NFL hasn’t determined site of 2017 Pro Bowl


No one cares all that much about the Pro Bowl.  Even fewer care about where it’s played.

The NFL cares, and after four straight years back in Hawaii after a one-year detour to Miami, the league seems to be intent on playing the game in the mainland whenever the game is played in a warm-weather city.

After Super Bowls in Dallas, Indianapolis, New Orleans, and New York, the Pro Bowl returns to the contiguous 48 when the Super Bowl is played in Arizona.  Then, the Pro Bowl goes back to Hawaii in the year the Super Bowl will be played in San Francisco.

According to the Honolulu Advertiser, the next Super Bowl in Houston also may host the Pro Bowl.  For now, it’s not determined.

The next year, the Super Bowl will be played in Minneapolis, Indianapolis, or New Orleans, which virtually guarantees the Pro Bowl will be played that year in Hawaii.

Per the report, the NFL has told the powers-that-be in Houston to be ready to host the 2017 Pro Bowl.  Which could be aimed at squeezing the powers-that-be in Hawaii into giving the NFL a better deal.

For the players, the better deal always comes from playing the game in Hawaii.  They weren’t happy about playing in Miami, primarily because they strongly prefer going to Hawaii, which gives them a considerable buffer from fans and most of the media.  At their own hotel without prying eyes and iPhones, the players can relax and not worry about their exploits ending up, well, here.

You can’t blame us for that.  Player exploits in the week leading up to the Pro Bowl would be far more interesting than the game itself.

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  1. If it’s not played in outer space then just play wherever. These terrestrial-based locations are so mundane.

    And the stadium would seat exactly the number of people that can afford to pay for the ride and help subsidize the field deployment, but this is more of a TV spectacle anyway so you don’t need a big crowd, just some nice camera placement. And no weather concerns as long as there aren’t any mistakes in the engineering or construction.

  2. Ship it off to one of those cities that they want to give an NFL team to but that no fan cares about, like London or Los Angeles. The players won’t like it, but so what?

  3. The fodder when the pro bowl is in the same local as the SB is much higher. It makes sense from a reporter/blogger point of view. Hawaii makes more sense to the pro bowl player/family for the earned vacation..

    I can’t afford to travel so neither does much for me.

  4. have it in the same city the day before the SB and charge a higher package rate for tickets. .like 5 k a piece or something. ..I like the Chawk Idea!

  5. Why is the NFL giving so much attention to a game that cannot be “enhanced” unless they want to somehow get players to actually play.

    The fact the Pro-Bowl is in Hawaii and the fact there isn’t much on that particular weekend are primary reasons I watch this game 2 of 5 years.

    However, I do like the Pro-Bowl being there in general. It is what it is.

  6. I really wish Goodell and co. would stop messing with the Pro Bowl (and everything else). I enjoy the Pro Bowl, it should be in Hawaii every year, one week AFTER the SB. It’s cool to see every team represented, and I’m sure a lot of those guys on the SB teams miss going out to Hawaii and have some fun after the massive hype of the SB. The Pro Bowl is a fun way to say goodbye to the season.

  7. I found the last Pro Bowl entertaining. I could do without Deion Sanders running his mouth or Jerry Rice trying to talk smack,but the players actually seemed interested. Not everyone hated it,and if you do,then no one is forcing you to watch or attend. I like seeing how a star QB would use a star WR from another team or if players are a product of system or actually good athletes. But I like watching football,from high school to pros,so I’m a bi biased.

  8. This is typical NFL behavior. Float the idea out to the public that you’re not holding the game in Hawaii anymore (anonymously), then wait for the response.

    Hey, NFL decision makers, NOBODY WATCHES THIS GAME. It’s a reward to the best players and their families and it should stay in Hawaii.

    Hey (insert all pro name here.), you’re going to Houston! Here’s an idea. Give “Pro-Bowlers” a plack or a statue and $250,000 each. That’s how you say thank you. But that’s not how you say “Revenue”.

  9. I can’t remember ever watching the Pro Bowl. We do watch games thru out the season, but have no interest in the Pro Bowl. And now with the FIX of that san fran game we will have to rethink the NFL entirely.

  10. I gamble on it but usually don’t watch it. I really have to be out at a bar to accidentally see much of it. P.S. Don’t tell the GODdell complex that we bet on it. At least not until the NFL finds an actual way to directly profit from it. Once this happens they’ll be more betting stands at NFL stadiums then beer stands.

  11. They should play it in San Diego. The weather is always nice, and the residents aren’t interested in football. It’s the perfect fit for an uninteresting event.

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