Native American groups distance themselves from the Redskins

Dan Snyder’s effort to curry favor with Native Americans through his Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation may be backfiring.

The Native Indian Gaming Association, a nonprofit with 184 Indian nations as members pulled its sponsorship from a charity golf tournament this weekend because the Redskins’ Foundation was involved in the same event. The organization said it questioned whether Snyder was sincere about wanting to aid Native Americans and didn’t want to be involved in a charade.

It’s a blatant attempt to try to buy out the issue,” Ernest Stevens, chairman of the Native Indian Gaming Association, told USA Today.

The Native Indian Gaming Association is not alone in wanting to distance itself from the Redskins. The Navajo Nation Council voted to oppose the use of the Washington Redskins name last week, and James Anaya, a United Nations expert on indigenous people’s rights, urged Snyder to “consider that the term ‘redskin’ for many is inextricably linked to a history of suffering and dispossession.”

There may be nothing Snyder can do to convince anyone that he’s sincerely listening to Native Americans. Nothing other than changing the Redskins’ name.

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  1. just change the name. It’s racist by todays standards. The name is stupid anyway, it obviously didn’t take much thought originally and it wont take much thought to change it. based on the current roster “Washington Divas” works for me.

  2. If Snyder is 100 percent sure he is not changing the name, he is probably better off not trying to ‘win over’ any Native American tribes. It will backfire, like it did this time. His best bet is to pretend nobody has an issue with it and hope it goes away.

  3. I love how neither Snyder or Goodell will use the term “redskin” when in the presence of Native Americans. Both of those men are cowards. Reason number 84 why the NFL is an unwatchable cesspool. Kill someone, you can play in the NFL. Beat your wife, come play in the NFL. Multiple DWIs, come play, or coach, in the NFL. Can’t speak proper English, then we definitely want you in the NFL. But keep giving them your money and attention people…

  4. “It’s a blatant attempt to try to buy out the issue,” Ernest Stevens, chairman of the Native Indian Gaming Association, told USA Today.


    And if Snyder did nothing, Stevens would say, “He’s ignoring us.” Only one person being disingenuous, Ernie. OK, maybe two.

  5. Daniel – This isn’t just going to evaporate as an issue, it will get bigger and bigger and become an embarrassment. Time to reconsider your stance. You will ultimately lose.
    Name the team the Washington Wolves. Keep the team colors and just change the mascot.

  6. Yes Daniel, it’s time…it’s time because it’s the right thing to do, not because people are telling you to do it. You’re a real man Daniel, keep telling yourself that….just do it, just do it for Mom.

  7. Well since Danny refuses to be quarter the owner as Jack K. Cook, & field a winning, competitive organization, I’m ready for a change.

    Tired of supporting a sub 500 team. I loved the hey day of winning divisions & superbowls over winning ‘ offseason’ titles.

  8. What about the Washington Warriors? No need to change the logo or colors…at least in the short term.

  9. It’s a real bad sign when the charitable organization you started to try and prove your team name isn’t insensitive used a more politically correct term than the team name.

  10. Change the name! You can still sell Redskins merchandise and the fans will certainly still wear it.

    Get it over with, starting building the new brand.

    Not that I wish any success to other MD football team.

  11. They should follow the lead of Syracuse when they changes their name and just pick a color. The obvious would be the Washington Reds. It also serve as a representation of the Democrat Party as well. Or Pinkos would be good.

  12. Are Redskins fans the only ones that think the name should stay the same?

    Are there neutral opinions in favor of the name?

  13. Even if Snyder, or someone else, changes the name of the team, the fans wont accept it. I know I wont. I will continue to call them the Redskins and wear Redskins gear until the day I die.

  14. I hope he keeps the name, if he doesn’t it just fuels these groups to demand other changes. I mean come on does it really bother the Native Americans? Sticks and stones………………..

  15. Being Lumbee, this topic was brought up, and no one objected. How can you object when your culture is held up as a symbol of strength and community, drawing people from all races together on Sundays where they cheer and cry together as one.

    These “groups” are the minority, using this cause as a claim to fame and for fund raising.

    And FYI we are Cleveland Fans and love Wahoo, does anyone mention that the Cleveland Bronchos were renamed the Indians in honor of Native American Nap Lajoie who then led the league in hitting in 1904 for the tribe.
    Wahoo is also a sign of honor.

  16. Why would anyone care what a group that gets preferential treatment because they are not smart enough to compete on a level playing thinks about the Washington Redskind I find the Native Indian Gaming Association to be offensive as their intials clearly are meant to offend. The N.I.G.A. should change their name andbe thankful that the Redskins bring honor to their people. Worry about slot machines and taking money from troglodytes and stay out of politics. HTTR GFY

  17. How has the name Redskins hurt the Native Americans? Has it made them lose their jobs,Families and Sleep? The answer to that question is no.

  18. The term “redskin” isn’t even related to race. The Native Americans were called that because they painted their faces red when they went to war.

  19. What I can’t understand is how a city with only 38.5% of it’s population white, and whose majority of the city was historically subject to slavery (in the 2010 census, Washington D.C. was 50.7% black) continues to tolerate such a racist term as “redskin.” I’m as much critical of D.C.’s majority population as I am toward the Washington d.c. football organization.

  20. You know what, at least since Snyder made that foundation he is working out the issue with native Americans instead of the liberal media. If the native American masses truly want it to change then it should. But before now we couldn’t hear them over the liberal media’s preaching. If the native American community rejects Snyder’s program then he’ll have to change the name. Also he can let the native Americans who are willing to meet and talk with him help pick a new name and thus protect the teams legacy as a native American themed team.

  21. The original team was called the Boston Braves because they played in Braves field – home of the baseball Boston Braves (now the Atlanta Braves). The name was changed to the Boston Redskins to differentiate them from the baseball team. Then moved to DC to become the Washington Redskins.

  22. I think the Native Indian Gaming Association pulling out of the golf tournament had more to do with Snyder showing up with a truckload of beads….

  23. They didn’t like the blankets laced with Smallpox that Dan Snyder sent them?


  24. Snyder didn’t send them blankets. He’s sending them to colleges and Universities. What are you doing for them?

  25. It seems to me that the tide is starting to change in the Native American community about the name (which is the only group whose opinion should matter). Kwjsb’s statement still proves this is not the overall opinion. I believe there is a high school on a reservation that has the nickname Redskins as well.

    Interesting question- If Snyder wasn’t as disliked as he is, would there be this much heat?

  26. There are several Native Schools that use the name Redskins, like Red Mesa and Wellpinit.

    You’ll hear very little about them, from some of these writers in the media, of course. doesn’t fit the narrative.

    These guys should take a trip down to those schools, and tell them they’re offending themselves.

    “The term “red” was adopted by French and English by the 1750′s after the reference to “red man” was made in 1725 by a Taensa chief. According to the French (1725), the Taensa referred to themselves as “Red Men.” Three chiefs of the Piankashaws wrote (1769), “…You think that I am an orphan; but all the people of these rivers and all the redskins will learn of my death.” In 1807 French Crow (Wahpekute, Santee Sioux) said, “I am a redskin…”

  27. And what exactly would we expect from a web site whose manager is inextricably opposed to the use of the name and has said so editorially many times over. Wonder how long this post will stay up…

  28. Sponsors of the Original Americans Foundation charity golf tournament:

    There were several Native American groups, and others that sponsored the tournament:

    KTNN, a Navajo radio station
    Navajo Engineering and Construction Authority
    Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise
    Office of the President and Vice President of Navajo Nation
    Arizona Diamondbacks
    Phoenix Suns
    Arizona State University

    Proceeds go to scholarships for Native American students.

  29. “Go Washington Americans”! That’s will offend the Canadians and Mexicans fit they are Americans too!

  30. “Living in America means sometimes you get offended”-Aaron Sorkin, opening episode Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

  31. The defeated want the right to dictate their decisions to the victorious. But should it happen that the Reds must change their name, will the defeated then demand that the logo be a part of that? If they do, I would invite them to take a close look at the Seal of the City of Seattle. For the longest time I wondered if the football team, plagiarized the City.

  32. When the 68 Native American high schools that still use the term change their name, so then should Washington. Until then, I’ll stick with Snyder. As an Eagles fan that’s hard, but he shouldn’t be forced to change a team name older than 99% of our population.

  33. If it happens, it will not be anytime soon.

    Even loss of federal trademark will not be the end of it, as Snyder would still enjoy common law trademark rights that are exclusive and enforceable.

  34. Considering the other problems the NFL has with safety issues, this topic is quite minor in comparison. I don’t care either way. Just resolve the issue anyway so I don’t have to read about it ever again!

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