Bridgewater’s agent responds to report of “shaky” workouts


The glove-free Pro Day workout from former Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater placed extra pressure on him for any and all private workouts with teams.  But since private workouts are (duh) private, there’s no way for anyone to scrutinize the things Bridgewater may be doing when throwing for one team at a time.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN nevertheless has reported that Bridgewater’s private workouts have been “shaky,” a broad observation that implies the receipt of accurate observation from every team for whom Bridgewater has worked out — which is in this context a virtual impossibility.  Teams lie as a matter of habit in the weeks preceding the draft, and any team that would say bad things about Bridgewater may want Bridgewater to linger on the board long enough for that team to get him.  Or to get a second shot at him in a later round.

Not surprisingly, then, Bridgewater’s agent, Kennard McGuire, has responded to the report via text and email to PFT.

For starters, McGuire says that Bridgewater has had only one private workout.  Which necessarily contradicts the notion that Bridgewater has had shaky workouts.

“I have a tremendous amount of respect for journalists who work in this new age of media,” McGuire said via email.  “While I am certain this statement wasn’t intended to be misleading, it is my duty to remove and eliminate any doubt.   Teddy has visited multiple teams with more workouts and visits coming in the near future.  The assessment we received from the one workout was ‘simply amazing and sharp,’ and we expect nothing short or less than stellar in the upcoming workouts in the very near future.”

McGuire said another workout will happen today, which will be Bridgewater’s second.  More workouts will come.  And whatever teams say on or off the record about the prviate workouts can’t be trusted.  Too much is riding on the ability of teams to get the guys they want in the draft.  Jobs, in some cases, are riding on the way the draft dominoes fall.

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  1. Has anybody ever done any investigations on reporters like Mort, Shefter and Glazer or “Draft Experts” like McShay or Kiper to see if they get any kickbacks from agencies or sponsors? As ESPN casts a bigger net over all of sports news, and guys like Peter King and SI get gobbled up by bigger media conglomerates, there seems to be no accountability in the profession at all. Just curious.

  2. If he drops out of the top 10 (considering some think he’s the best QB) then I guess we’ll know the truth about the condition of those “workouts”.

    Until then – does it really matter?

  3. Watch out! Damage and Spin Control in progress. Sorry Ted, the last “Pro-Ready” QB from L’ville was Brian Brohm. That didn’t work out too well. Enjoy waiting until Rd2.

  4. None of these QB’s are worthy of a to 10 pick. Aaron Murray will go late second or early 3rd and have just as good a career.

  5. I hope he does well and gets drafted high. I remember watching him 2 yrs ago when Louisville was starting to get mentioned. He was then as has been impressive ever since. I think right about now a positive word to the press from Charlie Strong wouldn’t hurt things. After all, he has several millions of reasons to be appreciative of Bridgewater.

  6. Mort reported someone’s opinion. Opinion’s vary greatly. The question is, who has more incentive to lie? Is it Mort, whose business is based on his reputation? Or is it the agent, who is looking for a payday based on draft slot?

    My vote is the agent as he has the most to gain here. Lets not forget that Bridgewater flat out missed many of his receivers on the pro day. His self-constructed, no pass rush, using his receivers pro day.

  7. Look at his face in that picture that does not look like the face of an NFL Franchise Quarterback.


  8. mortensen is a hack. he “reports” everything that comes across his desk as news without even a thought to it’s legitimacy. when it’s actually true a fraction of the time, he takes credit as being the first to break the story. when it’s proven to be false, he and everyone else just chalks it up to the nature of the business.

  9. why is bridgewaters agent speaking for bridgewater? shouldn’t bridgewater explain his own crappy workout instead of his agent.

  10. So there! It’s impossible to have shaky workouts, when there has been ONLY ONE WORKOUT.

    Mortensen may wanna check his sources by asking them how they know about PRIVATE WORKOUTS from the future?

  11. This is a good example of why private workouts can be a good thing for some players. Players such as Aaron Murray, who didn’t get to do much, if anything at Combine/Pro Days due to injury rehab; and players such as Teddy Bridgewater, who’s draft position may have been somewhat unexpectedly harmed by possibly shaky/questionable workouts and interviews. The ‘private workout’ concept is very much a double-edged sword for prospective NFL players. It’ll be interesting to see how things finally shake out for both Bridgewater and Murray.

  12. UCF Alum here…Admittedly, the only complete game I’ve seen Bridgewater play was this season in a loss to UCF. While he played decently, he still lost and couldn’t orchestrate a game winning drive.

    What’s worse, he’s 6’3″ and less than 200 lbs. Comparatively, Michael Vick is well known as being a fragile QB who can’t make it 16 games. Vick is 6’0″ 215 lbs. he has a higher BMI than Bridgewater…by ALOT!!

    Here’s another one for you…RG3. He’s 6’2″ 217 and he’s yet to complete a full season, along with having the reputation of being fragile.

    Both of those QBs have 20lbs on Teddy Bridgewater. The NFL will break him in half. He will have a worse injury reputation than Vick or RG3, and think about how everybody perceives THEM!! He has bust written all over him, and not the one Canton.

  13. FACT: Bridgewater is in the perfect position and his agent knows it

    Sure… Bridgewater’s agent wants the big money… but… he isn’t stupid enough to see that dropping to late in the first round to a winning team gives Bridgewater a better chance at being successful and his agent a better chance to make BIGGER MONEY on the second contract.

    Long term strategies pay off.

  14. geno smith version 2.

    blake bortles is the best risk worth taking.

    despite the recent trend of smaller, mobile qb’s such as wilson and rg3, the safe bet is a (1) smart guy who can read defenses and think quickly and (2) big physical guy who can see over the line of scrimmage, stay in the pocket and take a hit when needed.

    nick foles as an example.

  15. Qb’s are notoriously difficult to project how they will do at the NFL level. About the only truism that you can hang your hat on is that if the Vikings take draft a QB, that Qb will be a bust.

    Everything else is a crap shoot.

  16. With the 8th pick the vikings select…knowing Spielman what would make it sweeter if he trades up to do it.

  17. No need to bag on Teddy… His toothpick frame of 6-3, 196 and need for Michael Jackson’s magic glove to throw will cause him to slide out of the top 5.

  18. As a titan fan I hope he drops out of the top 10. Jake locker has all the physical tools to be a great qb but his accuracy and decision making skills have not progressed as I hoped. Teddy, coming out of a pro style college offense may not have blazing speed, a rocket arm or massive size but his decision making and defense reading skills are unmatched in this draft class imo. I dint think these reports will hurt him a whole pile, you this in his tape and it doesn’t lie. He’s a solid pick that could turn into a franchise qb for any team. Plus from everything I’ve read and herd about him, his desire to win, study, learn and his drive for greatness is something a lot of athletes don’t have these day. It’s all about the bucks for a lot of them

  19. It can be all of the above. Mort might have heard from a trusted source that he was shaky in workouts, Bridgewater may have very well had only one extremely good workout, and teams that want him are certainly going to float bad quotes for the sake of trying to get him in the draft.

  20. I simply cant see what people see in this guy. Average arm strength, no poise, and lousy performances in scripted workouts. All i can say is that he is the LAST qb I would want my team to take in the draft I think this guy is going to be a total washout as a pro.

  21. you would think the people preoccupied with his weight would at least check their facts first. he may have played under 200 two years ago, but he weighed in at 214 at the combine. see for yourself. also, he’s a much more developed pocket passer than either vick or RG3, so comparing him to those guys and implying he is susceptible to injuries is pretty baseless.

  22. What is it with you guys and big and heavy means less injuries? Google Neil Back from English rugby, small for a rugby forward and tough a nails. Don’t remember little Barry Sanders getting huge amount of injuries in a physical position.

    He’ll probably be fine injury wise but a successful qb? Crap shoot like the others.

  23. You folks do realize that Bridgewater is virtually the same size and Matt Ryan who is 6’4 27LBS….Teddy at the combine was 6’3 214LBS….never heard one complaint about Ryan’s size….stop reaching

  24. Johnny Unitas went to Louisville and was an undrafted FA. If he took a free fall like Aaron Rodgers did and the Packers drafted him, Mike McCarthy would turn Bridgewater into a solid pro QB in 2-3 yrs. He’s not a bum he just has to get with the right team like Green Bay with their QB school and sit and learn and add some muscle in the weight room. He seems like he is a hard worker and an attentive guy. He’s way better than Brian Brohm and the Packers took Brohm in the 2nd round.

  25. My goodness. If he can’t have a good workout he must not be able to play the game.

  26. Well…If I really wanted something that’s very limited and a bunch of people are ahead of me fighting for it, I would definitely spread rumors that the limited something we all want sucks and that it’s not that great or not great at all because I got to test it and I know what it’s like. It’s called a smoke screen people, come on! It’s like telling your little bro that the Sporty BMW he wants got awful reviews on Car and Driver Magazine and when he loses interest you go in, snag one, and say “Gotcha!”

  27. Bridgewater’s agent– “He is nervous the Bucs won’t draft him and he’ll wind up playing for some low class organization like the Patriot’s, Eagle’s, Redskins, or Vikings…”

    “He also said the Raiders suck”

  28. I respect Florio, but there is one thing that bothers me about this.

    “Teddy has visited multiple teams with more workouts and visits coming in the near future.”

    “McGuire said another workout will happen today, which will be Bridgewater’s second.”

    How can there be multiple workouts so far, and then the 2nd will happen today????

  29. These “workouts” are not workouts. They’re simply visits. Go to the individual team website to learn what went on with the “workout”…if it’s a halfway descent website. 90% of what you read between now and the draft is simply crap.

  30. Whether or not Teddy is going to have a good career, fact is those who say he stinks have probably never seen him play and are basing their opinions strictly on what they heard of his pro day. They really believe that a pro day will “expose” a player. Because if you can’t throw well at a pro day, you can’t throw well in a game…even if you did so consistently throughout your career.

  31. Doubtful, but there is a slight possibility that a player could tank a workout for a team that he didn’t want to be drafted by. I’ve read TB doesn’t like playing in the cold weather ( thought LOUISVILLE was cold and that’s why he wears the glove). That might rule out NE, or CLE. Minnesota will play outdoors for the next two years, but then in a dome. Jacksonville, Tampa, and Houston should all be warm enough for Teddy.

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