Kaepernick sounds off against TMZ report

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Despite the criticism routinely heaped on TMZ, TMZ routinely isn’t wrong.  When it comes to TMZ’s initial report that 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is being investigated for sexual assault, TMZ was wrong.

And Kaepernick is letting TMZ hear about it.

“The charges made in the TMZ story and other stories I’ve seen are completely wrong,” Kaepernick said on Twitter on Friday morning.  “They make things up about me that never happened.  I  take great pride in who I am and what I do, but  I guess sometimes you have to deal with someone who makes things up.  I want to thank all of the people who have shared their encouraging sentiments. I assure you that your faith is not misplaced.”

Kaepernick is right.  Miami police have said he’s not being investigated for sexual assault.

Still, there’s an incident report containing a set of facts that has a gap between the time a woman Kaepernick allegedly was kissing and disrobing passed out in an apartment bed and woke up in a hospital bed.  By speaking out generally about the situation, Kaepernick may have opened the door to an expectation that he’ll address the specifics — and that he’ll explain what happened after the woman passed out.  Or that he’ll dispute the details of her story.

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  1. TMZ may have inappropriately reported that Kaepernick was being investigated for sexual assault. That doesn’t change the fact that he was smoking weed with a girl who happened to pass out and then find herself in a hospital bed. That part of the story is not made up. Sorry ‘Kaep.

  2. Cant wait to hear the real story cuz the ones I’ve heard so far make no sense at all. And what rule is there that says just because your on a rival team doesnt mean you cant be friends with someone

  3. “I take great pride in who I am and what I do,”
    You do?
    Then why after 4 years are you still refusing to take pride in finding your #2 wr and # 3 wr options in your (non) progeressions? And continue to throw INTs late in games that matter?

  4. So he’s not disputing that he and two friends were drinking and smoking weed with a woman who later ended up in hospital….only saying he’s not (currently) being investigated for sexual assault.

    Yes, he clearly “takes great pride in who I am and what I do.”

    Others who take great pride in who they are and what they do are Aaron Hernandez, Rae Carruth, OJ Simpson, Ray Rice, Ray Lewis, Ben Roethlesberger, etc, etc, etc…..

  5. I think Kap needs a larger ball cap to hold his enormous brain and all it’s hyper-intelligent thinking.

  6. Let’s hope you’re right Kap.

    But why would you put yourself in that situation in the first place?

  7. In no part of the report does it claim Kaep was smoking weed. Just because the bong was at the apartment does not mean he partook.

    When he left her, she was awake and aware of her situation. They did not have sex.

    I’m sure we’ll have more details at some point, but until then, let’s stick to the facts.

  8. So you witnessed Kap smoking weed huh? If you’re that tight with Kap, how about getting me tickets to the opening game.

  9. The story I read says he was present. It did not mention him being guilty of anything. Either he was there or he wasn’t. His beef should be with the police report.

  10. Do you think maybe the woman had way to much to drink and smoke, was in the midst of an amorous moment with Kaepernick, passed out, and woke up in the hospital?
    If that is all we know with any level of certainty, that and the fact that the hospital examination ruled out any further sexual actions, then it seems like this guy did just the right thing. He got her medical help, just in case there was a problem. If he was a villain in this why would he see to her care?

  11. TMZ lied….didnt care about the facts….Kaep is calling them out…..

    Everything will unfold…..but you have to just wait for it…and hold in that urge to judge quickly….

  12. Kaepernick has some guilt here..and we will find out what part he plays.

    He wants a HUGE raise per year but hangs out with people who are smoking, drinking and having women show up in hospitals unknowingly.

    And you dont wait for her? Allegedly he has a past with the lady..And he doesn’t wait for her? Thats classy.

    A mediocre QB doing sub par community work..

    Well done

  13. tmz are desperate news reporters. they’ll report news without facts, nomatter how damaging it may be to there reputation.

  14. Lol you guys wouldnt be hating on this guy if he wasnt the leader of the most historic franchise in sports………. let this be the jags or the rams. goNINERS GO KAP

  15. here’s the REAL story; groupie girl parties with athletes hoping to get paid, story of EVERY athlete! moral of the story is, athletes need to stop messing around with artificial women! like you they also have one agenda…TO GET PAID!!

  16. “The most historic franchise in sports”

    That’s a bit ballsy considering that up until 3 years ago the 49ers were the equivalent of the Jags for the previous 5 years.

    I can think of a few, more important, historical franchises ranked about the 49ers…

  17. Regardless if he did something wrong or not, when is Kaep and these other kids that get involed with these knucklehead situations, figure out that no matter what they will always make themselves look bad. You’re a professional athlete that makes millions, you are always being watched 24/7 Take it as a learning experience and don’t put yourself in these situations. Smarten up Colin!

  18. “the most historic franchise in sports”
    Seriously? Thats laughable!They havent even won the most championships in their own sport..lets not even compare them to teams in other sports.
    Celtics 17
    Canadiens 23
    Yankme’s 27
    Steelers 6

  19. Wow, Patriots, Raiders and Ravens fans getting sanctimonious all of a sudden. Along with Steelers fans, ya’ll are in no position to preach. Perhaps he should pay the woman off (eh, Steelers fan?) maybe marry her (right, Ravens fan), did he try destroying evidence (Pats fan)…or should he just embrace his inner-Raider and accept he’s a scumbag?

    Methinks everyone should wait for the WHOLE story to come out before playing 1920s Mississippi judge and jumping to conclusions.

  20. Kap, it’s real simple. From now on, go home, and don’t allow yourself to put into a situation like this. Put on your Beats audio headphones and watch a movie or something.

  21. I have no idea what happened in that apartment or what anyone’s intentions were, but it seems to me that these guys (maybe just the other two, not Kap) had an intention of having sex with her after she was knocked out by whatever she ingested. Why else did they open the door and peek in? Were they checking to see if she was unconscious? If they were concerned about her (doubtful) why didn’t Kap check on her? Who knows–hopefully the truth comes out.

  22. Even if Kaepernick was guilty of no crimes in this incident, you have to ask yourself: How many other NFL QBs would have been in that situation and done the things Kap did in that police report? You don’t even have to consider someone super classy like Russell Wilson or Peyton Manning. Just think about your typical franchise QB. How many?

  23. Bong hits, Booze and Bare-naked Ladies….sure Colin…our faith is not misplaced. You clearly take a lot of pride in who you are.

  24. For those defending him saying he did the right thing by taking her to the hospital, why didn’t he stay there with her? Who dumps someone at the hospital and takes off? It would have been easy for Kaepernick to bring her to the hospital, tell the doctor that she had too much to drink and she passed out and they were concerned. THAT is the right thing to do. He didn’t have stay and watch over her, but he could have stayed to make sure she was okay. My guess is that he or his buddies were stoned/drunk and didn’t want the people at the hospital to see/smell them like that so they dumped her and ran. Or they got someone else to take her for the same reason. Either way it’s a stupid immature situation for Kaepernick to be in when the right thing was probably much easier and less painful in the long run to do.

  25. If this happened to 3 average people (not rich NFL players) they would all be behind bars already. You never hear about this stuff happening to Peyton Manning and Drew Brees or Russel Wilson. That because “They don’t break the law”! I believe where there’s smoke there is FIRE! I wonder if Kap and his pals pulled a “Darren Sharper” on this young woman? Or they intended to? Either way this doesn’t bode well for Kaps chances of getting a big payday soon. In fact he’s eligible for a new deal as we speak but the Niners aren’t convinced he’s the QB they want. Combine that fact with these latest developments and Harbaugh might just cut Kap. Harbaugh once said that he would forgive a lot from players but if they ever harmed a woman they are done in his book! Geaux Saints!

  26. The continued attack on women in the comments section is disheartening. While there are of course undesirables out there, not every woman is some heartless, money grabbing, groupie.

    If you were at a party, fell asleep naked, and then woke up in the hospital, you don’t feel like that would be something worth mentioning to the police? You’d just roll with it, laugh it off, and call it a weekend if the other’s involved weren’t rich?

    C’mon guys.

  27. Wish he would have twittered yesterday, but glad he did finally deny this.

    Might be that the weed is the only real issue concerning the NFL. Per policy, the NFL will likely do a test or two. Other than that, this hopefully will go away and we can get back to Football news.

  28. You put any kind of spin on this that you want to, bottom line is it doesn’t look good, period…

  29. The bottom line is that you cannot put yourself in situations that could turn problematic. Even if he did nothing wrong and did not smoke weed, you can bet that if an incident occurs later that he will not get the benefit of the doubt whether it is legally speaking or as a member of the franchise.

  30. 49ers fan here. Kaep may have been falsely accuse and everyone jumped on the bandwagon against him, especially the Seahag fans. That said, he still showed enormous bad judgement and put himself in a situation to be accused of wrongdoing.

  31. Why did it take him so long? I would think that a man with literally nothing to hide would have been defending his reputation in front of every news camera he could find within ten minutes of a false rape report being published. Is he taking legal action against TMZ? If not, why?

  32. There are two other people that know what the story is….Let’s hear from them…BTW, as a professional athlete you put your career in jeopardy…How old are you Kap? 12? 13?…sheeeeeesh….

  33. Colin Kaepernick simply isn’t built for greatness or being elite. Just for a “Franchise QB” to be associated with this kind of story is a major fail on the QBs part. A Franchise QB is the face of billion dollar entity. He
    Has to be above reproach. He can’t do the same things mid level WRs like Patton and Lockette does.

    Some QBs like Russell Wilson, Manning, Brady,Luck and RGIII gets it…. Actually most Franchise QBs get it…very few don’t. Like Mike Vick, Roeslisthberger, and Kaepernick.

  34. I stand by my suspicion that the Niners are looking for their next QB as we speak.
    This kid is nobody to build a team around. If he hadn’t had a superior team around him, he’d be holding a clipboard somewhere.

  35. But now the world believes it to be true. Sort of like how John Tomase made up a story about a tape of the Rams’ walkthrough only to be retracted for being 100% false…yet all of the haters think its true (when it isn’t).

  36. Perhaps there was no sexual assault involved, however if an acquaintance of his somehow ended up in a hospital, why would a person who “takes pride in who I am and what I do” leave his unconscious acquaintance at a hospital all alone? That is not an act of which to be proud.

  37. We have all heard this sound off before so we as fans will wait to see as well. But is the report real kaepernick that is the question.

  38. There would be no better gift than seeing Blaine Gabbert start a game for the Niners. What a way to open a new era at the Field of Jeans!

  39. TMZ is a highly reputable source… You people better take these accusations serious…. This is quality reporters at work, bringing us the news and not gossip.

  40. TMZ needs to pay for that. However much it costs for them to learn the lesson that doing something like that is wrong. Report the truth when you actually have it, but don’t invent it.

  41. As a Seahawk fan, I would believe Kap over the ‘highly credible and professional’ reporting staff of TMZ.

  42. Wow a guy in his 20s doing a bit of partying, drinking, smoking some weed and making out with a pretty girl. And when she passed out got her medical aid. That’s just the most horrible thing I’ve ever heard of.

    I doubt there’s a single person posting here who didn’t go out and party some when they were in their 20s. Yeah, these guys have more at stake but it doesn’t seem like he did anything wrong here.

    And no, I don’t consider smoking weed wrong.

  43. That sound you hear is the phone ringing in the Texans GM’s office.

    “Sir, Trent Baalke and Jim Harbaugh are on line 1.”

  44. So last week you all were saying how weed doesn’t matter and it should be legalized.

    But since everyone hates Kap he gets judged for smoking weed?


    I’ve read the whole police report and nowhere does it say Kap was accused of anything. She’s probably a casual partner of his but they at least took her to the hospital when she passed out.

    Russell Wilson is probably in some 3rd world country right now feeding children just so he can take pictures and show the whole world on Instagram what a swell guy he is.

  45. Hope they did not find anything unseemly in her system at the hospital, although I doubt they would have taken her there if there was any chance of that.

  46. A bong and weed was involved. It’s still against NFL policy to smoke weed…. all 3 of them SHOULD be tested right now.

  47. Classic PR move. Basically you blast TMZ because there was one detail that was wrong. You focus on that detail and reinforce that you are a good person and basically a victim to lies.

    But the truth of the matter is that even if TMZ hadn’t reported this at all, or had reported it 100% accurately, ol’ Kaep and his buddies still have some splainin’ to do.

    Maybe they were just getting drunk and doing drugs and this gal had too much. It could be nothing more than that. But still even in that best case scenario that is bad news for a starting QB looking for a big contract.

    It is to be expected though out of a dude with tats on his arms. Grandma was right.

  48. As a Hawks fan who cannot stand CK, this accusation seems very frail. There is not even an specific allegation. She got drunk and high and passed out.

    Unless there is some huge piece of evidence that is being withheld from the public, it sounds like his name is being ran through the mud for a very poor reason.

  49. 1st Report: “Colin Kaepernick Sexual Assault Investigation”
    2nd Report: “Colin Kaepernick Colin Kaepernick being investigated for ‘suspicious incident’”
    3rd Report: “There’s no evidence of a crime or a sexual assault”

    So no crime has been reported. No evidence of a crime has been found. No charges are being filed. All there is, is half a story from a girl who got drunk and stoned and got confused how she ended up at the hospital…

  50. i guess a lot of people here never drink alcohol and never smoked; whether you like it or not, fact remains that it’s very common amongst people of all walks of life; transcending across a multitude of professions.

    You’d be hard-pressed to gather a random group of 20 people having none of which who has drank alcohol and/or smoked marijuana.

    Not the end of the world here, and shouldn’t really be a shock.

    Granted i’m from Toronto and our mayor smokes crack haha. Let the facts come out before we jump to rash judgement.

  51. Hey, it doesn’t matter what the facts are, all that does is that his name was thrown out there, so we’ll all start acting like he’s a confirmed rapist! You know, like we did with Roethlisberger. It didn’t matter that the investigators found there was no way he did what the accuser claimed, all that matters is his name got in the news! ‘Cuz that’s how it works on the Internets!

  52. So what happened between her passing out naked in a hotel room with three guys under the influence, and waking up in the hospital?

  53. Is there any reliable info stating that any of these three guys dropped her off at the hospital? Or is that just more speculation disguised as damning evidence? Perhaps she called herself a cab, felt weird and asked to be taken to a hospital. Or perhaps she got in a cab, passed out again and the cabbie dropped her off.
    There is nothing to justify this ongoing bashing of Kaep. If he and his cronies did something, I would love to see them get the book thrown at them. But so far all there is is a gal who got herself wasted, got undressed with a guy she had a prior relationship with, and can’t remember what happened the rest of the night except that she woke up in a safe place. You all must love you some TMZ gossip.

  54. You people are fools with the weed.

    No, it’s not harmful. But it is federally illegal, and it is banned by the NFL.

    Therefore it is against the law/rules of which he is being paid to abide by.

  55. Its crazy that this is even a rape story, seeing as how thats already been ruled out. I would be appaled if the NFL didn’t at least use this as an opportunity to drug test all 3 people involved though. The drug testing program is ridiculous and this would go a long way in showing that you have a lot to lose by doing drugs outside of the normal testing times

  56. Did the girl go to a strangers apartment or had she conducted recreational activities there before?
    Did the girl serve herself too much alcohol?
    Did the girl decide to consume weed or was she physically forced?
    Did the girl not think through that 2 drugs would have an adverse effect on her health?
    Did the girl take her own clothes off?
    Did the girl not want sex?

    Tell me honestly……whose the person with the bad judgment & causing a bad situation?

    Does this sound like sexual assault or reckless behavior?

  57. The truth will out, I’m just happy that Screech found a second career in the NFL.

  58. You can’t have your star quarterback the face of your brand new stadium getting in any kind of trouble period. Especially when he’s trying to negotiate one of the biggest contracts in history. It makes your franchise look stupid. If the police are involved your rep is forever screwed.

  59. Experience has proven anytime a celebrity brings their faith into the discussion that they dispute a report that they are guilty. Good luck with that, Kaep.

  60. What Kap needs to understand is that he’s no longer just a guy or even just a player. He’s a brand. And, regardless of what happen, just the fact that he was dumb enough to be in that environment is something that’s going to cost him money and prestige, at least in the short term.

    Even in the best possible scenario here, assuming all the best things about Kap, he made some stupid decisions that night.

  61. Before the “passing judgment” comments ensue, just thoughts for consumption.
    According to the incident report, Kapernick acknowledges kissing and disrobing this person with two friends/associates/pals/whatever in the next room. Question-What was your intention after disrobing her?
    Kapernick states he left room having disrobed her. Kapernick realizes she’s beyond level of consent at some point. Question(s)- Who/Whom dressed (knocked-out) female for trip to hospital? Who/Whom carried her to transport car? Who/whom delivered her to hospital?
    Decision Making:
    If Kapernick asserts he was not under the influence of weed/alcohol/other, then this is his rational and moral thought process??
    You can try to sell it, but I’m not buying.

  62. I don’t know why athletes even bother issuing this denials. That’s not to say he did it or didn’t do it, but after seeing such a higher percentage of people’s denials turn out to be false it’s just hard to really given them any weight one way or the other.

  63. Lol 49er fans still think they have a franchise quarterback. No boys, you have a running back at qb, Aldon Smith wearing off on you Kaep?…

  64. NFL should test him for weed right away. But they won’t because he’s a moneymaker.

  65. Let’s entertain the scenario if it would have gone “perfectly” and no one is asking what exactly happened, especially, the only woman involved in the situation.

    Kaep and a couple of friends invite an acquaintance who happen to agree to hang out (drink, smoke weed, etc.) and who also happen to be a woman.

    In a perfect world, they smoke, they drink, they have fun and carry on, blah, blah, blah….. four individuals wake up the next morning (albeit one in a hospital bed), and nothing is amiss. They live to talk about it and to do it again someday.

    BUT, everybody knows, WE DO NOT LIVE IN THAT UTOPIAN PLACE!!! We live in a world where if anything could go wrong, trust, TRUST, it would go wrong.

    As someone already pointed out, if you consider yourself a highly intelligent individual, this scenario above where assault charges, and maybe more, can be brought up against you, would not have been an option.

    Not judging someone, just speaking from experience.

  66. steelerben says:
    Apr 11, 2014 12:00 PM
    The continued attack on women in the comments section is disheartening. While there are of course undesirables out there, not every woman is some heartless, money grabbing, groupie.

    If you were at a party, fell asleep naked, and then woke up in the hospital, you don’t feel like that would be something worth mentioning to the police? You’d just roll with it, laugh it off, and call it a weekend if the other’s involved weren’t rich?

    C’mon guys.
    And this is coming from a clown with the handle, “steelerben”. Gimmie a break dude.

  67. Kaepernick set his buddies for some action with a girl he already knew. Most people would call that “pimping”.

  68. Sounds like the movie, “Hangover.” At least she didn’t wake up with a Mike Tyson facial tattoo. Or did she?

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