Bridgewater struggling in private workouts


Former Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater disappointed the NFL scouts, coaches and executives in attendance with a shaky performance at his Pro Day workout. Fortunately for Bridgewater, there are lots of private workouts between Pro Day and the draft, giving him lots of opportunities to change NFL perceptions of him.

Unfortunately for Bridgewater, those private workouts haven’t gone any better than his Pro Day. According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, Bridgewater’s workouts for NFL teams have been very shaky.

The general sense seems to be that Bridgewater is sliding on draft boards. However, all it takes is one team to love Bridgewater, and he’ll still be a high first-round pick.

And it’s easy to see why a team would love Bridgewater: He was an excellent player at Louisville. Anyone would rather have a player who excels on the field but struggles in workouts than a player who struggles on the field but excels in workouts.

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  1. I almost feel bad for bridgewater!!! The kid probably can’t wait for the draft to finally get here to slow his freefall…

  2. What a surprise, the guy the “experts” picked as the #1 prospect isn’t looking so good upon further review. Thank god my world champion Seattle Seahawks “reached” on Russell Wilson half way through rd three a few years ago. How’s that punter working out in Jacksonville? #XLVIII Champs!

  3. Teddy seems like a really nice guy, and you have to hope he has a wonderful pro career. And workouts are not the ideal simulation for game day.

    However, my take is workouts can make a QB look better than he is taking live snaps in a game — because there are so many favorable variables substituted for unfavorable variables.

    However, workouts for QBs that go poorly is not a good sign at all.

    If a QB can’t perform under idyllic conditions and shows a glaring inability to cope with pressure and the heat under the bright lights — how is he going to do with convoluted defensive schemes of the NFL with the Ndamukong Suhs, Robert Quinns and Lavonte Davids of the league screaming in to tear off their heads as they try to make split-second sense of complex defensive schemes?

    Here’s hoping Bridgewater proves me wrong — but it doesn’t look all that great for him in my book.

  4. I’d sure hate to have to jump through all those hoops in order to get a job.
    But, I don’t make that much. I’m ok with him having to do it.

  5. A private workout setting IS a game simulation. No one is allowed to hit you. Just like a regular game. I’m sure the defensive stand ins get fined by Goodell for simulating pressure.

  6. That is why mock drafts are so unbelievable. There are a bunch of mockers moving Bridgewater up to the first qb pick citing his 71% completion rate and his college throwing yardage as reason to ignore his bad pro day but if he has continued to perform poorly at individual workouts then he will fall below Carr. Mock drafts are fun to see who your team may be interested in but means little as far as who they will pick. Too much other information we don’t have that affects the draft that picking an accurate mock draft is like picking the NCAA tournament. Nobody or no computer can do it.

  7. I believe the punter the Jaguars drafted is a borderline All-Pro. And just because Russell Wilson had success in Seattle doesn’t mean he would have been successful in Jacksonville. He was the missing piece of the puzzle in Seattle, they already had a championship team in place, just without a QB. In Jacksonville? Not so much… Who knows if he’d be anywhere near as good in Jacksonville as he is in Seattle…

  8. He has the exact same physical attributes of Joe Montana: height, weight, speed arm strength. Also the same personality … being a soft-spoken shy type.

    I know he deserves to be a first round pick, but I would love to see him work underneath Philip Rivers for a year or two and be coached by Mike McCoy on the San Diego Chargers

  9. The smokescreen season is in full swing. Yesterday, his alleged low Wonderlic scores were “leaked.” Today, this. I get the feeling that some team wants him badly and is trying to poison the well.

  10. He is too small with a very slight frame and chicken legs. I think he has ability, but won’t last on the field

  11. The guy is hands down the best QB in this draft, why do we over analyze the “process” of getting to the draft so much? Stick to your game film.

  12. Aaron Rodgers slid down draft boards… I’d say it worked out pretty well for him. So now Teddy may actually fall to a decent team where he doesn’t need to play right away and can learn the position first. The best thing that ever happened to Russell Wilson was getting drafted in the third round by a quality franchise that already had a competitive team. Ending up in a place like Jacksonville is the real career killer for a rookie quarterback.

  13. It makes me wonder if he’s trying too hard in these workouts. I would think he’s proven enough in his last two seasons to deserve a little bit of a break but I can understand how it would be troubling to teams that are considering committing millions of dollars to him. Here’s hoping it works out for Teddy. Personally, I think he can be a starter for a team. He may even be another Russell Wilson. Only time will tell. He seems like a good kid.

  14. If he is struggling under the pressure of performing for team scouts and execs, how in the world is he going to handle the pressure of a big game?

  15. How many excuses are people going to make for this guy? If a team uses a high pick on this guy then they get what they deserve. He will get someone fired.

  16. This sounds like someone is trying to get him to fall so they can draft him in the 16-24 range. Welcome to draft time, where everything that is said between March and draft day is bullcrap.

  17. I think the expectations for rookie QBs is getting out of hand. It’s very rare you are going to get a draft class like 2012. Sliding down the board is the best thing to happen to Bridgewater, in my opinion.

  18. He’s sliding because he isn’t that good. He played the weakest schedule in the country his senior year. And he is a geno smith clone. Would take this hi before the 3rd round

  19. Which ever team leaked this “information” did a very good job … Everyone lies now in hopes of having players slide to them in the draft. Well played.

    Unless he is actually struggling, which I think is unlikely.

  20. By the end of last ncaa season it seemed like none of the top 10 qb’s eligible for the draft were distinguished from the others because they all have flaws. That doesn’t mean that any of the top 10 qb’s won’t turn out to be great, they just need to be picked by the right team and get the right coaching. The memory of the reaches in the top 15 of the 2011 class is so fresh that this year could be a lot like last year – no high qb picks. I can see scenarios where all the teams who have need at qb are trying to trade down in first to pick up extra picks which they will then use to maneuver to get the qb of their choice in early second round. Personally I love Bridgewater as a football player but like all the qb’s in this draft I’d be hard pressed to take him in the first round.

  21. He was the #1 QB coming into the season, had a pretty great year and was the #1 when the season ended. He makes all the throws in the games, unlike a certain “Mr. Football”. 31 TDs to 4 INTS. BUT I definitely think workouts are the most important part though. If I just watched game film and how a player operates on the field during games I would have never drafted Dan McGuire, Kyle Boller, JeMarcus Russell…wait, here’s a RECENT article from the Dallas Morning News: “Mustangs head coach June Jones had perhaps even higher praise for Gilbert’s day, telling The Dallas Morning News that it was one of the top workouts he’s ever seen.” GARRET GILBERT! Move him up the boards! Yeah, he couldn’t beat out Case McCoy at Texas, but man, can he work out!

  22. Not so “private” if people know what goes on there. This nothing but the same ole stuff that crops up every year to suppress a players value.

    What’s on tape for 3 years is important, until it’s NOT.

  23. If a ten really thought he was bad, you would want a team to pick him high, you would lie and say he’s doing well.

    If you want a player to slide, you would talk down his workouts.

    Think about how a team would benefit from being honest if he was really struggling. They wouldn’t.

  24. as a Vikings fan…please, please, please do not draft a roll of the dice player in the first round. Get a good LB or defense player…The vikes were 30 or 31st last year in d…not exactly tearing it up in the league.

  25. I believe this whole “Bridgewater is sliding” thing is being done on purpose. For all we know he doesn’t wanna be in the top 10, getting paid by a team that loves him to suck in other teams private workouts, who knows???…Jerry Jones could be dishing out some stacks to him so he can fall to the Cowboys and finally get rid of Romo because giving him all that dough was a mistake.

  26. and the league continues to blackball a winner, Tim Tebow, while lesser guys like this get every opportunity

  27. Tebow’s college numbers: 67.1% completions 88 TDs 15 INT 9286 yards 170.8 QB ranking

    Bridgewater’s college numbers: 68.4% completions 72 TDs 24 INT 9817 yards 157 QB ranking.

    The numbers are strikingly similar. The fact of the matter is choosing prospects for the NFL is an inexact science. I wouldn’t be wise to ignore the workouts and just assume that since Bridgewater put up big number is college that he is going to be a great pro. Buyer beware.

  28. Like clockwork, the rumors are coming out about the top black QB prospect in the draft…happens every year.

  29. Teddy isn’t any good. He played in a weak conference, against 0 NFL talent. Same with Bortles. Teams would be silly to pass on Manziel. Who else wears a helmet and pads during a pro day?
    Johnny ” Tackle ” Football…

  30. The smear campaign continues…some folks just don’t wanna see Teddy B. drafted high and make a lot of money.

    He should be drafted on what did in games over the course of his career in college.

  31. Bridgewater is Leftwich, Finkel is Einhorn. Just take one look at that spindly body and you’d be nuts to expect ELITE. The guy is not a tireless worker, the physique speaks volumes. Not shocked at all by this, expected it.

  32. As Vikings fan I want to pass on Bridgewater and draft Khahlil Mack. Defense needs to be built up and hopefully Ole Ricky biy can actually pull a S.F. or Seattle and grab someone good in the second round. Vikings aren’t going to the playoffs anyway this year, so Good ridance to any further thoughts of drafting a q.b. just to grab someone.

  33. I guess my suck for teddy theory is kaput. I hope the Vikings draft a linebacker with their first pick. This draft clearly has no good quarterback prospects worth taking in the first round other than maybe Johnny Manziel but he most likely won’t be there at #8

  34. Johny manziel is the best qb. Brigewater is the second, Tahj Boyd 3rd, McCarron 4th, Bortles 5th. That’s my top 5. Carr sucks balls

  35. It’s funny how they say he’s struggling in PRIVATE workouts what about private says for the public I think teams are saying that hoping higher draft pick teams would skip over him so he can drop to them. Smart and kind of dirty at the same time but what team in the nfl plays far these days. I don’t see him getting past Jacksonville in the draft

  36. People make too much of a stat like Completion Percentage. In the NFL, QBs have 65% completion percentages (and better) because most of their passes are short dumpoffs and checkdowns that are basically given to them by the defense. If they only counted passes that travelled 10 yards or more beyond the line of scrimmage the completion percentages would be much lower

  37. The vikings will take him because they help struggling players like nobody else. Best coaching staff ever. Smartest GM in history. Skol, still dumb.

  38. been telling everyone hes a bust and i been getting alot of heat , dude is just not good

    Oh, thanks for the insight supreme talent evaluator.

  39. atlfan31833 says:
    Apr 12, 2014 7:55 AM
    Any team woyld love a player that struggles in practice but excels in games??
    –Tim Tebow
    Dude it is time to let it go, I mean seriously
    77 29

  40. If a player struggles on the field….well we wouldnt be having a conversation then. Because most draftees who struggle on the field in college, never see the light of the playing field, and there fore wont be working out for any one. Let alone be drafted.

  41. now it turns it he has only had 1 pvt workout to date… these are some brave kids living under so much scrutiny… not for the faint-hearted…

  42. To those of you bringing up Russell Wilson….stop it. He is a decent QB on a team with a powerful defense, great O line and top flight RB. At least 15 or more NFl QB’s could win with that powerful Seattle team.
    He is not special and never will be. As soon as that team starts to weaken he will look very average.

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