Alex Mack signs offer sheet with Jaguars

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Call or fold?

That’s the Browns’ decision to make after the Jaguars signed center Alex Mack to an offer sheet on Friday.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the offer is for $42 million over five years, and Mack will receive $26 million guaranteed.

The Browns have five days to decide whether to match the offer or to allow Mack, who received the transition tag from Cleveland, to sign with Jacksonville.

The Browns will not receive any compensation should they allow Mack to depart.

The 28-year-old Mack has played and started all 80 regular-season games for Cleveland, which took him in the first round in 2009.

The Jaguars’ interest in Mack pits two rebuilding clubs with a good deal of salary cap space. Now, the focus turns how the Browns play their hand.

53 responses to “Alex Mack signs offer sheet with Jaguars

  1. Alex Mack is a solid center who’s never missed a snap in his career l.

    He made Trent Richardson look way better than he actually was.

    Although he’s no John Sullivan – the best center in the NFL

  2. That’s a lot of money for a center, but you have the cap space, I say match it. I read elsewhere that Mack can void the final 3 years of the deal, so essentially its a two year deal with a player option for the final 3yrs

  3. Full marks to the Jaguars for putting the pressure on Cleveland. Jimmy Haslem and new GM Ray Farmer talk a good game, let’s see if they pony up and commit $42M to Mack with $26M guaranteed.
    Seems a lot of money for a decent but not stellar player.

  4. Good move for JAX even if it is an overpay. They need good players and they are clearly making progress. Good for Gus Bradley and props to Jags ownership for having some stones to acquire talent this offseason.

    As for Cleveland….. good riddance. Unbelievable.

    Slogan for 2014: Backwards is the new forwards.

  5. Crafty deal. Great for the player. Good for Jax only because they no one else to pay right now and good for the Browns if you want to rent your own guy for two years.

  6. We’ve got impact players that are due for an extension. FOLD. Can get a decent center in the draft. Mack COULD become a cancer in the locker room if he doesn’t want to be there. Would much rather have a more reallistic shot at keeping Haden, Gordon, Taylor, Sheard, Hoyer and so on. He might be a great center, but do we NEED a great center. No, we can get by with a downgade in that position. The only winner here is Mack & his agent. Congratulations, your contract will slow down any progress made by whichever team gets you. I would rather have a serviceable center than a franchise center any day due to the money.

  7. So is he going to play left tackle or something? Was center the missing piece to the Jag’s superbowl season?

  8. Put your money where your mouth is , Jimmy. Do the right thing (for once) and sign him. Heaven knows we have enough holes to fill already without having to worry about our center position.

  9. Call, and I’ll draw up to 4 new cards depending on how many cards Mack draws first, it’s his turn. Yeah I have an Ace in my hand to do that and this is my house rules.

  10. I don’t get why Jacksonville is doing this. There isn’t a nucleus of players to build upon yet. You don’t start rebuilding from Center position on out. Maybe this gets them above the cap minimum?

  11. A lot of money for a center. When I first read this, I thought the Ravens had signed Mack to an offer sheet for ridiculous money. Remember, they’re the same team who gave 120 million to a Quarterback who throws more interceptions then touchdowns.

  12. Sign him and then trade him. If you can even get a fifth rounder for him, you’re better off than letting him walk. No sense keeping a player that doesn’t want to be there, but there also isn’t any sense in giving him up for free.

  13. Oh, the excitement! Two bottom of the barrel teams and the possibility of 1 guy on a horrible team going to another horrible team. I can’t stop my level of excitement.

  14. all u hear every year, the Browns have all this talent, all this cap room, going to dominate the AFC North…

    and what happens- like clockwork- they lose at least 11 games for the 6th year in a row….

    make that 7

    2 pro bowlers on a terrible offensive line.
    cameron made by default…
    haden- for a guy that makes the pro bowl, he sure gets fried all the time
    gordon- deserved too even though half his yards come in garbage time.
    hate to break it to u Browns fans- all teams have talent…apparently u guys have only enough to win 4 or 5 every year

  15. Browns should sign him and trade him to Buffalo, Detroit or Minnesota for picks.

    Stick it to him. Somewhere colder than Cleveland is why I picked those cities. Not knocking on them.

  16. This is something the Steelers ALWAYS do. STUPID signings to go with their “push the girls into the men’s room” quarterback.

    OH…and they used to say the Raven defense was AGING….the stooler defense is ANCIENT.

  17. Wow! $42M with $26M guaranteed for a center. That’s 3/5’s of an o-line for that entire time invested in one player. I’d FOLD and not overpay despite the perception it may leave and since he doesn’t want to be there (if true)……why keep him. Like the song say, “you gotta know when to hold them, know when to fold the. Know when to walkaway and know when to run. Never count you money when sitting at the table. There will be time enough for counting when the deal is done.”

  18. There’s no way the Browns match and trade. They’d have to find someone else interested at that price AND eat the entire signing bonus on the current year cap. And for what, a few low-round draft picks?

  19. So let see, that’s $9 million for 2 years and an average of 8 million the last 3 years.

    Now Carolina’s Ryan Kalil is currently set to be the highest-paid center this year at $7.28 .

    So really it is not that much out of line, especially with the unused cap room the Browns have.

    If he leaves after the 2015 season he will be 31, they could have a low round pick over the next couple of years groomed and have the $8 million a year available for free agency 2015/2016 .

  20. When was the last time this much noise was made about a Center going to one of the two worst franchises in all of NFL history.

    It would be a big deal if a really talented player was going to a team that would make a difference.

    Does this signing make either the Jags or Browns anything more than still 3rd or 4th place in their division.

    I think it’s actually harder to be as consistently bad as these two franchises have been rather than say a middle of the road team every now and then.

  21. Future HOF may be correct, but the first player Paul Brown drafted as owner of the Bengals was, indeed, a center. I know you’ll agree that Brown did know something about football.

  22. I tell you Mangini picks great centers. He’s the “Center Guru”. Teams should consult him when looking for a center. And only a center.

  23. Center Ryan Khalil is making an average of $8.1 Million per year. Mack would make an average of $8.4 Million per year. It’s a no brainer for a top tier center, and it looks like Cleveland will match. Ray Farmer put his cards out on the table, they called his bluff, and now it looks like he’ll win against the odds.

    If Joe Banner was still in Cleveland, he’d let Mack walk.

  24. Future HOF are serious that you shouldn’t start building from the Center out? Do you have any idea how important the offensive line is, ESPECIALLY for a young QB? You should absolutely build from the Center out, although I will give you that the LT position is obviously more important, which the Jags are set at with last year’s 2nd overall pick.

  25. Jacksonville has how many Pro-Bowlers on their team? So, they try to buy one? Sad day in Jacksonville, when they won’t be able to buy a CENTER with millions of Khan’s dollars.

    Maybe you can settle for a long snapper.

  26. Browns will match and Mack will be here for at least another two years. Mack isn’t signing this deal with the intention of leaving for Jacksonville, since it is actually saving the Browns money from what they were already willing to pay with transition tag this year and franchise tag next year. Mack and Demoff did the Browns a solid with this one and there is nothing outrageous about it given what Kalil makes and what Pouncey will get paid next year. We have the cash to spend, especially on all-pro talent, and the cap will continue to increase. Go Browns!

  27. Thank you Jacksonville for establishing this price. The Browns will now sign him as planned all along.

  28. I understand how important the offensive line is to an offense. However, what I’m saying that without the franchise QB, RB, or WR (would be nice if it was Blackmon) I don’t know why someone would pay that much for the best center in the league since Jacksonville basically has to start from scratch.

    And if you are rebuilding why did they put in the “get out of contract” after two years clause. Assuming you get a small nucleus in the next two drafts he still has the right to up and leave if he wants to go to a team further along.

    Like I said, I just don’t understand.

  29. You gotta know when to hold em
    know when to fold em
    know when to walk away
    know when to run

  30. Brilliant move by Jacksonville. Both teams can pay the guy, it’s just that the Browns need to pay players in the next 2 years to keep them while Jax has nobody coming up.

    Browns will likely match but it may hamstring them when they try to extend Haden and Gordon. Jacksonville will be waiting to pounce then, too.

  31. I say match it. You can’t just let him walk, and the Browns have more cap room than they know what to do with anyway.

    Mack is professional enough to suck it up for two more years and play hard, and maybe a few more wins will help turn around his perception of the team and city.

    Or you could always explore the trade route. I know there’s a no-trade clause in the contract, but I’m sure he’d be willing to waive that for a deal to Jacksonville.

    Have the teams flip flop picks in the first round and the Jaguars throw their second or third rounder in and it’s a deal. I don’t know if Jacksonville would be willing to add that much compensation on top of the money it would be paying, but the Jaguars seem to be acting pretty desperate and aggressive so far.

  32. Haha, this makes no sense. The browns are getting a better deal if they sign him now. Uncle Jimmy is already sending the matching offer laughing right now.

  33. Mary Kay Cabot of the Plain Dealer is reporting that the browns have already matched the offer.

  34. Mack has never said he doesn’t want to play with the Browns. His agent has a personal vendetta with the Browns (dealing with Joe Banner?), and he is trying to get as much for his client, as he can.

    Remember, NO OTHER TEAM made an offer for Mack. The Browns will match then everyone goes home, gets paid, and saves face. Thanks to the Jags for playing, they will be awarded a parting gift for participating.

    When else has this much attention been paid to the Browns and Jaguars, this late in the off-season?

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