Jeremy Jacobs addresses reports linking him to the Bills

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Of the various names that have emerged as potential purchasers of the Buffalo Bills, Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs seems to be the most plausible.

On Friday, Jacobs addressed the situation by insisting that he will not sell the NHL team.

“Several reports have listed Jeremy Jacobs as potentially interested in buying the Buffalo Bills,” Jacobs’ company, Delaware North, said in a statement.  “Mr. Jacobs owns the Boston Bruins and has no intention of selling the Bruins in order to purchase the Buffalo Bills.  His focus is on ensuring the Boston Bruins continue to be a successful and winning franchise for the City of Boston and New England.”

As noted by Tim Graham of the Buffalo News, the statement doesn’t rule out the purchase of the Bills by a family member, or the transfer of the Bruins to a family member.

Stan Kroenke purchased the St. Louis Rams despite owning the NHL’s Colorado Avalanche and the NBA’s Denver Nuggets, transferring both franchises to family members.

Many Bills fans want to see Jacobs buy the team, because Jacobs has made clear his belief that the team should remain in his hometown of Buffalo.

15 responses to “Jeremy Jacobs addresses reports linking him to the Bills

  1. Don’t buy the Bills. Their bad karma and losing traditions might effect the awesome karma and winning tradition of the Bruins! Just sayin’!

  2. If he wanted to take the family name out of the running to purchase the Bills, he would have said so…Jacobs family is still in play?

  3. I think it’s a perfect fit. Many Bruins fans hate him because in the non salary cap era he wouldn’t go overboard but since then he spends to the cap every year. He’s a pretty good owner. Bills fans should hope it’s him because he won’t move the team.

  4. I think a few years back Bruins fans were not happy that an out of towner who was fiscally conservative with his hockey “business” owned the team

    But I’d say fans are pretty happy with him now. Buffalo fans could do far worse and should be hoping he gets an offer for the Bruins he can’t refuse, even if he denies they are for sale

  5. Jacobs is not a good owner. Bills fans should hope he passes.

    He was the driving force behind last years’ NHL work stoppage, which locked the players out on the owners’ timetable. Once they passed the break even point the stoppage ended.

    He had a GM in place for 29 years who never won a Stanley Cup as a GM. That doesn’t happen unless that GM is doing exactly what the owner wants. During that time, the Bruins were in the bottom third of salary, and the top third of ticket prices every year.

    Yes, they spend to the cap now, but it’s for two reasons; The team was playing to a half full garden, and Bruins fans are the most loyal of all Boston teams. Second, he saw that when the Patriots and Red Sox won championships, the money they made on higher ticket prices, TV, merchandise, etc, dwarfed any profits he could make by going cheap and fighting over every contract.

    Bruins Fans are very happy with the team, but Jacobs is not, and will never be popular in Boston.

  6. If Wilson really wanted to protect Buffalo’s interest, he would have brought in deep pocket, local, minority interest owners. He will be the reason they go to Toronto.

  7. Die hard Bruins and Pats fan here hoping to see Buffalo keep the Bills in town. I think Jacobs is a horrible owner in a league with no cap. His business instincts will override all else. However, given the nfl has a cap, I think he would be good. He’ll keep the bills in buff as a local guy and run the team well. Buffalo needs to build a waterfront stadium come hell or high water in my opinion. When the Pats run ends I am pulling for you guys.

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