 10 months.

26 responses to “Aaron Hernandez associates indicted in murder of Odin Lloyd

  1. the d.a and prosecuters have nothing. there just trying to scare carlos ortiz and ernest wallace into talking. there gonna lock them up to see if one of them breaks. the courts are desperate.

  2. These two other guys don’t have the money Hernandez has. Once they find out how much it will cost to defend themselves against murder charges, they’ll squeal and turns state’s evidence

  3. Actually I wasn’t defending Hernandez I was looking at how this thing is being played out. No murder weapon has been found, no actual trial date is set, the prosecutor is trying to get the judge taken off of the trial, and they still don’t have an eye witness. That’s why I say its unraveling. So the prosecution has reduced itself to trying to make his crew snitch on each other to get a conviction. I’m sorry but that doesn’t sound like a strong case in my opinion.

  4. From what is out there there now, including the surveillance footage of Hernandez and company driving into the industrial park in the wee hours, it’s hard to see Aaron beating this with that joint venture law on the books. That’s not about getting the other two to roll on Hernandez, it’s about getting all three convicted.

  5. Smart move! If Hernandez pulled the trigger now his pals will have to finger him in a deal or they risk being convicted of murder themselves, someone will talk.

    Also, if the prosecution had no case then either he wouldn’t still be in jail 1 year later or his lawyers is terrible.

  6. For once Massachusetts law gets it right ahead of time. I’m stunned.

    But I beg to differ with the “he who talks first gets off easier” line of thinking. In this case, whoever might even think about talking gets shot.

  7. Prosecution has nothing! Simply a ploy by a DA that’s heading into a case above his small town pay grade! I said from the beginning he’ll walk. He’ll be suiting up in 2016 and the patriots will be paying the money they owe him! Co D’s already know they’ll be taken care of for keeping their lips zipped!

  8. I don’t see it as being “bad news for Hernandez” at all. If it was the preferred road to conviction, the prosecution would have done this 10 months ago. They spent all that time trying to isolate Hernandez as the killer. Obviously they weren’t able to do so. If it becomes a shotgun effort, the chances are an innocent person will be convicted. A bystander, like Ortiz claimed to be at first.

    What jury is going to arrive at a blanket guilty verdict knowing that one or two of the individuals convicted may have simply been along for the ride. Was it an act of rage by one of the men? Were two of them intent on killing the person and the third begging to spare him? Were one of more of them completely unaware of what happened?

    To paraphrase the football axiom, if you have two or three possible “murderers” you have none.

  9. joining hernandez under the jail would be the best thing for all involved and allow odins family to each put a couple shovels of dirt on each of them. failure to keep his mouth shut cost lloyd his life, and now the driveby shooting is going to cost hernandez and the other 2 who liked the lifestyle hernandez offered them are joining him in jail well done

  10. If they had a case they would not have to charge any body that knows him with chomped up charges they have almost used all their bullets any none biased person knows that the police lie …..
    For all these district attorneys making comments let’s start making them with logic and not what you want to happen.

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