Agent denies Kelvin Benjamin blew off a workout

Former Cowboys personnel man Gil Brandt, who now works as a draft analyst for NFL Media, claims that former Florida State wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin recently refused to participate in a previously scheduled workout with an NFL coach. Benjamin’s agent denies that.

Brandt wrote on Twitter on Thursday that Benjamin “blew off” a workout with an NFL coach who had made a special trip for the occasion. According to Brandt, Benjamin’s reason was that “he was too tired.”

That’s obviously not the kind of thing that helps a player’s draft stock, so it’s not surprising that Benjamin’s agent, Eugene Parker, told Brandt that Benjamin never blew off a workout. Brandt, however, doesn’t believe Parker’s denial: Brandt reiterated that he’s sticking with the story of the source who told him that Benjamin blew off the workout.

Private workouts are becoming an increasingly contentious issue in the NFL, especially after former Clemson offensive lineman Brandon Thomas tore an ACL while working out for the Saints. If Benjamin really scheduled a workout and then said he was too tired, that wasn’t a wise move. But if Benjamin or any other player decides the risk of injury isn’t worth it, that’s a sensible decision.

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  1. If he blew off a previously scheduled workout, that was bad, but on the other hand scouts can go to the Combine and pro days. That should be enough. Players shouldn’t be doing private workout after private workout after private workout.

  2. Well, since it is slander and can be linked to Benjamin being downgraded and thus losing money, Eugene Parker will undoubtedly sue Brandt for lost wages. Unless he doesn’t because the agent is lying. It’s not like Benjamin has admitted many times that he is lazy and doesn’t give his all. Wonder why someone would make up that he skipped a meeting?

  3. Seems to me, that if NFL teams want to work out a draft prospect, then the NFL team ought to be footing the cost of a hefty injury insurance policy for that draft prospect plus providing some compensatory cash, especially since there now seems to be an extra month to be conducting these “private” workouts. What the hell is the NFL combine for, if these guys have to continually perform workout after workout, for free.

  4. If Benjamin did partake in a workout in which he was “too tired” & subsequently underperforms then his draft stock will drop in the eyes of that team’s coaching staff. Better to not show than potentially lose 10’s of thousands of dollars. Many times in life you’re damned if you do, you’re damned if you don’t.

  5. So what if he did blow them off? The teams have enough tangible evidence of the player he is. If they wanna more time for a one on one dialogue, I can understand that. Putting a player through more physical paces makes no sense at this point.

    If your player evaluation experts don’t know who these players are by now, get a new staff.

  6. Despite what that picture would have you believe, Benjamin has solid hands. Better hands than Mike Evan of ATM. Not as fast as Evans, but if you’re looking for the big, Colston type, catch radius guy, Benjamin is ur man.

  7. I had a puppy for sale who would fake a limp whenever people came to look at him so we kept him and he was a great dog. I don’t blame Benjamin for influencing bad teams to keep from drafting him. The end.

  8. I understand it would be nice to stick to a planned workout, but if he was too tired from doing something else that came up and was important then what do you expect him to do? Either way it sounds like this coach has already labeled this as a blowoff, so probably best if this team and this player just stay away from each other. There’s lots of WRs on the board that you can call and set up a play date with and one of them for sure is bound to show up if you keep asking. Draft one of those guys instead; problem solved.

    Curious strategy to black-list him though. He didn’t need the coach to bring him a pillow, but just to trust him and understand and sympathize with what he has been going through lately. He wants the coach to connect with him through appreciating and understand fatigue. He just wanted the coach to say “Kelvin, I too know what it is like to crave rest.”

  9. Watch the Tape, AGAIN, there’s no reason for a workout unless you’re a lazy bum who didn’t do your best last Season.

  10. Enough is enough already.

    They come up with a CBA that over-protects the players to the point where you can barely ask them to hit anyone in practice anymore, yet because these guys haven’t been drafted or signed a contract yet, you’re allowed to ask them to continually risk their future by performing the same drills over and over again despite the fact that you’ve had plenty of opportunity to see everything you’ve needed to see by now.

    And you hold the players hostage by making sure the media knows the second a player balks at jumping through your unnecessary and repetitive hoops.

  11. NFL owners are paying millions to these players in hopes they become, at best, consistently good in the league.

    Why shouldn’t they be allowed to “kick the tires” before investing?

  12. All of you saying that private workouts shouldn’t be necessary and the combine/pro days should be enough I say…. THEN DON’T SCHEDULE THE PRIVATE WORKOUT!!! Either Benjamin or his agent (likely Benjamin) is a moron. If a coach travels to see you work out, unless you have a 104 degree fever or wicked diarrhea, you go through with the workout. And you certainly don’t use the lame excuse of being too tired. How pathetic is that? So will you skip practices if you’re tired too? Sounds like a baby Iverson.

  13. These aren’t tires. They’re human. You can’t just keep bouncing them from state to state doing the same workouts over and over asking them the same studpid questions and not expect them to get exhausted. Then if Benjamin gets hurt guess what? Millions down the tubes as his draft stock plummets and time missed with the team that drafts him.

  14. A lot of good comments about these private workouts. With the volume of college scouting, game tape, the Combine, and the Pro Days, there should be no reason for players to do additional private workouts for NFL teams. As I’ve said before, I think some NFL teams would have guys working out for them on draft day itself if they could!
    However, this isn’t the first time I’ve read that Kelvin Benjamin has been considered a somewhat lazy, undisciplined player, and one who sometimes took plays off in college. Granted, that may or may not be the case, but at one point the Steelers were seemingly interested in him, but you haven’t heard anything about that for a long while. Something like this could just add fuel to the fire, and cost Benjamin on draft day…

  15. Whether or not this is a red flag, depends on the team Benjamin supposedly blew off. We all know which franchises are bottom feeding, perennial losing, dumpster fires. If I was a highly touted NFL prospect, I would be willing to almost anything to ensure that one of those teams had no interest in drafting me.

  16. I think there’s a big difference between blowing off a work vs. not being able to do a workout. If the coach showed up and Benjamin just was a no show, that’s blowing off. Benjamin had a reason, whatever it may be and informed the coach of it. That’s called canceling, not blowing off.

  17. sounds like a team that wants his draft stock to drop a bit is floating rumors hoping they can get a bargain. KB is legit, there is no reason why he wouldn’t work out. i’m not buying it one bit. sounds like pre-draft shenanigans.

  18. If he was tired and unable to perform at his best, it would be advisable for him to excuse himself. When athletes are tired is when most injuries take place. Sounds also that he would prefer not to get drafted by the team in question. He’s one of the top three wideouts in the draft.

  19. lol so you have to have 32 private works to prove yourself, then why go to college? You have 3 years of game film maybe two, you have the combine and you have pro days, you have game changers, you have Grudens grinders, damn relax everyone. Talking about kicking the tires, when you go buy something do you go to 32 stores

  20. Let’s put the player, agent , reporter and coach in the same ESPN room. I suggest Jim “Chris Everet” Rome to do the interview.

    Find out which breaks first.

    This sounds to me like a team picking in the top 10 of the second round is trying to make sure Benjamin is still on the board, and that is a great way of doing it.

    If I am the coch, and a player “blows off” a scheduled work out (not missed becausevof illness, family issue, missed flight), the guy would be off my draft board completely). I wouldn’t want a player that didn’t want to be there.

  21. Remember, drills at the combine and pro days aren’t mandatory. For instance, Odell Beckham didn’t run the 40 at LSU’s Pro day, as he had a great time at the combine. Some don’t run, throw, or short shuttle due to injuries or other reasons. Therefore, private workouts are a necessary tool for evaluating players. They can always decline, as indicated in the story. Another thing that is never mentioned, willingness to do private workouts may show a team initiative or openness that may not otherwise be apparent, especially if a player has had previously reported attitude issues. Not all RGmes, MeSeans, or Haynesworths are first round talents. Teams don’t want to spend 3rd round picks on bad attitudes either.

  22. Well, a blown-out knee definitely hurts draft stock. He should have just told the man that he didn’t want to risk his career for free after what happened to Thomas.

  23. 99 out of 100 times these “sources” are NFL teams floating negative rumors about players they like hoping they will fall to them on draft day.

  24. A football player who won’t work out because he’s afraid of getting hurt isn’t the type of player many coaches around the league are going to want.

  25. Was one of the players profiled in the book muck city. Surprised it has not come up. In the book he comes off as extremely lazy and bit of a diva of not wanting to practice. Also was not eligible most of his senior year because he was to old. Also in the book comes off as not very intelligent. So these. So these rumors seem pretty accurate to me just based upon a book when he was in high school.

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