QB coach Terry Shea on RGIII: He reminded me of player I saw coming out of Baylor


Before the 2012 draft, former NFL quarterbacks coach Terry Shea tutored Robert Griffin III to get him ready for the NFL game.

The results were strong during Griffin’s rookie year, but a serious knee injury in the playoffs and a rough 2013 season have raised doubts about Griffin’s long-term outlook. Shea is not one of those doubters. He spent a week with Griffin in March working on fundamentals and mechanics and came away feeling like the old Griffin was back.

“He looked 100% healthy,” Shea said, via USA Today. “I didn’t let up on him and, boy, he kept coming — and he reminded me of the old Robert Griffin that I knew coming out of Baylor for those eight-10 weeks we worked together in 2012. He could have very easily lost it given the year he had. I put him through a gantlet of drills. And Robert made all the throws, showing great skills. It sure appeared to me that he took that next step as a pocket passer.”

Shea stressed footwork after watching Griffin throw too many passes with improper technique last season and felt that Griffin cleaned up much of what was wrong during their time together. Shea also feels the addition of coach Jay Gruden and wide receiver DeSean Jackson will be a big boost to a player that needs one after a rocky second year in the NFL.

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  1. Don’t get too excited people, the headline reads “QB coach Terry Shea” notice it doesn’t include a team which means he’s unemployed. He does consulting work. He has an opinion but his track record in college and the NFL is not impressive.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    “Currently, Shea does quarterback consulting work for future NFL draft prospects. Most recently he worked with Robert Griffin III “RG3″ (2nd overall pick 2012), Blaine Gabbert (10th overall pick 2011), Sam Bradford (1st overall pick 2010), Matthew Stafford (1st overall pick 2009), and Josh Freeman (17th overall pick 2009).”

    I’m just wondering why did Robert consulted this guy? Is he considering entering this years draft? I don’t know…

  2. I hope he’s healthy, as healthy great players make the league better. I’m more concerned with his decision making. That, late last year, also still looked like the player who came out of Baylor.

  3. It’s not surprising that RG3’s footwork was sctewed up after that knee injury. Even when he played last year you could see he was subconsciously protecting his knee after every throw. Hopefully this year it’s fully healed and he can throw without over thinking.

  4. He is so much fun to watch and so good for the NFL. However, as a Browns fan I’m very glad we were beaten to the punch by the Redskins in getting him. I am an optimist so excuse me.. However, I like where the Browns sit right now without RG3. Also think the Redskins are in a good spot for them. Sometimes the deal you couldn’t make was the best deal for you…….

  5. It would be nice if he had a good year with exciting play, but Im not holding my breath.

    The guys game depends on his threat to run, so playing his best game makes him most vulnerable to an injury that ruins his best game.

  6. You would think that Robert and team RG3-13 would be in prove it mode instead of trying to ramp up the hype machine all over again.

  7. Doubters should acknowledge he was still hurt last season. It was evident. A healthy RG III is exciting unless you are NYG, DAL or PHL.

    Fans should understand that no ones like a whiner, and RG III needs to stay upright and healthy and stop calling for a flag everytime he is touched. That’s a problem that makes him hard to root for …

    It’s football, Son, not practice. You don’t get to run around without paying a price … and taking it like every other veteran QB.

  8. For all the flak he got, Shanahan did the best thing for Griffin and the team by benching him at the end of last year. Right now RG3 is set for a nice bounce back year. He was playing so poorly and with no confidence, nothing good would have came out of it. And had he gotten injured again in meaningless games he would be in rehab with real concerns about his future.

  9. How can a Browns fan like where they sit right now? Your 1st round pick from 2012 is with the Colts, you overspent to keep your center, you have no quarterback, you have a Diva receiver, your management is a mess, nobody wanted your head coaching job. Not trying to hate I really wish the Browns would become a good team for their loyal fan base but it seems Browns ownership feels like you and is “good where the browns are” and never truly fixes the team.

  10. I’m a skins fan and it’s pretty easy to see why RGIII has gotten so much criticism over the past 15months. He shouldn’t have returned as quickly as he did as Adrian Petersons miraculous recovery certainly set the bar and aged a role. He had a lot of moments where he acted like a diva, his ego was enormous for someone that has accomplished very little, underperformed in a big way and has tendency to blame everyone else but himself. That being said, I think the young man is tremendously gifted, was humbled through the entire experience and is in all likelihood gonna have a fantastic bounce back year.

    RGIII is a good person and all he wanted to do was get back on the field and try to help is team win. There have been a lot of nasty and negative comments directed at him on these boards over the past year and the tone on this site across the board in the comment section tends to be really negative and mean spirited in general. What’s up with that? Why is there such blatant negativity?

  11. He’s been playing with one leg since game 10 of his rookie season. Well the brace is gone and so are the hopes of the NFC east teams. This year I think he will have a little extra since they play the seahawk, 9ners and colts. This is going to be one for the ages!

  12. Since the Cowboys blew winning the division the past 3 years on week 17 to Giants, Redskins and Eagles.. It’s the Cowboys time to win the division right?

  13. He is still a bust until he proves otherwise. I don’t fear the Redskins at all. And my team doesn’t even have a starting quality safety…

  14. After a 3-13 season he comes up with a personal logo? The guy is a loser, and will always be a loser. Only a fan of the Washington Racists can’t see that.

  15. Ah yes, an opinion on how someone looks in April is real indicitive of what he will do on the field when in September…I am sure he looks great working out in a gym. Wait until pass rushers are hitting him becuase his O stinks.

    The most disgraceful organization in professional sports: Washington Football Club

    P.S. This franchise always looks the best in the offseason. Mark Rypien’s super bowl win was BEFOR Bill Clinton was President.

  16. I remember everyone declaring RG 3-13 healthy healthy before last season, and how all of his teammates said he looked like the old RG 3-13 during training camp. How’d that turn out?

  17. I remember RG3 not being able to throw in 7 on 7 for a long time during camp.Also not playing in any preseason games and Garcon saying he wasn’t 100%.

  18. You mean the same Terry Shea who had an 0-11 record one season as coach of a Rutgers and another 1-10 season. Take what he says w a huge grain of salt.

  19. Eloso1—you may be right on some of the things you say, only time will tell, however to say that a player who is going into his 3rd year and has not even won a playoff game an creates his own logo, has learn humility is just plain comical. This shows that he is more for himself then anything or anyone else.

    As far as why RG3 gets hated on by people on this blog, blame that on people like logicalvoice who have proclaimed him already as the best QB of all time, will lead the skins to championships every year from here till he retires and becomes president of the United States. Is he a dynamic fun player to watch yes but let’s not make him the best thing since sliced bread as they say.

  20. Are people really naive enough to actually believe Robert designed that logo? LoL, I’m sure it took him 5 minutes out of his “offseason” schedule to pick which Adidas artist’s logo looked best to him. Funny thing, this nitpicking reveals a lot. Forget the fact he was coming off of an injury. Forget the fact that he had no offseason. Forget the fact he rushed back. Forget the fact the HC kept him out of preseason games. Forget he had to wear a brace, his D was bad, STs worse. Forget the fact he had a below average HC. Forget the fact he just completed his 2nd NFL season and he put up comparable numbers to SB winning QBs who also missed the POs (Eli, Flacco, Big Ben), and the other young QBs who clearly had better supporting casts (Cam, Luck, Wilson). Let’s forget all those facts and sum Robert up with one word…… BUST. You guys crack me up.

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