While not accused of wrongdoing, Kaepernick possibly hurt his negotiating position

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On one hand, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has not been, and may never be, accused of wrongdoing.  On the other hand, he’s listed in a police incident report along with two other NFL players as a “suspect.”  And a woman claims she blacked out after allegedly drinking and smoking marijuana in an apartment with Kaepernick and those two other NFL players, kissing Kaepernick in a bedroom, having her clothing removed by Kaepernick, and getting into bed.  She then woke up in a hospital.

Whatever the explanation — and there’s a chance the intervening events involving Kaepernick, Quinton Patton, and Ricardo Lockette could serve as the plot for a cross between The Three Stooges, Fargo, and Pineapple Express — Kaepernick got himself too close to the proverbial line at a time when he’s trying to break the $20 million annual barrier.

While not the first franchise quarterback to compromise the franchise’s interests via involvement in unseemly activities (cough, Ben Roethlisberger, cough), Kaepernick is the first to do it before finagling a grandkids-won’t-have-to-work contract.  And that could make it harder for Kaepernick to cash in to the extent he wants.

It’s not about right or wrong.  It’s about avoiding any situation in which an accusation can be made, right or wrong, that wrong happened.  It’s the kind of situation in which active franchise quarterbacks not named Roethlisberger (e.g., Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, and Russell Wilson) most likely will never find themselves.

Depending on how it all plays out, the incident could impact Kaepernick’s strong-to-quite-strong off-field portfolio.  Regardless of whether anything else happens, the classic American tale of boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back doesn’t mesh seamlessly with boy and friends get girl drunk and/or high, girl gets lightheaded, boy kisses girl and disrobes her, boy leaves room, girl passes out, girl wakes up in hospital.

We never may know anything more about what happened.  Already, the 49ers may know enough to at least be a little more leery about giving Kaepernick the keys to the vault at the Field of Jeans.

23 responses to “While not accused of wrongdoing, Kaepernick possibly hurt his negotiating position

  1. Philip Rivers doesn’t even cuss, at all, ever.

    But he plays on the West Coast.

  2. This incident should hurt his negotiating leverage, if for no other reason than he put himself in this situation and is acting like a 20 year old in a fraternity.

  3. Your to kind; I would have titled this: “While not accused of wrongdoing yet, Kaepernick hurt his negotiating position.”

  4. I dunno, maybe her statement is false…..we haven’t heard any other statement except her’s. where is the evidence? Where is the blood work? You don’t smoke pot and have a drink and pass out.

  5. More concerned with Celebrity than getting better. Lacks maturity. They will overpay and live to regret it. Niners run is over.

  6. Wasn’t she his ex ?
    Does that make a difference ?
    His ex visited him and had some drinks and some weed

    Why did she end up in the hospital ?
    Spell it out

    Kaep needs to practice reading coverages and finding open receivers

  7. I think Kap needs a larger ball cap to hold his enormous brain and all it’s hyper-intelligent thinking.

  8. kaepernick didnt hurt his negotiations. he’s still getting 18mil a year or more. if niners dont pay him next year, he’ll hit the open market. someone will pay him 18 mil to 20 mil a year. you dont think texans will pay him 18 mil?? with there def , all they need is a qb and they become superbowl contenders.

  9. So quick to point out that older star quarterbacks would never be in such a situation. Didn’t a young Manning have an incident with a certain female trainer?

  10. kaepernick will get no less than 90 mil/5 years/18 mil per. either niners or texans sign him.

  11. Want to know where the crime is?

    She admits to having a sexual relationship with him previously, they ended up kissing before heading to the bedroom where they undressed themselves, he leaves the room, she ends up passed out. There’s your crime. What did she expect a cuddle session? Talk about their future together? If there is no evidence of a sexual act, she should be charged a crime of filing a false report and for sexually assaulting him for being a tease.

  12. In America it is Guilty until proven innocent in spite of what they preach. With an accusation like that it lingers even if the person is found innocent.

  13. Uh, Tom Brady has fathered children by at least two different super models, to one of whom he was not married: actress and model Bridget Moynahan.

    Now, I personally have nothing against having sex with super models whenever and however possible, but my more righteous friends who hold Tim Tebow in high esteem would point out that Brady’s not exactly a person (or quarterback) to hold up as an epitome of morality.

  14. The Tom Brady comment is DUMB.. he’s not the first athlete to have a child out of wedlock.. But what he is, is a very involved part of all his childrens lives. As any GOOD father would be. I see no morality issues there. People can and will hate on Brady for pretty much anything but please don’t bring how he is as a parent into the conversation.

  15. Last time I checked, 49er ownership has ties to the cosanostra. Not surprising if they woulda set this all up, The Firm-style.

  16. Wow, who would have thought Kap would be such a punk?

    Certainly it didn’t show in his other off field incidents.

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