Report: Browns will match Jaguars offer to Alex Mack


We spent a lot of time this week talking about the Jaguars’ plans to present an offer sheet to transition-tagged center Alex Mack and what the Browns, who hold the right to match any offer, might do if the offer sheet  was sent their way.

It looks like we spent a lot more time talking about it than the Browns needed to make their decision. Mack signed the offer sheet from the Jaguars on Friday and Adam Schefter of ESPN and Jay Glazer of FOX Sports both report that the Browns have decided to match it and hold onto Mack before the day is out.

It’s reportedly a five-year, $42 million with $26 million guaranteed and the Browns have until next Wednesday to make their decision official. Indications all week have been that they were inclined to match the offer, however, and Schefter’s report suggests that those indications were right on target. According to Glazer, the Browns had gone back and forth about the decision because of the size of the guaranteed money before ultimately opting to hold onto one of the league’s best centers.

Matching the deal means the Browns won’t need to use any of their 10 draft picks on a center, but the Jaguars will likely be in the market for one with Mack in Cleveland and Brad Meester retiring after a long run with the Jags.

46 responses to “Report: Browns will match Jaguars offer to Alex Mack

  1. Even Kevin Costner thinks that’s insane money for a center. And gas prices just went up at Flying J

  2. Just hope we can still sign our other guys now. It would’ve been nice if we didn’t have to overpay for our own talent that we bring into the league. The only way we’re gonna get the “hometown discount” from any of the other players is if this team starts winning.

  3. I was about say, you’d rather be in JAX?

    But Mack will be back home in the CLE.

    GO BROWNS. May the entire team’s next five years be at least as successful as Mack alone has been the last five years.

  4. Gosh…the Browns front office worried over that one for about 10 minutes. I was on pins and needles, myself! SMH…

    Why is Florida crying? Lol…

  5. Win win for everyone.

    Jags get to show how serious they are about improving their team without having to shell out a penny on the contract, the Browns get to focus on other free agents while the Jags take care of negotiations with Mack for them.

  6. They have a perennial pro bowler in Joe Thomas and a great center in Alex Mack and Trent Richardson could still run nowhere. Talk about a bust!

  7. Can anyone actually provide any proof that Alex Mack wanted out of Cleveland?

    I see a lot of proof that he wanted to get paid, but none that he wanted out of Cleveland. In fact, his comments immediately after being tagged suggested strongly that he would be comfortable returning.

    Cleveland just managed to get Jacksonville to negotiate a contract for them. Well done.

  8. 42 mil for a center? its no wonder the browns and jags are bottom of the barrel teams. i have an idea. how about using a late pick in draft to get a center??? you’ll pay under 1 mil per season for a few years. and save a ton of cash. if i was GM i’d turn these two teams into playoff teams within 2 years. its not hard, you just need a competent GM.

  9. Now we know why the Jags are the Jags and the Browns are the Browns. No team should be crazy enough to offer a center that kind of money to be begin with and no team should be crazy enough to match it…..sad state of affairs for Jags and Browns fans to say the least.

  10. I’m not sure but I believe the way the Jags structured the contact was that a lot of the money was in the first two years, and then Mack could opt out of the contract. He could also not be tagged in that third year. So they better hope Alex wants to be there in two years. Or they just paid a guy 20+ million for two years. And then he can hit the free agent market.
    Is that correct? Anyone?

  11. So let see, that’s $9 million for 2 years and an average of 8 million the last 3 years.

    Now Carolina’s Ryan Kalil is currently set to be the highest-paid center this year at $7.28 .

    So really it is not that much out of line, especially with the unused cap room the Browns have.

    If he leaves after the 2015 season he will be 31, they could have a low round pick over the next couple of years groomed and have the $8 million a year available for free agency 2015/2016 .

  12. as a Jags fan – would have liked to sign him…but not for that kind of money…I would rather see us pay half as much for a guy who will play 90% as good as Mack…

  13. I hope Haslam learns a lesson from all this. When you blow up the team every year and create an atmosphere of instability, you lose all loyalty from your players. We’ll never know for sure, but I suspect Mack might have re-signed before free agency started to a far better contract had there been continuity with the coaching staff. As it was, the Browns were just another new team with another new set of coaches, so he might as well test the market and get as much as he could.

  14. “And here we go. The BRowns are on offense to start the 2014 season. Here comes Kevin Mack to the line along with the recently re-acquired Lee Suggs at running back and John Skelton at QB. Here’s the snap! Oh, the line just got caved in and…oh no….OHhhhhh No….Kevin Mack is down. Kevin mack IS down. He’s clutching his knee…this doesn’t look good….”

    Sounds like the start to a Browns season to me.

  15. jcioffi1485 says:
    Apr 11, 2014 5:17 PM
    Well, Brownies…that leaves you…what?…like $1.76 left in cap space?

    Bengals Fans

    The Browns still have more cap space available than the Bengals. You can look it up.

  16. Winner Alex Mack and other multimillionaire players
    Losers——THE FANS
    Higher cost to attend games
    Higher cost for cable and satellite service
    Higher cost for goods and services when buying advertised products during NFL and other sports programming.

    Do you homies expect the billionaire owners to take less profit when the salary cap raises to $160 million as reported in coming years? The networks and cable stations are going to pay thru the teeth during future negotiations for TV rights.
    All you smart, intelligent fans seeing gas, food, electric and healthcare, taxes and yes TV bills starting rise?

    Good luck, the future is not bright since 2008, 20% of the middle class has moved to the poor end of the pay spectrum.

  17. Since 2008, the number of people who call themselves middle class has fallen by nearly a fifth, according to a survey in January by the Pew Research Center, from 53 percent to 44 percent. Forty percent now identify as either lower-middle or lower class compared with just 25 percent in February 2008.

  18. jcioffi1485 says:
    Apr 11, 2014 5:17 PM
    Well, Brownies…that leaves you…what?…like $1.76 left in cap space?

    Try 32 Million.

  19. 32 million and no QB. I’m not hating.
    They’ve just spent a lot of money this year and to not even bring in a veteran is a little weird to me. Hoyer had some moments before he got hurt. I feel sorry for any rookie QB who has to start a game in the AFC North.

  20. Salary cap issues will plague the Browns if they meet this offer. Better off signing a draft pick and using the cap space to build a strong line all around.

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