Police officer says Aldon Smith appeared to have been drinking earlier in the day


A sane, sober person wouldn’t joke about having a bomb to a TSA agent.  Which raised real questions regarding 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith’s sanity and/or sobriety on Sunday.

A police officer told Matt Maiocco of CSN Bay Area that it alcohol may have been a factor in Smith’s behavior.

“He was not what we considered to be intoxicated,” LAX Police Sgt. Karla Ortiz told Maiocco.  “But he appeared as if he had been drinking earlier in the day.”

No blood-alcohol test was administered, because his level of intoxication, if any, was irrelevant to the incident.

It’s a question that becomes highly relevant to Smith’s overall health and well-being.  Rehab appeared to have been successful.  If that’s not the case, the player and the team have much bigger issues to address than whether Smith said something very stupid in an airport security line.

40 responses to “Police officer says Aldon Smith appeared to have been drinking earlier in the day

  1. It is clear that his program was not long enough and he was rushed back to play much too quickly.If they insisted on him returning so soon, he should have been placed into an ongoing program as soon as the season was over. He is obviously not ready to be in an unstructured environment.

  2. Even after all of this:

    The 49ers franchise is still more classy than the Seattle PEDhawks – who still have 0 legit Super Bowl rings, overweight fans, and cheating players.

  3. How can you call his rehab a success when not 6 months later he’s screaming bomb at an airport? He’s 25. He’s grown up in a post 9/11 era, he’s flown a thousand times.

    Here’s what he is; a pampered brat who has been told since college, if not earlier, he can do whoever he wants as long as he gets sacks. He’ll be in that 70% group thats broke w/in 3 years of being out of the league. b/c he’s never had to take anything serious except for getting after the QB.

  4. At this rate the Niners are going to need their own police blotter tab at the top of this site. They are on a roll! Who’s next?

  5. This isn’t the first time alcohol has gotten Smith into trouble. In all honesty, I wonder if he has some sort of mental disorder, such as bi-polar. And, I wonder if alcohol is a trigger that may make it worse. Here’s to hoping he gets the help he seems to need, before someone gets seriously hurt.

  6. Looks like Harbaugh had a lot more in common with Jim Schwartz than they want to admit.

  7. The guy was probably getting intoxicated en route to Miami to rondevu with Colin C, Richard Sherman, and other members of said teams (in the same division) to cause problems in Dade County (again).

  8. He wasn’t drunk but looks like he could have been drinking earlier in the day? How does one determine that? If he really was an alcoholic wouldn’t he still be drunk when the police arrived. The alcoholics I know who drink early get more drunk as the day goes on. Don’t act like you never got annoyed with an airline employee.

  9. The Vikings have obliterated the offseason so far especially in free agency and that will continue with the draft.we laugh at u franchises with problems like this.especially the shehawks.Ap will get ready to stockpile rings come the start of the zimmer era and u will be jealous.a new young qb.top 5 defense.top3 wr core.this is why the vikings don’t have problems like this.his next plane will be to greenbay.they like players with problems like him.SKOL

  10. the police contradicted themselves. they said that alcohol wasn’t a factor. but that he may have been drinking during the day. when their is no proof. or evidence. and he wasn’t intoxicated during incident. and that alcohol had nothing to do with this incident. so if it’s totally unrelated then why even mention it. police trying to drag him down by just mentioning alcohol. that’s wrong

  11. You people are making a mountain out of a molehill. My client was parched. He needed his “lip balm”. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Look at the monkey.

  12. Your cuddled most of your life because your an above average athlete. Your in the airport cattle line taking off shoes, removing lap tops or IPads when the uniform robot gives you an order bordering on stupidy. Being a wisearse 25year old millionaire you make the fatal mistake of saying what’s on your mind knowing they are looking for WMD .

    Bad dude, shouldn’t be on the street to begin with? One of several thousand.

    Please media, end of story.

  13. “But he appeared as if he had been drinking earlier in the day.”
    Well, that settles it. Where do I turn myself in? Is alcohol now against the law? And how does one APPEAR to have been drinking earlier?

    This doesn’t even sound right.

  14. Jim Harblahhh,is responsible for this mess in 9er-land,now its up to him to clean it up.GM Trent needs to help out too.

  15. Probably had alcohol on his breath. Police are generally pretty good at this kind of thing. They’re also usually pretty good at determining if someone has been slipped a roofie.

    If he’s in the NFL substance abuse program doesn’t this constitute a 2nd offense?

  16. Maybe he felt that by saying that people would take off running and he would move up a few places in line.

  17. dont care what the 49ers do on there own time outside of football , as long as they bring there “A” game on gameday.

  18. When the HC is out of control, you can expect the players to be out of control too.

    Never mind the past, the 49ers are today’s #1 problem team.

  19. Great off season San Fran!

    Of course despite all this drama (including trying to trade your head coach) we’ve seen players come together and perform well (such as the Patriots 16-0 season post Spygate)

  20. Aldon is an immature alcoholic party animal that’s going through money shock. It’s a bad combination that’s gotten a lot of athletes in trouble. It’s not the niner’s fault for all this. afterall, Aldon is an adult in society’s eyes. Even if he still acts like a child

  21. What a bonehead… Anybody who doesnt understand the severity of even saying the word ‘bomb’ in a US airport after 911 is either a punk or needs serious mental therapy!!

    Kick this guy out of the league!

  22. has to be mental. i couldnt imagine even in my drunkest of drunk moments of ever saying bomb at an airport

  23. So sad to see 49ers return to being M-E-D-I-O-C-R-E

    Interesting watching it from atop the Lombardi trophy.

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