NFL has clear financial incentive in Draft Day

Usually, the holders of national brands pay very good money to have those brands organically integrated into movies.  For the NFL, the money flows the other way.  Into the league’s pockets.  As it typically does.

Darren Rovell of ESPN reports that the NFL received both a rights fee and a share of the revenue for allowing the producers of Draft Day to use NFL trademarks and logos.

It’s unknown how much of either the league will receive, but the amount surely won’t be insignificant.  If, however, the movie tanks the revenue piece will be affected accordingly.

Some reviews suggest that Draft Day paints an unrealistically positive picture of the NFL.  Kevin Costner, who stars in the film as the Browns G.M., has said the NFL nixed only the idea of having Costner hung in effigy.  (Or in Cleveland.)

Still, the trick to getting the NFL’s blessing was to deliver a script that portrayed the NFL the way the NFL wants to be portrayed.  For the ultimate reality show, too much reality wouldn’t be good for business.

Even though something that was a bit more raw and gritty and authentic would likely do a lot better at the box office, and in the eyes of the critics.

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  1. Eh, Browns draft days have made it into film before. For example, the 2012 draft room looked exactly like that scene in Ghostbusters when all the ghosts escape the containment unit and wreak havoc across the city.

  2. It’ll tank, I for one love the NFL but can’t see myself watching a fictional story about the Cleveland browns and a fake draft day full of fake prospects. Sounds like a waste of time and money for the average fan.

  3. If the NFL received a rights fee and a share of revenues, and only had to nix one part of the script, it makes me wonder whether they gave indications beforehand about any subjects that would be verboten. For example, is there anything in the movie about concussions?

  4. 0% of zero = $0.00

    Depends if they got a front or back end deal.

    Studios don’t give out front end deals often. And then good luck trying to collect on a back end deal that doesn’t gross its budget. Oldest trick in Hollywood.

  5. The movie “Draft Day” should have been a film portraying the great Rick Spielman instead of the irrelevant browns owner.

    If they did this, there would be twice as many viewers and people would watch this over and over in awe seeing the historic Minnesota Vikings draft day.

    It would be nominated for multiple Oscar awards.

  6. I’m pretty sure they could have made a better movie if the just called the teams the Cleveland Factories and the Seattle Blazers and left the NFL out of the whole thing.

  7. I just returned from the movie. I found it a fun movie with some (not all by any means) believable happenings. It portrayed G.M.’s as being a little bit gullible. I also enjoyed the acting. Dennis Leary as a football coach was a stretch. but hey it’s football it has to be good.

  8. It’s Kevin Costner for crying out loud. When was a Costner movie worth going to see rather than waiting until it come out on Netflix?

    Maybe when Eastwood directed him. I think that only for the NFL will this be “A Perfect World”.

  9. The NFL has a financial stake in anything that uses their logo, period.

    I’m surprised to don’t sell space on the toilet paper in the stadiums for a corporate logo of some kind or other they’re so greedy.

  10. I’ll be watching this movie tonight, for free. The NFL, nor the production company, will not be getting one cent flowing into their pockets, from me.

  11. I just don’t get how they can turn this into a movie…..or how anyone would be interested enough in said movie to not wait for it to hit cable

  12. Not sure what is a surprise here. The NFL gets a cut of everything when their logos get used.

  13. What was the name of the show on ESPN years ago that the NFL made ESPN cancel?
    It was a weekly show.

  14. I love the NFL draft and have watched every single one, at least in part, since 1986.

    I will not be watching this movie.

  15. Just saw it. Not bad, not good. Opening scene pretty ridiculous and ending scene pretty Hollywoodish.

    Interesting that the Browns and the Jaguars play key roles, given the current Alex Mack situation.

  16. “Is this Iowa?” “No. It’s Cleveland.” “Damn. Feels kind of like Iowa… least I didn’t confuse it with Heaven like my other movie.”

  17. Its kind of a catch 22 for people making a movie about pro football… either you water it down to get the NFL brass to sign off or use fake teams and the authenticity of the movie suffers terribly.

    Had “Any Given Sunday” been about the Dolphins instead of the Miami Sharks, it would have been a hell of a lot better movie….

  18. DonRSD says:
    Apr 11, 2014 2:40 PM
    What was the name of the show on ESPN years ago that the NFL made ESPN cancel?
    It was a weekly show.


  19. The show o. Espn was playmakers. Ill be seeing this movie cause I’m a football junkie and not a very harsh movie critic. I recently read that the nfl has a whole lot of. Control over the madden games

  20. So it’s another NFL “puff piece”. I’d rather watch a gritty draft story with fictional teams.

  21. I just got done reading reviews on rotten tomato. Though the opinions are mixed, the positive reviews were VERY positive and the negative review were more of the “meh” variety.

    Everyone quit being so cynical and go see it. Costner+ sports movies= win. Always has.

    Anyone remember Tin Cup, Field of Dreams, hello?

  22. It looks like it was created by the NFL just to try and build more hype for the draft. I’m thinking it’ll have a poor story w/ little depth as they try to do a Moneyball movie and fail.

  23. This is hardly the first movie to be based on the NFL Draft. Don’t forget the following:
    Saving Matty Ryan
    Schindler’s Big Board
    The World According to Mike Mayock
    Full Metal Kiper

  24. Hope he tries to trade up to draft Frank Cushman from Jerry Mcguire in round one. That’d be as solid as oak.

  25. I think an adaptation of Damn Yankees called Damn Steelers, featuring an old suffering Browns fan who makes a deal with the devil to become the mysterious young star quarterback who would lead his Browns to their first championship since 1964 would be a better flick.

    But would the NFL allow it? And who could play the devil without being upstaged by Roger Goodell or the ghost of Art Modell?

  26. I always get a chuckle when Viking fans sing praises of a team who has never won a Super Bowl and currently has more holes to plug than the Titanic. The forseeable future remains dim for the Norsemen. As a Packer fan, I am not one to sing the praises of Ted Thompson – but at leaset he has the hardware. Nothing above a 4th place finish in the NFC North is forthcoming this season. May as well spend September through February eyeballing the 2015 free agent and draft classes. You might be able to plug enough holes to leap up to 3rd place.

    Saw the premier last night. As rabid NFL fans, my son and I enjoyed every moment. Certainly, there were elements that were somewhat less than realistic. It was refreshing to see a movie about pro football utilizing the NFL and team brands.

  27. This movie was originally going to use the Buffalo Bills as the NFL franchise, but the producers realized that no one would pay good money to see a movie about Buffalo or the Bills.

  28. There’s a bigger agenda for the NFL here. If this movie makes $$$ look for the NFL to put their ‘brand’ into more NFL movies. They have a network and every other thing you can think NFL except….movies…

    Even Vince McMahon has “WWE Studios”

  29. It also had a ton of product placements and at times played like a long commercial.
    Loved Tin Cup, BTW.

  30. Considering the heavy arm the NFL had deciding what would and what would not be in the film, little chance I’m spending more than a $1 plus tax on it from RedBox.

  31. Don’t worry the corporations sponsoring the NFL will purchase $100 or so million dollars for this film and thereby have sold out theaters with empty seats.

  32. Metacritic score is 52. It will definitely get beat by Rio this weekend. The only question is whether it’s so bad that it also gets beat by Occulus.

    I’m going to see Cuban Fury. Q&A with Nick Frost after the film!

  33. “Major League” led off the Indians dominance of the ’90’s….
    Here is to “Draft Day” doing the same for the Browns !!!

  34. Stop whining just because it’s not your team. You’ll see it. Maybe in the theater this month. Maybe on DVD this summer. If not than on network TV in the fall. Have you seen Field of Dreams, Longest Yard, The Blind Side? Bet you have. Sports films are like Disney films or Christmas films. They never go out of style.

  35. Sounds as exciting as Moneyball.
    Bet it gets a “Razzie” next year as the worst movie.

  36. Perhaps some folks would go see the movie before telling us how bad it sucks. I will watch it and make up my own mind. Bill

  37. There is an absurd amount of criticism from people who haven’t actually seen the movie. I watched it earlier and it was cool. It’s a light film and there are a few “whoa!” Moments if you aren’t a person who takes themselves SO seriously they can’t relax for an hour and a half and not nitpick a relatively light and family friendly peice of entertainment. There is no conspiracy here, it’s just a movie. And it’s not bad. It’s not a classic by any means but it was better than I expected.

  38. DeSean Jackson has a career year and thinks aloud that he’s due for a pay raise. He’s labeled a gangster, selfish and a bad locker room guy. Does an interview with Stephen A. Smith in an attempt to clear his name.

    The NFL expands its Thursday night coverage, is still discussing an 18-game season, isn’t entirely truthful about its knowledge of concussions, arrogantly schedules games with the expectations that America’s pastime to accommodate them and now this.

    Tear down the individual, but turn a blind eye to The Shield…HA!

  39. My thoughts..

    1. Yes it will tank.
    2. Yes i will rent it when it comes out.
    3. I miss the old marathon draft days on Saturday and Sunday.

  40. Saw a sneak preview a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed it, as did my wife who does not give a flip a football.

    As enjoyable as the movie was, Draft Day did have one “Tin Cup” moment. Remember in Tin Cup when he kept knocking it in the water from 200+ yards? Every golfer in the world knows that a water hazard lets you all the way up in front of the water if you want to…nobody would blow the open trying to carry again from that distance. Well, Draft Day does have one unrealistic moment IMO, but I still liked it. No spoilers here. I say it’s a light, entertaining movie.

  41. I wonder how many people have actually been to Cleveland? It’s like any other city with good and bad parts. It has excellent colleges,The Cleveland Clinic,pretty nice downtown and pleasant suburbs. Even the majority of the urban area is ok. Yes,there are parts of town I avoid,but that’s no different than the parts in LA or NY or Omaha that I avoid as well. NE Ohio is a pretty unique place that’s a mixture of Midwest and East Coast and a real melting pot of cultures. Don’t let the struggles of professional teams equate to the state of the city. The fact that they can support three pro teams and some minor league teams is pretty great,so just watch the movie for what it is…a movie.

  42. Go see the movie! Most sports genre movies involve personal obstacle, team divide, that all comes together to resolve and win the game. It’s a formula movie with the NFL draft day as a backdrop. No more, no less. It’s not cinema verite, not a documentary , it’s entertainment. I saw the movie, because of the familiarity of an NFL backdrop it gave the story the ability to immediately accept and suspend belief, just like you do for Star Wars, or The Godfather. Establish the world of your story and maintain fidelity to it within the context of that story. All that being said, it’s a GOOD and satisfying movie, with the expected end – the home team wins!

  43. Its hard to believe theres a good story about the Browns on “Draft Day”. I can’t help but think of Tim Couch, Courney Brown, Braylon Edwards, Brady Quinn, Trent Richardson, and Weeden. They should have named the flick “Busted Picks”. Makes it more realistic.

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