Overturning of Bush fine doesn’t mean penalty call was wrong

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The news that the appeal process resulted in the scuttling of the $21,000 fine imposed on Saints safety Rafael Bush for his postseason hit on Seahawks receiver Percy Harvin has prompted some Saints fans to assume (reasonably) no penalty should have been called on the play.

Which, if accurate, means the Seahawks on the opening drive of the game would have been facing fourth and 11 from the Saints’ 41.

But that’s not necessarily the case.  As a source with knowledge of the appeal process explained it to PFT, fines apply only for egregious violations.  A violation can still happen, but without rising to the level of something for which the player should be fined.

In this specific case, Bush didn’t apply a classic helmet-to-helmet hit on Harvin, at a time when he was a defenseless receiver.  Bush led with his shoulder.

Still, in real time, it appeared that the blow was delivered to Harvin’s head/neck area.  On appeal, the determination was made that, while there may have been incidental contact with the head/neck area, the blow was not forcible to the head/neck area.

So while a violation justifying a penalty may have occurred, it wasn’t enough to result in a fine that was upheld on appeal.  Which means the overturning of the fine doesn’t necessarily mean the flag shouldn’t have been thrown.

27 responses to “Overturning of Bush fine doesn’t mean penalty call was wrong

  1. Regardless of any fines levied or not for any flags thrown or not on any given play, that play was important and I understand why Saint Fans would want to believe it wasn’t justified. I believe the flag was correctly thrown. Gee, I hope more Seahawk Fans read this over Saint Fans……..I want more thumbs up than down.

  2. That crushing blow leveled by Rafael Bush is child’s play compared to Harvin’s (cough) 13.4 million dollar cap hit this year!

    Good luck with that!

  3. The 3 hits on Harvin show the intent the Saints were attempting to take Harvin out of the game. Our safety Kam is a hard hitter too. I hope we play the Saints this year.

  4. As a saints fan do I think that should have been called? No!
    Do I care? No!
    That is in the past. They won fair and square and congratulations to them on the Super Bowl.
    Hopefully, we can get them some point next year and hopefully on our own field.

  5. So in other words, our sources in the NFL did not tell us whether it should or should not have been a penalty – only that it was not worthy of a fine. It is just as possible that it should NOT have been.

    The fact is Harvin had no business playing because he was not fully recovered from an earlier concussion, but was being pressured by Carroll and the Seahawks management to get back on the field. The refs based the call not on the hit but on the result, which was that Harvin was knocked woozy from hitting the turf, which he would not have been if he had been fully recovered.

  6. I’m just glad the Saints denied the Vikings back in 2009. The Viking players are burdened by having the most arrogant fans with the worst superiority complexes imaginable. Because of the fans alone, I hope I never see the Vikings in the winners circle in my lifetime. Just because of their obnoxious fans.

  7. As a fan of neither team, I though the hit was great, well timed, and squeaky clean.

    I did not consider it a penalty and certainly not rising to the level of a fine. There is some partial measure of justice in removing the fine and not considering it in the future should some not football fine try to designate the man as a repeat offender.

    The fact that it took until April to get the decision is very poor handling of the matter by the league office.
    After that much time any whining about it would make you sound like a viking customer, childish and shallow.

  8. Give the Minnesota Vikings their deserved 2009 Super Bowl ring.

    The Saints cheated us.


    ROFL, how were you cheated?

    Were the Saints very aggressive in going after a 40 yr old QB, yes. Would the proper strategy playing against a 40 yr old QB be to put him on the ground as much as possible, yes.

    Did the Vikings do like the Saints in that game and keep a player in the backfield to pick up blitzes and protect their QB, no.

    Vikes went with max wideouts and tried to take advantage of the blitzes which was successful but hard on Favre. Vikings fans can complain all they want but there wasn’t any cheating going on and they could’ve done more to protect their QB.

    As for “bountygate” in the end there was never any hard evidence that cheating occurred and certainly no more than happens on 90% of other NFL teams.

  9. Brett Favre and Adrian ‘fumble” Peterson are far more responsible for the vikes loss to the Saints than any “Bountygate”. 2 int’s and 5 fumbles?

  10. Just one of many calls that went the Seahawks way on their way to the Super Bowl.

    At least they torched the broncos and didn’t need any help from the refs.

  11. The NFL and all media outlets are riding and sweating the Seahawks like their the greatest team in history cause their the most recent SB winner. Flavor of the Month are what they are. That will all go away next season because teams don’t repeat as champions anymore. There will be a new SB champ next season.

  12. Harvin put himself in a bad position and then wanted to be bailed out by the refs. The hits were all clean and the fact that he took three LEGAL hits badly just shows how much he was reliant on the refs.

    The bottom line is that the refs changed the outcome of that game in favor of the Seahawks.

  13. The NFL and all media outlets are riding and sweating the Seahawks like their the greatest team in history cause their the most recent SB winner. Flavor of the Month are what they are. That will all go away next season because teams don’t repeat as champions anymore. There will be a new SB champ next season.

    So a team that went 11-5 in 2012 and 13-3 in 2013 (beating the Saints 2x, Panthers, 9ers 2x, and Denver – arguably the best teams in the NFL) and has not lost any impact players…they are a flavor of the month? To say that is wishful thinking from a Saints fan, and not logical thinking by an intelligent individual. We’re looking to repeat here…try to keep up.

  14. bunch of Debbie Downers live their with all that crappy drab weather. Id rather live on the streets of Honduras!

  15. thepftpoet says:
    Apr 13, 2014 2:42 PM
    Give the Minnesota Vikings their deserved 2009 Super Bowl ring.

    The Saints cheated us.


    Favre broke your heart as a Viking, just as he did so many times as a Packer. “This is not Detroit, man, this is he Super Bowl!”

  16. Saints got robbed on so many calls and moreso non holding calls. But its the past. This is a new season with better players. Thomas comment on us signing Byrd calling it a copycat league means were on their mind. Hope to get to play them in the Dome this year. Domefield advantage will prevail.

  17. Too bad he didn’t hit Golden Tate like that.

    After Packers-Seahawks game in 2012:

    Tate: I know I had the ball.
    ESPN reporter: Did you push off?
    Tate: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Go steal some donuts, Golden.

  18. The NFL had the cahnce to show just a little bit of consistency on this clear targeting penalty. But as usual, they are like a jellyfish when it comes to their spine. Go watch this hit over and over again, and watch how Bush aims his head at Harvin as he’s going down. Fan or no fan of either team this was a very dirty hit and if you can’t admit that then you’re just as dumb as the NFL!

  19. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! There’s someone still crying about the Golden Tate catch against the Pack… Go find a Detroit Lions thread and piss your pants there. Tate’s not even on the Hawk’s anymore. Oh and while you’re at it, go drop a line to Goodell about how we need to get the real ref’s back into the game… years late and millions short.

  20. Wowwww u went 11-5 and 13-3. Two good seasons whoopdie-doo. Saints have been having great seasons since 2006. And if not for the refs in the Divisional round and Title game plus your manufactured crowd noise your team has zero Super Bowls. Stop being a frontrunner and get off the bandwagon Seahawk fans cause pretty much all of you came out of the woodwork and JUST became Seahawk fans all of a sudden. And don’t question my football knowledge, cause I probably forgot more about football than you’ll ever learn.

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