Police: Too early to say what evidence shows in Kaepernick case

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Miami police say it’s simply too soon to say what the evidence shows in the investigation of 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, 49ers receiver Quinton Patton and Seahawks receiver Ricardo Lockette.

“We have to examine evidence and wait for some tests to come back, including toxicology reports,” Police Chief Manuel Orosa told the Miami Herald. “We can present it to the state attorney and they can decide whether to continue. . . . It’s too early to determine what the evidence indicates.”

A Miami police spokesman previously said there is “no evidence of a crime or a sexual assault.” Orosa’s statement indicates that it would be more accurate to say the police don’t yet know if there is evidence of a crime or a sexual assault because they haven’t yet processed all of the evidence.

According to the Herald, the woman who filed the incident report with police underwent a rape test. The results of that test have not been made public.

The woman said she was drinking with the three players at Lockette’s apartment, went to bed after feeling lightheaded and then woke up in the hospital, not knowing how she got there. According to the Herald, it was someone in the apartment who called police, and it was Miami firefighters who took the woman to the hospital.

51 responses to “Police: Too early to say what evidence shows in Kaepernick case

  1. Tough year for Kaepercrap.

    First he welched our eyebrow bet after my D makes him look below average.

    Then he gets choked out by our D in the NFC and has to watch me win a Super Bowl.

    Now it out that he’s a creep at best and worst case rapist.

    Next year is only going to get worse. Harbs relationship with players and management will cause the walls to come tumbling down. The Santa Clara 49ers aren’t going to get many wins in the NFC West next year and will be one of the teams not to return to the playoffs.

  2. Seems a bit premature to speculate about the evidence. Kaepernick might have a condition known as “Premature Especulation” lol pun intended… Things have gotten “Messy” lol…

  3. That whole division besides Saint Louis and Arizona is joke. How bleeping comical is it that SEA and SF are partying together? Guarantee you a Viking player wouldn’t be caught dead with a Green Bay player.

  4. Don’t know what did or didn’t happen between that woman and Colin.

    Ask yourself this though – would you let your sister hang out with him alone? Honestly….

    Didn’t think so.

  5. CK is sinless and perfect and better than you, just look at his tattoos on his arm, there is no way this sweet and humble young man could ever do such a thing.

    He is the next Joe Montana. Worship CK like he worships himself.

  6. So are we to believe that Kaepernick drugged a chick that was already sleeping with him, raped her, and then called the police and fire department to come pick her up? If we are going to jump to conclusions before the facts get out, we should at least make them believable, like say the chick drank too much, passed out, and when she did not wake up the people hanging out with her called for help.

  7. So until the results of exam and tests come back we don’t know what happened. Based on Kap’s tweet, he indicates the tests will show nothing happened. I hope so. Standing by……

  8. More details are coming out one of the players called the police. I find it hard to believe anyone would call the police if sexual assault took place.

  9. Ron Jaworski should have waited for the evidence as well when he said Kaperchoke might become one of the greatest QBs of all time. Instead he jumped the gun as the evidence came out that he’s a choke artist and mediocre at best.

  10. Given what we know this could easily just be someone who had a bad reaction to a heavy night of recreational pot and alcohol.

    It could be something worse.

    Either way at this point this point we have seen no evidence of date rape and no evidence of “gold digging.”

  11. San Francisco Superbowls – 5
    Seattle Superbowls – 1

    And don’t kid yourselves Seachicken fans, Russell Wilson is not better than CK. The Seattle defense won that title and probably could’ve done it with Ryan Leaf at the helm.

  12. San Francisco Superbowls – 5
    Seattle – 1

    And don’t kid yourselves Seachicken fans, Wilson is not a better QB than Kaepernick. The Seattle defense won that title and probably could’ve with Rex Grossman at the helm the way they were playing/holding.

  13. Rathman ran you over.

    You lost. Deal with it, and stop revisiting the past. Beat the Seahawks and live up to that “legacy”.

    See you in Oakland this season.

  14. It’s easy to take shots when he’s not your teams QB but what if he’s found completely innocent. Not innocent on a technicality like two guys handled his hair or urine sample (Sherman) but like he wasn’t even there after she smoked herself out?

  15. There were four people in that room and not one of them is shedding any light on what really went on.

    I hope for their sakes the story is one where no crime took place. Until then, we are at the mercy of those that know the truth and they are not spilling the beans yet.

    The scenario presented so far comes from the alleged victim with a later amendment to reflect rescue was called and that’s how she ended in the hospital. On it’s face rape is unlikely, so why claim sexual assault. If drugging happened, it was not for the benefit of Colin. Think about it.

    Either the victim is playing everybody or she experienced sexual trauma in a nonconsensual situation. The rape kit will be key and justice needs to prevail.

  16. Or probably they should say “its too early to tell if Kaepernick is going to pony up enough money to get the woman not to press charges.”

  17. Kaepernick’s Wonderlic score was 29. Twenty nine. TWO NINE. Stop inflating it to try to make the guy something he isn’t.

    Pro Football Weekly had all the accurate Wonderlic scores from that draft. Look it up.

  18. Russell Wilson is better than Kaepernick, he’s a better thrower, better at reading defenses and is much more elusive in the pocket. Kaepernick is always trying to take off after the first read.

  19. None of you were even alive when SF last won a SB.

    Seahawks – 1

    SF – 0

    In the last 30 years.

  20. I think the best thing to do is let law enforcement do their jobs. I’ve seen several media folks (read as Stephen A Smith in particular) just lambasting the victim. Can we just relax? Who wouldn’t go to the police if they just wake up in the hospital and have no idea on how they got there? This is all that has happened. In everything I’ve read and seen, she hasn’t made any allegations of anything. She wants to find out what happened to her. To make her end up at the hospital and what, if anything, happened to her while unconscious. Is that wrong?

  21. How is she gold digging when someone in the apt called the cops and firefighters took her to the hospital?

  22. rathmanranyouover says:
    Apr 12, 2014 5:13 PM

    And don’t kid yourselves Seachicken fans, Russell Wilson is not better than CK.


    He has a higher QB rating.
    He has more wins than any QB in the first two years in the league.
    He won a SB.
    In fact over his first two years he’s the best QB in the history of the NFL.

    Tell us how you judge Krap as better.

  23. “..Too early to say what evidence shows in Kaepernick case..”

    It was also in the Roethlisberger case, but that didn’t stop you guys from raking him over the coals for an entire season…

  24. skoldier612 says:
    Apr 12, 2014 3:00 PM

    That whole division besides Saint Louis and Arizona is joke. How bleeping comical is it that SEA and SF are partying together? Guarantee you a Viking player wouldn’t be caught dead with a Green Bay player.

    That’s because NFL players like to hang out with other NFL players.

    Talk to us once the Vikings have a NFL player.

  25. AP – the exception proved the rule.

    You could name ONE decent Viking.


  26. Another “entitled” pro sports star! Imagine that.

    Kap is a patronizing, self-entitled, spoiled brat that truly believes he is smarter than most people.

    Other than that, he’s a great guy!

  27. @higheriqthanyou I was alive when they won the super bowl in 94 (it was 20 yrs ago not 30 learn math).

    @thegreatgabbert Colin’s wonderlic was a 37 LOOK IT UP.

    None of the players have been charged with anything or have even spoke to the police. I think people need to relax until the FACTS have come out.

  28. Like The Vikings have never been involved in a controversy. All I got to say remember the party boat incident. SKOL..LOL!

  29. Lock went to my school, played on my team and made it out of the country and thats saying alot cause I had to leave because of how bad the school was academically, but even with that said, Colin needs to pick his friends better. And I know it happened in Miami, but he needs to stay outta Atlanta too, he’s always down here, see him around town, at my school couple times and around the malls. If he wants to keep staying out of trouble he needs to stay in Frisco man. I like em cause he black and we need to support one another, but this dude is trippin.

  30. So this was at lockettes house…a current Seahawks wide out. So why are the Seahawks fans trying to speak on this situation?

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