Report: Eagles tried to trade with Dolphins for Dion Jordan


Eagles coach Chip Kelly reportedly wants his old Oregon pass rusher Dion Jordan in Philadelphia.

According to Bob Grotz of the Delaware County Times, the Eagles offered the Dolphins a second-round pick and linebacker-defensive end Brandon Graham in exchange for Jordan.

The Dolphins apparently didn’t think that was enough compensation for a player who cost them both their first-round pick and second-round pick last year. (The Dolphins packaged their first and second picks to move up to No. 3 to draft Jordan, a trade motivated in large part by the Dolphins’ belief that Kelly loved Jordan so much that the Eagles would have drafted Jordan at No. 4.)

But it was former Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland who traded up to draft Jordan, and there’s been some talk that new General Manager Dennis Hickey would be interested in trading Jordan after his disappointing rookie season. The Dolphins denied a previous report that they were trying to trade Jordan, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t reconsider if the Eagles were to make the right offer.

If Kelly likes Jordan as much as some league observers think he does, perhaps the Eagles would be willing to send their first-round pick to Miami.

71 responses to “Report: Eagles tried to trade with Dolphins for Dion Jordan

  1. Man I wish the dolphins would have taken that deal. Honestly, the dolphins might be better off with graham and a 2nd rounder with how deep this draft is with talent, that is if you think Jordan isn’t the real deal. Chip won’t be a coach in Philly for long, 3 more seasons max

  2. I’m baffled that Miami would give up on the guy after his rookie year and how much they gave up to get him. Oh wait, it’s Miami…no I’m not.

  3. Should have offered the Dolphins their 2nd and Jackson. If they were going to lose Jackson anyways, why not package him to make the deal look really great?

  4. I think Philbin used last year to get a message across to Jordan. He was recovering from a shoulder surgery that he reagrivated early on and the team felt he didn’t work as hard as they wanted him to, so what better message to deflate a high picks ego than to not play him much? I bet this year we will see an entirely different player, I bet he will be bigger and hungrier with that lesson learned, or at least I hope so….

  5. <<>>>

    They DIDN’T give up on him. They didn’t trade him. Nor is he on the trade block. Philly just made them an offer. Miami said no!

  6. I for one think that the coaches should have played this kid more…seemed like every time he was in the game he would make something happen.

  7. Move him to SOLB and he will flourish. Ireland is an idiot, yes, and didn’t belong in Miami’s scheme. But he was still the top defensive player last year by virtually every scout.

    Philbin, move the guy to SOLB.

  8. Why he sucks!

    Remember all the fish fans last year saying how him and Wake would be putting QB’s on there back all season? What a joke!

  9. If this is true, I’m happy the Fins said no. Brandon Graham still brings a lot to the table in a different defensive scheme. The trade would have been bad for the Eagles. Maybe Graham and a fourth rounder would be equitable.

  10. Jordan missed most of the offseason due to school and injuries. With the limited time he received he flashed as being a good player. He covered Gronk and did a tremendous job while Gronk was torching every other team week in and week out.

    I’m sure Jordan would have received additional playing time but Olivier Vernon came out of nowhere and played like a beast leading the teams in sacks and even more impressive was the fact he did it as a RE going up against LT’s.

    Cameron Wake is getting up there in age and Jordan would be a great player to take over once he hits his decline. Every player on every team is on the market if the price is right and I have a feeling unless the Eagles offer something that blows Hickey out of the water Jordan will be in a Dolphin uniform for quite some time.

  11. 16 games, 2 sacks, and $20 mill guaranteed left on the contract. Oh, and the Dolphins switched to a 4-3 which will make it even harder for the guy to succeed. Just wait 22 months and put in a waiver claim for him when he’s cut.

  12. “Disappointing rookie season” will happen when you don’t get any snaps. Philbin is in way over his head and should’ve been shown walking papers with Ireland.

  13. On the basis that he already has a division crown, he will see the end of his five contract. Interest in the team is higher than it has been since Vicks first year with the birds.

  14. My biggest takeaway from this story: the Dolphins leaking this to the press to make it look like Dion Jordan is more valuable than he is and screwing the Eagles for attempting a win/win trade. They should’ve taken the 2nd rounder and thanked Kelly for taking him off their hands.

    Instead, in 3 years we’re going to sit here and have a good laugh on how the Fins had the opportunity to the cut their losses but instead doubled down.

  15. Nobody wanted DeSean with his $10.5 mil this year and 12 mil in 2015 plus Dolphins are stuck with Mike Wallace 15 mil this year.

  16. …because no one wanted to TRADE for Jackson. His salary was almost $10M and that’s why the Eagles couldn’t trade him and had to cut him. Pus, they already have an overpaid, fast, underachieving WR of their own in Mike Wallace

  17. The kid a has talent but Coach Philbin hates rookies. I know the Phins have Vernon and Wake but come on you have to be able to rotate these three through somehow. Hell, run Jordan as a rover with Starks in the middle of Wake and Vernon on passing downs at least…

  18. The Eagles should just wait one more year – after Jordan has another season of fail, they can pick him up for a fifth round pick and a ham sammich with a hot pickle. Truly one of the dumbest draft moves ever.

  19. They didn’t get the memo. They want to trade Dion if you also pay well to trade for other people on their trade-hint list. It creates a cap charge of over $5MM trading Dion straight up, but a huge $8MM+ comes off the books if they trade Mike Wallace. That’s why they were considering pairing those 2 in trade, a straight up trade for Dion doesn’t make any sense. But if you can take on both players, then the cap savings from one makes it possible to eat space for the other, but you have to pay full trade price for 2 guys instead of 1. Ok now that it is spelled out for Howie Roseman, recompute and try making another call.

  20. Dion has immense talent if you look at his college highlights. He just had his ROOKIE YEAR. Keep that in mind. Miami wants to win, not help Philly win. We need the right people training Dion. Since he is now in his second year, he is smarter, and knows what Philbin and the staff wants. Bring in Jason Taylor to mentor him. It won’t be long until Wake and Dion make a Brady sandwich on a regular basis.

  21. Philly isn’t getting rid of Kelly after 4 years when they let Reid stay for 14. The NFC East is a weaker division in which they can become the Patriots of the division (perennial playoffs and lots of regular season wins).

  22. Trading up for Dion was a bad move not because of his ability but because he was injured. If the injury is healed he could be a special player.

  23. Upon further review, looks like the Raiders got the best out of that trade! A 1st and a 2nd rd pick for a player the Dolphins are trying to trade!

  24. In truth, Dion MIGHT end up being a great DE and outside rusher for Miami. But right now he is not even a starter. IF Philly was willing to give up their #1 this year with which Miami could draft someone at another position of need that could start right away, they would be foolish not to take that deal. But a second rounder plus Graham does nothing for us…Hickey is smarter than that. If someone (Chip K) really wants him, he will be available on Draft Day!

  25. I cant wait for Dion Jordan to shut every body up this year… Miami did not give up on him they have two really good DE’s in Cam Wake and Olivier Vernon OV led Miami in sacks last year.I wish they would use Jordan as a linebacker he has the speed to cover and he would be a beast coming off the edge but they have to find a way to get him on the field.

  26. I will say this, pretty much every move Chip has made has worked out in his favor (remember, these guys are paid to win, so I am pretty sure that why he makes these moves)… The biggest question mark of his was releasing DJax, and only time will tell if that comes back to bite him in the A.

    If Chip thinks he can make Dion do what he did at Oregon, then you make the move necessary to acquire so long as the talent available in this current draft at 22 is not better than Dion (in that case, you get the better talent.. duh)..

    If the Eagles don’t get him.. well they have their reasons..

  27. If you replace”Dion Jordan” with “Vernon Gholston”, these comments would be identical to the delusions Jets fans had after Gholston’s disappointing rookie season.

  28. Leaked by the Dolphins to see what else they might be able to get for him. If they trade Jordan before June 1st = $10M cap hit. After June 1st = $5M, not 100% that is dead on, but it is significantly less than pre June 1st trade.

    Conclusion: would be a good trade for both teams IF done after June 1st.

    As for Graham = look into his pass rush efficiency and you’ll likely be very surprised. He’s not nearly the limp noodle you think he is at this point. Injuries cost him, so if you want to argue that he’s an injury waiting to happen, you have a point. But his play, when on the field, is nothing to sneeze about.

  29. Jordan was not drafted to play right away. He had school to deal with and could not be with the team immeadiatly. He was also injured with the shoulder. These are the reasons he did not play much last year he was not meant to play his first year just enough to get his feet wet and learn. he was drafted for the future to start this year but we got lucky with Vernon as he stepped up and played very very well and no one saw that coming. I do not believe Miami is looking to trade him however since Vernon played so well that if someone offers a great deal for Jordon and that’s what it will take then they may take the offer but a second round is off the table its gonna be a first and second and a later round or another player that fits a need for Miami along with a 1st and 2nd. That’s the only way he gets traded!!

  30. The trade Miami made to move up was done by the previous GM made no sense. Jordan is a 3/4 OL not a good fit in the 4/3 and the Dolphins would be smart to move him. Jordan was nicked up last year but 2 sacks and 16 tackles doesn’t cut it.

  31. Miami did not want Jackson they could have signed him for less than his contract with Philly.

    Graham is on the chopping block for Philly. To offer a second rounder is insulting. A first rounder might have gotten it done.

  32. Better come with a better offer than that crap Philly. It will cost at least a 1st rounder to aquire Jordan. Smart man Hickey is don’t be swindled.

  33. Dion Jordan is the 2nd coming…of Manny Lawson.

    Seriously, they are pretty much the same player. Same size/skill-set. Look at all the similarities between the two & tell me it’s not an excellent comparison.

  34. People drive me nuts sometimes. Its like with everyone saying the Texans should draft Clowny. It makes no sense. They should not draft him. the Dolphins should not have drafted Jordan either. Neither of these guys fit those systems .

    I don’t understand taking a guy who may be a more talented player than the next guy but putting him in a position to never fully realize that talent. When the next guy who fits what you do would reach is peak.

    Graham in a 4-3 rotation with Vernon and Wake would be really good and i could see all 3 guys get close to double digits in sacks. With Jordan playing OLB in 3-4 i can see him being one of the better OLB’s in the NFL. Reminds me of Ware with a little less strength.

    Graham however doesn’t have the speed or coverage ability to play olb and Jordan gets pushed around way to much to be a top tier DE.

    For both teams this would be a great trade. Both teams would improve now and for the future. Though i would think to make the fins happy maybe you switch it to the eagles first and graham for jordan and fins 2. The eagles could still grab the WR and CB/S/DT they want with the two picks in the second and the fins could grab 2 o linemen in the first.

  35. All I know is that Jordan was our 4th best DE last year so if the Eagles offered us their first round pick which is their 22nd pick I’d take it. I have no idea what Hickey & Philbin think of Jordan.

  36. Thats a tempting deal

    I’m hoping though that after a year to heal from his shoulder surgery and the embarrassment of a lackluster season Jordan will make an Olivier Vernon type jump in year two

    Olivier Vernon rookie yr: 3.5 sacks, 32 tackles
    Dion Jordan rookie year: 2 sacks, 26 tackles

    He’s great to be an extra LB to cover these TE’s teams are now deploying.

  37. Dion Jordan played 29% of Defensive Snaps and made a difference every time he got on the field. This just shows the buffoonary of the Miami Dolphins coaching staff.

  38. The Eagles will never give up their 1st round pick now that they are desperate for a wide receiver. I wonder if Kelly would still dump DeSean Jackson for NOTHING if he had it to do over again.

  39. I have a feeling Dion’s gonna prove everyone wrong. This guy was a serious difference-maker in many of the plays he was in, even as an undeveloped rookie with little playing time and a hampered offseason.

    A lot of potential. If Philly wants him they need to pony-up.

  40. The reality is that Dion Jordan didn’t have a bad year. Olivia Vernon had an unexpected breakout year and his excellent play kept Jordan on the bench.

    The future of the dolphins is Jordan at left DE and Vernon at right DE.

    Cam Wake’s play has begun to drop off so before it bottoms out I would keep an eye out for a trade involving Wake while he still has tremendous value.

    Also..Don’t be shocked if Miami takes a QB at #19 in the first round or trades up for a QB. No GM wants to win with another GM’s QB and getting their own QB is always a new GMs first move.

  41. Miami will not trade him unless it is too good to let go. Jordan was an injured rookie last year and they knew it. He was the top ranked D player in last years draft for a reason and Chip Kelly knows it and is trying to steal him. A full healthy offseason and studying the playbook along with getting bigger and we will see if he is the bust some other teams fans would like him to be….

  42. Please look at Jordan’s game logs at uo… He was manhandled and shut down by all of the top NFL talent OTs he faced. Jordan is too thin and weak to get any push in the NFL. Chip Kelly sold him brilliantly to the NFL and he then was overrated by the NFL. Chip Kelly tramped the Overrated ducks…he wants nothing to do with his old players anymore.. Chil brought in a couple ex ducks to show his Eagles the intricacies of his system and then shipped them all off. This assumption that Chip will draft and trade for ducks is laughable at best. Jordan along with D’ant Thomas(another overrated player) will never be an Eagles. Period.

  43. Yeah Steve I think they would. Cleared cap space, got JMac back (who is better than Jackson) added Sproles…..not to mention the media doesn’t make it easy for teams to trade anymore. If it gets leaked that a team is going to trade or release a player, wouldn’t you wait until he is released? I don’t think anyone on the Eagles is too torn up that he is gone…being a die-hard fan for 35years, I know I’m not worried about the WR situation. IMO, we are better, because most of Jackson’s yards last year were with Vick as QB…Cooper had more yards than Jackson with Foles at QB!

  44. Brandon Graham has been a stout run defender and actually pretty impressive when on the field.. I just hate knowing that he should have been Earl Thomas.. Everyone was excited when we moved up for what we thought was Thomas but then we outsmarted everyone and took Graham.. I’m still nauseous.

  45. The trade should have been completed because trading a former first-round pick for a value as high as a second rd pick is impossible.

    Blaine Gabbert was traded to San Francisco for a seventh round pick.

    Washington traded Jason Campbell to Oakland for a fifth round pick in 2010.

    Are those selections anywhere near the value of a second round pick? No.

    The train should be made and the Dolphins have to give themselves the following lesson: they were willing to trade a second round pick for Brandon Albert and now they have him, but players who are usually treated for second round picks are kept on for more than one year. By having Albert while trading Jordan away you can feel good because you can come to the conclusion that you have players that you used their designated draft picks for.

    Plus Brandon Marshall was traded away to Chicago for two third round picks and one of them was used on Olivier Vernon. How did Vernon turn out?

  46. Philly hang on to that first and hope that Pryor is still available, then I’d jump on Cody Latimer in the 2nd.. I believe he’s a projected 3rd but there is no way he falls that low.. and then I’d ship next year’s 1st and Graham for a Miami 2nd.

  47. Chip Kelly’s best defensive player at Oregon wasn’t even Dion Jordan.

    It was Kiko Alonso.

  48. Why are they forcing him to play DE when he could be a beast as a LB? Last I saw the Dolphins could use a playmaker at LB.

  49. Well, guaranteed if Jordan goes to Philly, he’ll make the pro bowl. When players leave Miami they usually succeed!! Miami is clueless and should give Jordan a chance to actually play.

  50. I don’t know if they offered anything, but it would be my guess all they would have offered would be a 7th round pick in 2017.

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