London Fletcher takes a shot at Tony Romo

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We loved retired linebacker London Fletcher.  We may end up loving him even more in retirement.

After NFL Network posted a photo of Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo pondering the undulation of a green with Tiger Woods and asked for captions, Fletcher offered up a good one on Twitter, via CSN Washington:  “Why is he taking all this time just to choke?

Here’s hoping London ends up taking a job in the media.

Meanwhile, feel free to try your own in the comments. How about, “I think he just sh-t himself“?

61 responses to “London Fletcher takes a shot at Tony Romo

  1. London Fletcher said what every other NFL player thinks but are afraid to say due to PR hit

  2. LOL Fletcher nailed that one. Its funny because it’s so damn true.

    Romo, Dez Bryant, that money grubbing owner Jerry Jones and the rest of those turkeys in Dallas are just a side show and a disgrace to this great sport we love.

    May they always choke in the clutch.

  3. I will never understand why the cowboys are the most loved team in the nfl when you have an owner like jones, and a qb who cares more about off the field stuff than football itself.

  4. I actually feel kind of bad for Tony Romo. Not a Cowboys fan, but the poor guy always tries, and he’s pretty damn talented. Between piss poor coaching and a team full of players that just don’t seem to get it together, he ends up trying to do much and ends up with some boneheaded mistakes. He’d probably not have nearly as many if he didn’t consistently have to try and carry the team by himself.

  5. Good job London. I’m proud to say that nobody cares about the friggin cowboys anymore. They are far from away from the 90’s teams and I’m sure I’m not the only one sick of them being the game of the week all the time. It’s well past the time allotted to blame being a rookie for Romo. He’s obviously not a great QB but a subpar investment for the blowhard owner-GM-groundskeeper-team chef and whatever other titles he makes up for himself. Roger needs to get past all this loyalty to a team without any substantial benefit for the league other than jokes about the owner!

  6. BTW ITA agree with London, Romo did choke against the Skins in the last game 2012 when a spot in the playoffs were on the line..

  7. It’s funny how certain players become media targets which inevitably lead to becoming targets for everyone else. Not a Romo or Cowboys fan but this is pretty silly.

  8. Romo throwing the game winning touchdown vs the redskins with a herniated disk…I guess that’s what choking means. Wait wasn’t that in Fletcher’s last home game too? Probably still crying

  9. Fletcher was soft, period. He was the king of going around blockers instead of taking them on, creating holes for runners to exploit. But hey, as long as you get your # of tackles, who cares about the team, right London?

  10. Well, don’t know if the Cowboys are the ‘most loved’ team in the NFL?
    Funny comment by London Fletcher, though. Fletcher was one of the best, most consistent LB’s in the NFL for a long, long time, and should be a hall of famer. Nice to see he’s still quick on his feet!

  11. It looks like Tiger is giving a lesson, and he’s board out his mind, while Romo looks like a kid in the candy store.

    Whoever got to the Tiger/Jessica Simpson crack first, you win.

  12. Is the name “Redskins” insensitive to Native Americans?

    Is the most prestigious American golfing event called “The Masters” insensitive to Black people?

  13. one cares about the Cowboys yet the writers and readers on this site are in a footrace to see who can get downwind the fastest anytime someone affiliated with the Cowboys rips a fart.

  14. London has a Super Bowl ring with the Rams. So all the Cowboy haters shouldn’t have anything to say. Romo doesn’t have more than one playoff win in his career.

  15. Taking shots at Romo isn’t really taking shots. Everything negative said about him in football related issues is simply truth tell. He is a quintessential screw up.

  16. Nobody care about the Cowboys anymore? I guess that’s why the top 10 most watched regular season games last year included 5 Cowboys games. And no Washington games, I might add.

  17. Meanwhile, while Washington fans point at Romo, their QB is designing personal logos and filming another Subway ad after finishing 3-13.

    Keep pointing.

  18. “Tiger, my final overall score in the U.S. Open was a 1-under-par 287…They call me Tin Cup.”

  19. Who is this Fletcher guy? Did he get a SB ring with an offense that had to put up 40+ points a game cause the defense was a wet paper bag? Don’t be jealous Mr. Fletcher plenty of D list celeb golf tournament invites are coming your way. Till I will go back to forgetting who you are

  20. They may have beaten the ‘Skins twice but pretty much lost to everyone else. Try doing something to get your owner to change his stupid ways instead of worrying about what a retired player says.

  21. Definitely takes one to know one, London you just made the Redskins look worse than they already do with that comment. HTTR is code for Arrogant punks and chumps! No sportsmanship these days.

    I don’t like him at all, but Romo is actually a great golfer.

    London, ignorant comment dude.

  22. Of course Tony Romo didn’t choke when they beat the Skins in Week 16 last year. He saves the choke for the last game of the season. And, as expected, he delivered in Week 17, losing to the Eagles.

    He is a good quarterback but the jokes will continue until he stops choking during make or break moments. Even Cowboy fans know it’s true.

  23. And, unlike Tony Romo, London Fletcher actually has a Super Bowl ring. So until Tony Romo gets one, London can say whatever he wants.

  24. Oh whatever…Romo is hitting the links with Tiger freaking Woods, sitting in luxury suites with ex presidents at championship games, has a smokin hot wife, and is A LOT better Quarterback than most give credit for. Tony Romo is doing just fine at life…

  25. All you guys are crowing about a last second TD against the second worst team in the league with perhaps the worst defense in football. Yeah, that shows us that that Romo has it going. The guy is one of the highest paid players in football. He is supposed to win games and not just against the DC Eleven when they are playing like the Little Sisters of the Poor.

    Here’s my caption. Tiger, “Isn’t it amazing Tony that you and I are the highest paid guys in our games and we don’t win anything?”
    Tony, “yeah Tiger, but at least you are a has been. I’m just a wannabe.”

  26. congrats cow-pie fans, Womo beat the 3-13 REDSKINS on the last play of the game?, that’s all you have?? Keep supporting the Jerry fiasco, the NFL wouldn’t be the same without you.

  27. Mr. Fletcher, how many playoff games have YOU won in your 7 years as a starter for the Redskins? I’m waiting….. and I’m sure it had nothing to do with your sub par coverage skills or your inability to shed blocks at the 2nd level.

  28. The Cowboys haven’t been relevant since Jimmy Johnson was there. Even as a Redskins fan I had great respect for Tom Landry. Yeah I already know the Skins have been even less relevant. The Cowboys aren’t America’s team anymore, not until they win something again. Oh yeah, they need a real GM… Jerry is an oil man not a GM. Just write the checks and leave the football to the pros. I don’t mind Jerry he has heart and spends money like Dan Synder but just write the checks.

  29. Jimy Johnson said the Cowboys used to tape other teams during games like the Pats and many others. looks like their titles are tainted. 😦

    oh, i guess the Dolphins are….. oh, nevermind.

  30. We know what London tweeted, but what he was thinking was “I wish I were good enough to play backer for the Hawks.”

  31. Classy London. Way to take an uncalled for shot at a guy who is pretty professional and always shouldering the blame for Cowboys losses… whether they’re his fault (sometimes they are) or not (and many times they’re not). That was a cheap shot to be certain…

  32. badskidmarks says: Apr 12, 2014 11:54 AM

    I actually feel kind of bad for Tony Romo. Not a Cowboys fan, but the poor guy always tries, and he’s pretty damn talented. Between piss poor coaching and a team full of players that just don’t seem to get it together, he ends up trying to do much and ends up with some boneheaded mistakes. He’d probably not have nearly as many if he didn’t consistently have to try and carry the team by himself.

    That you Tony?

  33. It is more sad that a great player like London has to make a Name for himself putting down Another Man, I lost respect for you. tt thought yoo wen tm class ofthe NFL.

  34. Did someone on here blame Romo for the loss against the Eagles in week 17 last year? Thats pretty funny considering he didn’t play in that game. Although considering the ignorance I am not surprised he is blamed for that loss too. He did how ever play against the Eagles a few years ago, on the last game of the Season and it was for the Division Title. I know that not a big game but he won that game and beat them again the following week in the playoffs although that was not a big game either.

    Regarding the Fletcher comment, its a oxymoron . You can’t be as good a golfer as Romo and choke at the same time. If I were Romo I would invite Mr. Fletcher to his next golf outing and make sure he is paired with him. That should shut him up pretty quick.

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