Top 2015 prospect Green-Beckham kicked off Missouri team

Dorial Green-Beckham, a wide receiver viewed as a likely 2015 first-round draft pick, has been kicked off the Missouri football team.

Green-Beckham, a sophomore who’s talented enough that he could be a first-round pick this year if not for the NFL’s minimum-age rule, has had a string of off-field incidents that have raised concerns about his character. Most recently, he was named as a suspect in a burglary, and although he was not arrested, that was apparently the last straw for Missouri coach Gary Pinkel.

“Dorial’s priority going forward needs to be focusing on getting the help he needs,” Pinkel said in a statement.

The 6-foot-6, 225-pound Green-Beckham is a phenomenal athlete who won state high school championships in the 100 meters and the triple jump, and he had a very good sophomore season at Missouri last year. Although Missouri lost to Auburn in the SEC championship game, Green-Beckham looked like the best player on the field, catching six passes for 144 yards and two touchdowns.

Now the question is where Green-Beckham will take that talent. Transferring to another major college football program seems unlikely, as he would have to sit out a season before playing, and no one believes he’ll play more than one more year at the college level. Green-Beckham could transfer to a lower division and play immediately, or he could simply sit out a year before entering next year’s draft.

No matter what Green-Beckham does, a year from now he’ll be one of the most intriguing prospects in the draft, a receiver with incredible talent who can’t seem to get out of his own way off the field.

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  1. Wouldn’t it make more sense for him to go to some sort of professional mentor attached to a professional training center and work on his skills for the next year. If Clowney had done this kind of thing, he would have avoided the mess he currently finds himself.

  2. In the end he will face no real consequences. He’ll be in the NFL next year making big bucks. How can you expect people to behave appropriately when they end up in the NFL anyway?

  3. Kid has a lottery ticket falling out of his back pocket.

    It’s not sad, it’s not like he would save or even improve a life playing ball; but in 4 or 5 years he’ll be in jail telling his story……and all the tough guy hood BS may clear from his head.

    Pinkel is showing leadership.
    So rare in sports.
    Thank you

  4. Thanks to Pinkel for doing the right thing.

    With their recent history taking on talent with behavioral problems, seems a lock for Bill Belichick and the Patriots to draft.

  5. NCAA needs to give players an allowance of sorts. Not a lot of money, maybe $150/week, to allow for some walking around cash. Many athletes don’t come from privileged backgrounds and there are so many restrictions on their ability to get part-time employment. Not that the training demands of their sport leaves them time for a job.

  6. When the NCAA is finally forced to pay players and/or allow them to profit from their own damn names and likenesses, the amount of robbery incidences will dramatically decline.

  7. As a Mizzou FAn, It Sucks to see such a Big Time Player get kicked off the team, Especially when the coach has a drunk driving incident less than 2 years ago. I hope DGB gets right and still makes it pro. We will miss him.

  8. Sit out the year. He’ll still be a high round draft pick in 2015. Performing well against lesser competition in college will prove nothing. And he could expose himself to the risk of injury. Sit out.

  9. He will sign with an agent, who will lend him living money to hold him through the year until next year’s draft. He will be a 1st round pick next year. Eagles? Another DJAX? these WRs are unbelievable!

  10. primenumber19 says: Apr 11, 2014 4:17 PM

    And this is why I hate the ncaa. They makes millions if this kid and then kicks him to the curb and he has nothing to show for it financially.
    He got bounced for being a poor citizen. He can spend a year playing AA ball, stay out of trouble, and still get paid.

  11. I interviewed him twice for the local paper here. He had a lot in front of him and I said at that time–much to the chagrin of many–that he has all the talent in the world but one has to wonder what he would do at the NCAA or NFL level. He didn’t make it to the NFL. He probably will but I think the whole thing coupled with his arrest for pot etc makes him an obvious player with too many red flags. If he gets drafted it is in the way lower rounds, if at all–IMO. It is a shame because he seemed like such a great kid at that time and like he wouldn’t succumb to something like this as the head coach of his high school team was his father–and by all accounts, he (DGB) was placed in with a very loving family and had a strong support system before going off to Mizzou.

  12. He isn’t eligible for the supplemental draft? He could be the next Josh Gordon.

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