Jadeveon Clowney visiting with Rams on Friday


The Rams are in good shape at defensive end with Chris Long and Robert Quinn, but that’s not stopping them from talking to the top defensive end in this year’s draft class.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that the Rams will meet with Jadeveon Clowney of South Carolina on Friday. The Rams own the second overall pick in May’s draft and it’s hard to find anyone who believes Clowney will be on the board much longer than that.

Given the presence of Long and Quinn, the Rams would clearly be drafting the best available player rather than filling their most pressing need if they wound up with Clowney on May 8. There would certainly be ways to make such an arrangement work, but it also bears mentioning that the Rams need to sell the idea that they’d take Clowney if they want to keep open the possibility of making a trade if Clowney makes it past the Texans with the first pick.

The Rams haven’t been shy about broadcasting their willingness to deal the pick for the right offer and General Manager Les Snead has made particular note of the possibility that a team could trade up for Clowney or another non-quarterback.

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  1. One of two things going on here….

    1.) Rams are doing their homework by checking out one of the best overall prospects, or

    2.) *cough cough* smokescreen *cough cough*

    I’m betting on the latter.

  2. As a Houston native I’m fascinated by the idea of Clowney and Watt lined up together. And I’d still be curious about Manziel as well just because of the need at the position.

    Great defenses still seem to win Super Bowls and Seattle did that with Wilson who I think is a good QB but he will never be Manning/Brady good.

    Clowney it is. A good QB will just have to come second on the list…..

  3. If the Rams draft Clowney with all the other problems that would be absolute the dumbest thing they could do.If I were Bradford,I would start looking for another team.The Rams have neglected giving him the proper support for years and now they have a chance to complete the team and yet they want to look at this boob?People complain about Bradfords injurys but look at all the injuries the Rams have had in the OL since 2006.I would think after Fishers experience with “Fat” Albert Haynesworth he would have learned about a player that takes plays off.

  4. I disagree “that the Rams need to sell the idea that they would take Clowney if they want to keep open the possibility of making a trade” given that he would not make it past Jacksonville, who have to love the idea of selling visions of a specimen like Clowney to the hungry fan base.
    If Clowney is available at 2 (& I don’t believe he will be), Les Snead will take his pick of the glut of offers.

  5. The Rams drafted a WR at #11 overall last year, signed Jared Cook at TE last year, & signed a talented, albeit troubled WR in Britt this year. They also have a very promising young RB in Stacey. They signed Jake Long at LT. They’ve done quite a bit for Bradford so another “weapon” can wait if Clowney is going to be as good as everyone expects him to be.

  6. I thought Tavon was drafted at 8?

    Also, I would take Mack over Clown show their OLB situation on the strong side is mehhhhhhhh.

    Long is still serviceable. Adding another DE would be for depth unless you have serious questions about Long staying healthy and/or effective

  7. Actually, the Rams drafted a WR @ #8 overall last year. A true #1 would do wonders, yet having Shotty as OC will limit Sam. No matter how many “weapons” a team has, you need to utilize them.

  8. As a Ram’s fan it would very tempting to draft Sammy Watkins. The problem is the Rams established themselves as a running team last year and Schottenheimer is not known to unleash a decent passing game even with decent receivers at his disposal. Chris Long is 29 and although still a heck of a pass rusher he has showed signs of slightly slowing down plus he carries a huge cap hit. Could you imagine Clowney and Robert Quinn on the same line? Yeah, I could too.

  9. had to get to the last comment before it finally came out, the truth!! as long as shotty is the OC the rams may as well keep shoring up the defense they have weapons on the offense but probably one of the least imaginative OCs in all of the NFL. i agree i like Mack better than Clowney but if jax thinks the rams may take clowney @2. they may trade up one spot to ensure they can have clowney and the rams could add a pick or two.

  10. Getting a stud like Clowney is never a wrong thing to do.

    With a pass rush like that, you could put Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck in the secondary and they’d get by.

    Who were the secondary players when the Giants beat the Patriots in both those Super Bowls???


  11. The Rams actually have 4 really good DEs already, the position is by far the strength of the team. Both of their backups saw a good amount of action (sometimes at DT as well). That being said, Clowney is a game changer. Greg Williams will find a way to use all of them if the Rams do take Clowney. I could see Long and Hayes sliding inside on passing downs or Clowney standing up as a linebacker to generate more pressure.

  12. The Rams could take Clowney at 2 and have so many ways to use him putting him or Long at dt, standing him up at lb and having him rush off the edge beside Quinn, and the could still go safety at 13th than tackle/guard in the 2nd round or tackle at 13th and safety in the 2nd round

  13. I don’t believe Clowney will be available at #2. IMO, Houston is going to take him, and then they’re going to get a QB with their second pick, possibly trading back into the first round if the stars align.

  14. The Rams should strongly consider taking Clowney at #2 if the Texans pass on him. Quinn is still on his rookie contract (he’s getting just over $3 million for the 2014 season) and he can become an unrestricted free agent after the season.

    Quinn’s performance (29.5 sacks over the last two years) puts him on on track to command Mario Williams/Julius Peppers type money if he hits the open market. I don’t think the Rams can afford to pay him that kind of money along with Long making roughly $11-$13 million a year.

    Quinn and Long are both great players but the Rams will probably have to let one of them go within the next two years for salary cap purposes.

  15. Chris Long not Robert Quinn would become the cap casualty should the Rams draft Clowney. Almost all of the guaranteed money on Long’s contract has already been paid, and he accounts for a significant cap hit. The Rams will exercise the 5th year option on Quinn, meaning he is in STL for at least 2 more years.

  16. I think I could speak for Seahawk fans, and also Niner and Cardinal fans – I _don’t_ want the Rams to take Clowney.

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