Report: Josh Freeman may work out for Giants


Giants quarterback Eli Manning had arthroscopic ankle surgery that isn’t expected to impact his readiness for the start of next season, but will likely keep him under wraps for most or all of the team’s spring workouts.

As a result, the Giants may be in the market for another quarterback to help Ryan Nassib and Curtis Painter handle the workload over the next couple of months. Former Buccaneers and Vikings quarterback Josh Freeman may be in the mix for that job.

Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report reports that Freeman will work out for the Giants next week, possibly on Tuesday. Both Conor Orr of the Newark Star-Ledger and Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News report that team sources have told them that nothing has been officially set up at this point, however.

Freeman would likely prefer something more solid than being a fill-in arm with a possibility of something more, but he hasn’t had nibbles outside of a workout with the Bears that didn’t wind up in a deal. The Giants drafted Nassib last year to fill that role behind Manning, although bringing back Painter indicates they aren’t sure the second-year player is ready for that job.

Freeman could wind up in that mix as well, assuming, of course, he winds up with the Giants at all.

30 responses to “Report: Josh Freeman may work out for Giants

  1. I thought the Giants brought in Rusty Smith last week and didn’t sign him. Unless Josh Freeman has had an epiphany I think Rusty Smith would’ve been a far better signing then Freeman would be. There’s still a few free agents out there Brady Quinn for one and of course they’re still hanging out there Vince young he still has more talent than Freeman Smith or Quinn IMHO 🙂 and then as a possible what about Terrel Pryor the could probably get from Oakland for fifth-round draft pick in the Giants have to this year! Just a thought

  2. Minnesota Vikings fans still don’t know what went on behind the scenes with Freeman. Everyone here has been ultra tight-lipped. Something is definitely fishy. Why was he never given another chance after being thrown into the meat-grinder after 4, yes just 4 practices? Who made that decision? Who made the decision to bench him? Why was he virtually ignored the rest of the season?

  3. Funny the only team he got a chance to play against may want him. I still think we should have gave him more of a chance. Vikes better have something up their sleeve or we could get stuck with another ponder cassel go around, although I do like cassel.

  4. The Giants must have been very impressed with his performance against them during that Monday night game last season.

    If so, they were the only ones.

  5. Pre-Schiano, this kid {only 25 years old} took the Buc’s to a 10-6 record and looked like his career was about to take off.
    How this kid got literally thrown in to start against my giants on MNF, is mind boggling and
    he looked bad, but he could be a real improvement with Painter a career back-up, and Nassib a Reese move up pick that better pay off at some point?
    Since I watched him play in his better days in Tampa Bay, sure why not see what’s up?

  6. Freeman did a lot of damage to his market value, not Schiano. As a Bucs season ticket holder, the only thing Schiano ever did that I liked was cut Freeman. He’s worthless and the other teams know it. All the physical skills, but none of the mental ones.

  7. Id take freeman over all these qbs people are stating on here. Hes young and hasnt had much of an opportunity because of schiano and possible frazier and co. If he lands on the rite team he can be a solid starter.

  8. Maybe after watching his performance against them last year, the Giants thought he would be great to try out as the guy who tosses souvenir footballs into the crowd. He could reach the upper deck, even if he was aiming for the third row.

  9. What point is it to bring Freeman in as a camp arm if it takes him longer to learn a playbook than Vince Young? May as well bring in Young at that point, at least he can make all the throws.

  10. Bleacher Report? Really? Aren’t they affiliated with CBS Sports (makes sense…put BR with Jason LaCAnfora and you get nothing but nonsense…)?

  11. If Freeman can just keep his mouth shut he would be a good backup for any team. Key words….. KEEP MOUTH SHUT !!!!

  12. if he can hit homeruns into mc covey cove im for it, otherwise i’ll pass on him.

  13. Curtis Painter? I didn’t know he was still in the league. Wasn’t he Indy’s QB during their “Suck For Luck” campaign? He was terrible.

  14. Eli Manning is a two-time Super Bowl MVP … which is further proof that most any QB at the NFL level can succeed with the right TEAM.

  15. If they sign a decent #2 QB like Freeman, that makes the odds even better that Eli will be benched by game 6.

  16. With Eli’s health situation, surprised the Giants haven’t even looked at Matt Flynn. I would take the mental makeup vs. the physical tools. He won a couple of must-wins for the Packers last year.

  17. Eli has started 150 games in a row…he is tough as nails…2 SB MVPS…what has your QB done?? I think Eli will be fine.

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