Indoor football player makes catch of the year

Getty Images

Yes, we ordinarily mention indoor football only when it involves the L.A. KISS or Jared Lorenzen.  (Am I the only one who just envisioned Jared Lorenzen in the Paul Stanley costume?)  Something happened on Friday night that compels us to make an exception.

That something comes from the Professional Indoor Football League.  Receiver Johnny Lester plays for the Georgia Fire.  And made an impressive catch against the Columbus Lions.

As the video shows, Lester made a leaping, full-speed catch in the back of the end zone.  His rear end hit the top of the wall surrounding the field, and he did a flip out of the playing area.  He came up with the ball, and a touchdown was awarded.

Apparently, there’s no requirement in the PIFL that the player get either or both feet down.  Then again, maybe the official decided there’s no way the score couldn’t count following the effort Lester made.