LeSean McCoy defends DeSean Jackson


When it comes to the Eagles’ decision to dump receiver DeSean Jackson, no members of the team have publicly supported their former teammate.

One very important member of the team has bucked the trend.

It’s a surprise for sure,” running back LeSean McCoy said Saturday, via Sheil Kapadia of PhillyMag.com. “I think anybody that tells you that they’re happy about it, I don’t know how honest that would be. It was a surprise.  You heard so much, you didn’t really know.  Not playing with him this year is gonna definitely be different. And playing against him is really gonna be different. I just imagine all the times we used to . . . knowing defensive teams are gonna try to defend us and different things like that, and now we’ve gotta defend against him, so it’s gonna be a little different.”

McCoy also undermined reports of friction between Jackson and coach Chip Kelly.

“I’ve never seen that,” McCoy said. “I’ve never seen them two really get into it. Coach Kelly, the good thing I will say about him is he’s understanding.  So if there’s ever an issue or problem, he seems to always work it out.”

And McCoy disputed the idea that Jackson didn’t connect with teammates.

“I’m his teammate, or I was his teammate, and we connected very well off the field,” McCoy said.  “I think this game, everybody’s professionals.  There’s guys that have kids, there’s guys that are a little older.  DeSean doesn’t have any kids so small things on a team that you really notice.  And off the field, I’ve bonded with DeSean.”

McCoy nevertheless has adjusted to the move, and he assumes Jackson has, too.

“We gotta live on, we gotta play them guys,” McCoy said. “As much as I’m a friend, I can’t wait to go out there and beat on the Redskins, so it’s a mutual feeling.  And I’m sure when he comes up to Philly, he wants to have a great game.  So we’ll still be friends.  We’ll still text and talk all the time — after the game, probably not before the game.  But we’ll still be friends.  Plus he got $16 million guaranteed. He’s not happy?”

McCoy seems to be happy with the Eagles, and the Eagles seem to be happy with him.  But Jackson’s experience shows everyone in the locker room that things can change.

“You know that nobody’s safe in this game as far as being here forever,” McCoy said.  “But then you feel like alright well I’ve established myself so much, I did so much.  [But] anybody can go.  So I think it just makes you straighten up a little bit more.  Maybe things that you think that you can get away with, you can’t.  And that’s how it is.”

Here’s how it is for McCoy.  He plays running back, a position that continues to have less and less value to NFL teams, with each passing year.  He’s due to earn a base salary of $7.65 million in 2014.  It spikes to $9.75 million, with a cap number of $11.95 million, in 2015.

For a running back.  Where the top of the veteran market generated $3.5 million per year in 2014.  Where Chris Johnson struggles to get half of the $8 million he was due to earn in Tennessee this season.

In other words, LeSean could be next year’s DeSean.

51 responses to “LeSean McCoy defends DeSean Jackson

  1. He should swap out “always” for “often” when talking about the frequency that Chip Kelly works things out. All of this defense just makes you wonder even more what the honest reasons were for cutting him.

  2. There never should have been any surprise that players didn’t jump at the chance to DEFEND DeSean. Players aren’t stupid enough to speak out on a red meat issue like that, while it’s still raw. They understand, like us all, that if the company does something, either tow the company line or have no comment.

    Anyone who mistook that for the cold shoulder to Jackson, has never worked a day in their lives. McCoy was smart to let the dust settle a bit, but his sentiments are probably those of many others in that locker room.

  3. This is the exact opposite of what Philly fans need to hear. Ray Rice is still A Raven, and there is much more than “speculation” that he has committed a crime. The other foot needs to drop on Jackson soon, or Chip Kelly and the back office of the Philadelphia Eagles could be in for a long season. As far as Mccoy being compared to Jackson or Chris Johnson….You’re stretching. The Comparison can stop at the talent on the field. Mccoy is a model teammate.

  4. I really hope that the Eagles and McCoy work something out after this year. He’ll be 26 before the season, so I would hope that they renegotiate a 4-year type contract that keeps him around…

  5. Nobody is saying Desean isn’t a punk. I’m a Redskins fan and I spent the last few years watch him get into it with every single member of the team in various way. However he is productive so teams tend to put up with it, when he isn’t productive though he is going to struggle-Terrell Owens knows all about that

  6. I hope the Vikings trade Christian Ponder for Nick Foles. Nick Foles is tied for best QB in that division with Eli. RG3 and Romo are tied for last place. Alfred Morris is better than McCoy but not as good as AP.

  7. did masterflyguy just wake up?

    “I really hope that the Eagles and McCoy work something out after this year”

    dude’s gonna have a real shock when in 2 games he hangs 3+ TDs and 300+ yds on the iggles . . .

  8. I keep getting the feeling that the decision to dump DeSean Jackson was more about money than anything else. Simply put, Kelly and Roseman think that they can replace Jackson for a lot less money and use the difference to bolster their defense and on extensions for current players.

  9. A player of Jackson’s caliber would be missed by his team regardless of where he is. The ‘X factor’ that led to him being cut is likely something totally unrelated to football. A team will overlook little things in practice if a player is bringing dividends on the field. It will not overlook a potential disaster no matter how good a player is.

  10. It all works out in the end. Philly can just draft “former” Missouri receiver Dorial Green-Beckham.

  11. Funny how they cut Desean Jackson for gang ties that were never proven, yet they gave Riley Cooper a slap on the wrist (and a new contract) after his racist behavior.

    Keep the double standards coming Chip Kelly!

  12. McCoy is Jacksons buddy..one of few on the Birds apparently and that should answer all Jackson questions

  13. We’ll see how philly steps up with a season’s worth of taped game planning and that offense looks much less formidable with a safety in the box and no one to stretch the field. No one person is going to get drafted and replace that productivity and how it dictated defenses in their rookie year.

    Keep dreaming of Chip and his masterful mind………and by the way might as well as dream of Lombardi’s like those in the Redskins trophy case.


  14. Hey, but let’s keep taking some anonymous scrubs’ on the team word for it that this was about anything but the Eagles not wanting to pay the guy a contract they willingly gave him, and he’d more than lived up to.

  15. If your team hasn’t won a Super Bowl in the past decade then I don’t want to hear anything about the eagles will never win a Super Bowl. Your Super Bowls are no more relevant than our championships. None of them are helping your teams win now. So please fans try to be more clever if you want trash my team. FLY EAGLES FLY!

  16. MESean certainly is indispensable. Just look at all the rings he’s won.

    Of course for MESean and his ilk, it’s not about winning.

  17. Wow and you wonder why players complain that the media twists their words. That whole last paragraph is out of context. McCoy wasn’t saying its take it like its just business and that he could be gone any moment. He was saying that it was a good thing that the Eagles wont let people slide, that they take things serious, and that he likes that it will make people straighten up.

    Also the thing about Chip and Desean not gettting along. He wasnt saying that it didnt happen he said that he never seen it. Basically he couldnt confirm or deny it.

    His whole interview was basically in defense of the Eagles while also saying that he personally likes Desean and never had any problems with him.

  18. The powers that be felt it was best to cut Jackson it’s over, It’s not for debate. nobody was asked to help make the decision. It seems to me it was about money they don’t think he was worth the money he was being paid and nobody wanted to trade for him.Everybody talks about the catches and yards, how many blocks did he make down field. how many times did he carry out the play when he wasn’t a primary receiver. how many times was he effective in the RED ZONE. If McCoy was his friend I’m sorry for his loss but the front office did what they thought was best and if you don’t agree to bad but I do.

  19. DeSean’s best friend on the Eagles is the guy who gets in twitter spats with his baby’s momma and was accused of assaulting a woman on a party bus before the charges were dropped. Pretty much says it all. Time to grow up Shady, you’re only on team yet because you’re a great player whereas DeSean isn’t.

  20. Market rate for RBs is dropping by the day but LeSean is set to earn $9.75M next year, he is way overpriced and he knows it. Probably going to be squeezed. He better have a very good season.

  21. McCoy, Vick and Jackson were obviously good friends. What’s he going to say? I don’t think McCoy or Vick ever took a play off. Can anyone say that about Jackson?

  22. Since my posts are deleted by the moderator on a consistent basis, Ill rephrase my concern.

    I still fail to see how Lesean defended Desean in any way. How does not knowing about a situation defend someone.

    Its like saying I didn’t see the guy who broke into Desean’s house, does that make me a defender of the guilty party?

  23. As you read this remember one thing, it’s written by a guy who wore a #10 jersey every game day…

    Ive gotten sooooo tired of all the different twists and turns of this whole DJAX thing.
    1) ppl complaining that the Eagles won’t comment about it : they can’t…legally they are not allowed to discuss why and employee was fired. (it’s also written into the Players Assoc. Agreement)
    2) players not defending DJAX because they’re afraid of the Eagles front office: players have said off the record they didn’t like Jackson…so, they could have also defended him off the record had they wanted to do that
    3) McCoy defending DJAX : did he ? from McCoy “you heard so much you really didn’t know”…bad reports about Kelly.. McCoy “if there’s ever a problem or issue, he always works it out” …and if Jackson wasn’t a problem, then why did McCoy say “maybe things you think you can get away with, you can’t and that’s how it is”

    this is just my thoughts on why DJAX is no longer an Eagles player….great player but does take plays off, limited to certain routes due to his size, refuses to fit into program est by the new coaching staff, too many outside distractions, be it however far it goes, he does have friends that he hangs with that are gang affiliated,… for the most part this is a young team and the staff does not want Jacksons influences on young players…plus you add the amount of money he gets paid and the team adds up the pluses and minuses …and they cut him.

  24. Fly eagles fly right into Chip Kelly’s rear end. Kelly is killing a once proud franchise with his college coach “I’m God” arrogance. I’m glad I’m not an Eagles fan McCoy is next to go. Smoothie King will not be questioned!

  25. Those are high cap numbers. McCoy is just about priced out of it this year, and certainly next.

  26. Makes no difference why they got rid of DJAX, he has to make his time in Washington prove that he was worth the investment for these next three years.

    If Philly believes that they do just as good in that position with production without the price tag, then more power to them.

    If Djax had gang affiliations where are they? Was that part of the reasoning to get rid of him? If so how has he been in Philly for the past year under Kelly who apparently condoned all of his activities until his money became an issue.

    If you all don’t understand that this is business like LeSean McCoy said, then you really don’t connect to how ruthless the business aspect of professional sports is especially in the NFL where guaranteed money becomes scarce and players get used no matter what they have done in the past.

    If LeSean’s numbers don’t match the purse of the Eagles, his time will be up in Philly as well. I-95 to Washington will still be open for him too.

    Philly created a supposed “dream team” that turned into a nightmare and somebody has to pay because none of those players are still there.

    Djax wasn’t afraid to buck the system with his voice instead of selling out by keeping silence. Being outspoken gets you out the door.

  27. McCoy is a good player but he has always said some stupid things…I don’t think he is the best player to take comments from on the Eagles. I don’t think he represents the majority.

  28. After this interview a report came out that mccoy robs banks and that the eagles were shopping him for a third rd pic.

  29. To be honest, I’m not see what he actually said.
    If it was praise, it was real subtle.

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