Packers waive Sederrik Cunningham

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The Packers have waived wide receiver Sederrik Cunningham, per the NFL’s Friday transactions.

The 24-year-old Cunningham was on injured reserve in 2013 after suffering a dislocated wrist in training camp.

Cunningham (5-11, 192) played collegiately at Furman from 2008 through 2011. He was out of football in 2012.

Cunningham’s departure leaves the Packers with seven wide receivers. Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb and Jarrett Boykin are the Packers’ top three wideouts. Reinforcements seem likely to be added at the position, whether in the draft, the later stages of veteran free agency or rookie free agency.

34 responses to “Packers waive Sederrik Cunningham

  1. Everyone knows the Packers will take a DL in the draft..Jones, Perry, Worthy…Keep trying Ted..

  2. Vikings need to sign this guy, he wouldn’t even cost them anywhere near what they paid for the last ex Packer and it doesn’t give the Packers a 3rd round comp pick.

  3. As a die hard packers fans it hurts me to see another packer player become a member of the vikings…..

    must hurt u to see them play one more game than the jags every year

  4. I thought I was a pretty big Packer fan…and have been for decades. With that said, I have never heard of Sederrik Cunningham from Furman.

  5. Who?

    I know this breaks the hearts of Packer fans to hear this but the Bears have better receivers than the Packer do.

    Wait till you have to cover Marquess Wilson ( 6′ 3″ WR with 4.5 speed) while dealing with Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery Martellus Bennett and Matt Forte.

  6. Ted scores again. Just before workouts begin, the smart man decides that it’s budget over quality of course. This move saves 40 bucks on the Super 8 bill. The fun part of the workout week will be a fish boil…

  7. I expect a draft pick late at WR. Its a deep class this year and you can get some talented guys to develop on your practice squad. Let teams like the Vikings put #1 picks into the WR position. They haven’t figured it out that you can get them later.

  8. Not a big loss so who cares we never saw him play to even like or
    Dislike the guy TT is preparing for the draft we
    All know he will take a receiver or two with 9 picks.

  9. If history of IT and reject from Green Bay, Then on Reggie McKenzie speed dial. Welcome to Oakland, bring your street clothes, so have something to wear on sidelines with Mcfragile.

  10. I know this breaks the hearts of Packer fans to hear this but the Bears have better receivers than the Packer do.

    I know this breaks your heart, but the Packers have won more Super Bowls than the Bears.

  11. Hahahaha ok first off I to think as packer fans we can all care less. You can have him just like u had beret and guess what? The same thing will happen lol. I can honestly say I’m never mad about football. Because, we have one of the best if not THE BEST QB ever to play the game with 13 lombardis to back them. How does that song go? I AINT WORRIED BOUT NOTHIN!! Lol well next season we have peppers Kuhn is back we just need some work at safety maybe an recover or two and and a tad bit more work. If suggest my boy van noy… Ted is a very intelligent man an looking back I would have slapped favre ten fired him. Keep up the good work ted nothing these bs fans can say can hurt the Kurd nation..!

  12. As a fun research project, can anyone tell me how many times the Packers have lost in the first round of the playoffs since their last super bowl win vs. how many times the Vikings have lost in the first round of the playoffs since their last super bowl win?

  13. Well for people expecting first round losses, at least that means getting to the playoffs is expected as well, and they have done well in delivering that.

  14. First round losses? Since when is that expected? Twice in six years? Maybe? Ya gotta get there to have a chance. I guess the Vikings plan to win it all by getting lucky instead of building and getting good.

  15. It’s amazing how many other teams have fans
    Talking crap about the Packers, the fact is 6 of
    The last NFC North titles reside in GB.

    So the Bears And Lions can have better Receivers
    than the Packers but one thing both teams don’t have
    A solid running game and a Elite QB, Both Cutler and
    Stafford crack under pressure. While Rodgers doesn’t
    Need a receiver to make him he makes his Receivers
    The Fact is we have the most Superbowls and NFC North
    Titles of all NFC North teams, Honestly the Vikings
    Worry me more than The Lions or Beard any year, and we
    All know they’re the laugh of the NFC North.
    Detroit controlled they’re own destiny last yr and couldn’t win two
    Games to make it to the playoffs and the Bears a 48 yd bomb wit :38 seconds left need I say more!

  16. Thank you mr. Pack I forgot to make that a point. The bears and te lions can have a hundred receivers if they want the fact remains. The pack have three of the best running routes along have lacy run, and a cannon loaded with 50mm cannons. You can have all the receivers and mediocre players you want. But when the end of the day come all of football knows there is only one team capable of getting the sb trophy back. And that’s the Green Bay pack!!

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