Jake Locker was surprised Chris Johnson was cut


Titans quarterback Jake Locker wasn’t expecting to play without running back Chris Johnson this year.

Locker said on SiriusXM NFL Radio that he was surprised to find out that the Titans were releasing Johnson, their starting running back for the last six seasons.

“He’s obviously been a huge part of this organization in past years and been a big contributor to what we’ve done on offense,” Locker said. “I don’t think anybody really had an idea how that was going to go, how that was going to work. Unfortunately he ended up somewhere else and and we wish him the best, where ever he does end up landing. But he gave a lot to this organization, this team, and I think everybody who had the opportunity to play with him is thankful for that.”

Locker may have been surprised, but for the rest of us, it’s surprising that he was surprised. Johnson averaged a career-low 3.9 yards a carry last year and was due to make $8 million this year. It’s been clear for months that the Titans were done with Johnson, even if Locker wasn’t ready for it.

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  1. I was too a little because I think in this situation it is often that the current team is the team that is going to pay the player the most anyhow. You see this a lot of times where players agree to do a restructure and often the player accepts because that team doesn’t want to have to let down the fan base or give up on the equity they have built up which other teams don’t have as a factor into their calculations. The result is that by staying with the current team you are likely to get your best deal, or in some cases we see a player cut that ends up coming back to the original team and still getting more money from them after hitting the open market. So it is not inconceivable in conventional theory not knowing what bridges may have burned that he could still secure his best deal from the Titans. Which means that they and the player should have figured that out in advance and to avoid the cut.

    Something has to give between the time when you extend the player on the last contract and the exit date. It’s on the team to figure out one way or another to make the value moves, and if you can’t find a better exit strategy than to cut a star player, then you should have found a way to make a trade at an earlier point in time or not authorized the contract amount in the first place.

    TEN really botched everything up at every single time juncture during their lifetime involvement with this player. That sucks.

  2. He don’t understand how the NFL works it seems. It’s obvious it his play. He’s next to go.

  3. Yeah right you were surprised, he’s been overpaid and ineffective for the past few seasons.

  4. What do you expect him to say? If he came out and said “it’s about time” or “I’m not surprised at all” he’d be coming off like a Jerk, and a slap in the face to Chris. I’m not a Locker supporter because the injuries have destroyed the last two years of this organization and if he doesn’t pan out this year were back to the drawing board on qb which puts us back another couple years at best. That’s why drafting a qb this year no matter what round is a major priority. The Titans have upgraded the pass rush, upgrade the linebackers and seem confident in the secondary especially resigning pollard. Are offense has many tools starting at Wr wash,hunter,kendell, TE walker,OL Roos,levetre(now healthy),schweinke(has experience now),warmack(has experience now),orr(upgrade over stevens, the injuries and age have cought up to him), at RB Greene , mccluster,and a draft pick. Then you have QB Locker,clipboard Jesus, ?????. A Locker injury is another dead season. As nice as Barr, or Mike Evans etc.. would be they can’t throw passes.
    The Titans are not far away from competing not only for a division Title but the AFC.. Like I said the offense,defense, and return game have all improved in my eyes. We have a lot talent in place and a solid RB,NT,and consistent, injury free Quarterback could push us to that level. For the first time in a long time in excited for the future and I don’t see Jake apart of it. Even if he has a big year I don’t see the Titans giving him a big contract because of one good year.We have to split ties and have the new staff pick there own QB starting this year. The Titans need someone to push Jake because niw he is the guy so drafting a QB so he can get in the groove of things and learn under Jake so if injury were to happen we as fans and the whole Titans community would still have hope. As of now there’s a better chance jake gets injured then he stays healthy .

  5. What did you expect Jake Locker to say? Did you really think he was going to say I’m not surprised Chris Johnson is gone because he was over payed and a bum?

  6. Jake, Just be thankful you are still in the League. You made the wrong choice of sport. Should have played baseball because watching Locker on the All-22 coaches tape the dude throws passes like hes making a play at short stop and throwing to first. Jake, work on your instincts as a thrower and touch because if you dont, you will be cut after 2014.

  7. Why would Locker be surprised? Maybe, if he were playing for the Titans, he would know. And maybe, he had better ‘get his game on’ and play for an entire season for the first time in his football career, or he too can wonder the same thing about himself. Actually, I hope the Titans draft a new QB and unload Locker to Davy Jones’ locker.

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