Report: Question about whether Manning is in decline “has not gone unasked” by Giants


Giants quarterback Eli Manning had ankle surgery last week to repair an injury he suffered in the final game of a miserable 2013 season, but there’s no sign of concern that he’ll be ready to go for training camp and the regular season.

According to a report from Dan Graziano of, there are some concerns about Manning’s future on the heels of that poor season. Graziano reports that the question of whether Manning’s decline is something that can’t be turned around is one “that has not gone unasked” in the Giants front office this offseason and that it is part of the reason why the team opted not to pursue an extension beyond the 2015 season that would have provided them more cap space for their free agent buying spree.

Optimistic though they might be about Manning’s chances of being reinvigorated by the arrival of offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo and other changes to the offensive personnel, the Giants would be doing themselves a disservice not to ask those questions. They have to consider every possibility when there’s the prospect of a contract extension on the table and a fair chance of a head coaching change in the next few years with Tom Coughlin nearing his 68th birthday.

Considering those options is very different than moving on any of them and the Giants are probably wise to wait and see what 2014 brings before making any big decisions in any direction. Philip Rivers never sank as low as Manning did last season, but his 2013 was a big improvement over the previous two years for a player who was once traded for Manning.

Should something similar happen in Jersey, that would probably change the question about whether to extend his contract to one of how many more years they’d like to extend the relationship.

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  1. Would be interesting to know what other teams think about his value as it relates to what they would trade for him. This would be a great time to move him if they don’t want to stick with him for the long haul.

  2. Well with the Redskins and Cowboys in their division they will always be in the running , battling out the Eagles for the division title. But if they meet the Vikings in the playoffs – R.I.P. G-men.

  3. Peyton Manning will go down as the greatest regular season quarterback of all time.

    Eli Manning will go down as the greatest playoff quarterback off all time.

    These guys are brothers, yet polar opposites.

    If they combined they’re strengths, they may be the best athlete in all of sports of all time.

  4. Giants will draft a QB this year in round 2-4. They’ll get a relatively high upside QB without going all 1st round. Sort of play it halfway.

  5. If I’m Eli Manning’s agent, I’d be thinking about moving him away from the Giants if they can’t get their front office in gear and draft some NFL calibre Olinemen to protect my client. That garbage Reese put out there last season should have put Eli on IR. In fact, Eli’s reputation would have been better served. Showing up every single day has actually hurt his rep.

    No QB functions behind that garbage. NOT ONE. Eli is one of the guttiest QB’s playing today. Protect him and he’ll contend for another ring. He doesn’t choke those opportunities away if the GM does his job.

  6. Eli Manning will go down as the greatest playoff QB of all-time? Really? Ahahahahahahaha. He doesn’t even have as good of stats as Joe Flacco.

    Manning has had three seasons going 0-1 and two Super Bowl wins. Other than 2011, his stats are pretty middling for the playoffs.

    I would argue Bart Starr, Terry Bradshaw, John Elway and many others would finish ahead of Eli Manning in a poll of post-season QBs, behind the obvious winner, Tom Brady.

    In addition, if Eli has a season like he did last year, he won’t get a vote. I recognize they weren’t in the playoffs, but he was awful. Hard to throw any bouquets at a QB who plays like that.

    Manning had a good post-season in 2011. That doesn’t make him the greatest playoff QB of all time. Not by a mile. To say he’s better than Tom Brady (and all those others) is just utter foolishness.

  7. I’m a lifelong Giants fan, and the fact that this question is being raised is somewhat of a relief. I really like Manning, and I’ll always be grateful for what he did to help the team win 2 rings, but he has always been a model of inconsistency.

    I run into a LOT of fellow Giants fans who insist on giving him a lifetime pass because of past glories, but I’m of the mind that I’d rather see future glories, and what would be best for the team to reach that point. Not extending his contract makes perfect business sense until he can prove that the past 2 seasons have been aberrations. Extending him now would be a huge mistake since he could in fact be on the decline, and he’s not going to take a pay cut. Let him prove himself.

  8. I think he’s an above average quarterback, but you’re talking about a guy who got hot twice in the playoffs and has never been consistently excellent. That doesn’t take the two titles away from him, but he’s a guy in the right circumstance is easily replaceable compared to Brady, Rodgers, Brees, and his brother.

  9. Eli Manning certainly could play a whole lot better, but in his defense, I don’t think any QB would have looked good on the Giants last year. The receivers rarely got any separation, the O-line was a turnstile, the running game was generally bad (6th worst in the league in yards per attempt), and the play-calling was stale and predictable. It is very hard to look good when you have to throw to tightly-covered receivers every play WHILE there are a bunch of opposing players right in your face. Simply put, Eli got absolutely no help whatsoever last year. I don’t even think 1984 Dan Marino or 2007 Tom Brady could possibly have played well with the 2013 Giants supporting cast around them.

  10. Never been consistently excellent? Not his biggest fan, but Eli has broken every record in the Giants books for an entire decade and counting. He is a 2xSBMVP who holds the current Iron Man streak. This dude is consistent. You play for over ten years, there’s gonna be ups and downs. Last season it looked like Eli Manning and Victor Cruz were the only ones playing offense. Agree that Jerry Reese and Mark Ross are the ones that need a fire lit under their seats. Their drafts have been WEAK.

  11. Geeze – give Eli a break.

    He’s got twice as many SB rings as his brother.

    Now admittedly, Peyton had to earn his Super Bowl Ring by defeating the incredibly feared Rex Grossman in the Super Bowl

    I’m still in awe that Peyton was able to prevail against that juggernaut of a QB – but Eli’s still earned a little slack.

  12. His 1st 4 years were horrible. I remember hearing fans call into the talk shows calling for his head the year they won the superbowl. He turned it on in the playoffs in his 4th year, but that season he sucked. He had an awesome year the following year with Plaxico and Steve Smith and that 3 headed running attack. He played exceptional ball despite meager numbers overall. Then he declined again in 2010 despite having bigger numbers which were from playing from behind a lot more. Then he played inspired ball again in 2011, and I credit him for playing exceptionally in that year. Then he has spiraled since. Overall 2 great years, lots of mediocre ones, slow start to his career. He’s 33 now I think and about to get a new OC and system for the first time in his career. Why would another team trade anything substantial for him?

  13. 2007: David Tyree.

    2011: In the playoffs against SF, he threw TWO would be interceptions where no receiver was anywhere close, and a pair of defenders collided and the ball was dropped.

    Better to be lucky than good.

  14. I have no idea how ANYONE could accurately judge Eli’s performance. He was constantly harassed by the rush due to his horrid O Line, there was no rushing game whatsoever ( same reason as above ), and a pretty mediocre wide receiver contingent. There may be no mulligans in football, however last year’s results are mighty close to one, when evaluating Eli’s overall results. I don’t necessarily blame the Giants for being wary, however if I were evaluating the year, I would focus MUCH more closely on the GM who, after all, is charged with assembling the team which is sent out every Sunday.

  15. no matter the reason ALL qbs have a bad year, its the following year that is telling. What players the organization puts around hi, how those players play and if they can play together. BUT, most of all, its what the qb himself learned from that previous bad year and what he makes of it.Its far to earlier to write him off. This year will tell.

  16. If his last name wasn’t manning I think people would look at him differently. Fact is that he has more rings than Peyton, Rodgers, brees, rivers. And is Only one behind Brady. And Eli flat out won those super bowls.

  17. While not on the level of Brees, Brady, and Rodgers, I’d take Eli over peyton in a split second. Eli seems more mellow, and certainly doesn’t choke in big games. When do both mannings stop getting free passes because of their last name? Maybe daddy manning will fix this too and he should have taught peyton it’s more fulfilling to win a SB with your team involved, than to go for the personal stats, year in, year out.

  18. According to OverTheCap, Eli would account for 7 million dollars of “dead money” if released but free up 13.4 million in doing so. Giants tend to shy away from dead money, but if he has a terrible year again I doubt they’d be willing to pay him 20 million dollars.

    As a Giants fan, I think it’d be a shame to see him go, but 20 million is a lot and that money can be allocated in some areas of need. Just have to shore up another young QB, and hell maybe Eli would be willing to stay on in a reduced capacity ala Kurt Warner. Highly unlikely given the extreme need for proven winners at the QB position in the NFL every year, but food for thought nonetheless.

  19. Note to self. In dynasty leagues grab whichever QB the Giants take in what ever round.

    This could get very interesting very quickly.

  20. Eli Manning is an avg QB. His career rating is 81.2. It took him until his 5th year to become avg. If his last name was not “manning” he would not be starting. Anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional. The Super Bowl ring argument is negated by Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson and all those other avg QB’s that were on good teams and were game managers that have rings. The teams got hot at the right times and he made a couple of good throws to help his team win.

    It is sad and absolutely pathetic to think he is even close to the greats that have played the game in the past and compare Eli to them.

    Keep thinking he is some great QB and watch the Giants become a bottom feeder team that makes excuses for a avg QB. Oh yeah do you know why the Giants have no running game, no OL, and no WR that the excuses are flying in this forum? Because Eli’s cap number is eating up all the money to pay to other players around him that he needs to be half way decent. Eli is avg. Period.

  21. Here’s the difference between Eli and Peyton: Every season, Peyton is expected to throw 40-plus TD passes, qualify for the postseason and challenge for a Super Bowl berth; meanwhile, Eli … not so much.
    Eli has been benefitted from being a “darkhorse,” with little to no expectations, while Peyton has been the victim of unrealistic expectations and high-stakes pressure.
    It’s no accident that No. 1-seeded teams with “elite” quarterbacks seldom win Super Bowls.

  22. Eli is going to be awesome now that he isn’t looking at 39 sacks in the season. Eli wasn’t in decline last year, the New York Giants of Football were in decline last year, now they aren’t.

  23. Elisha (yes its his real name) has never been that good in any season. He’s basically had 2 good complete with luck and the ball bouncing his way post seasons, where the Giants were 10-6, and 9-7 barely squeaking into the playoffs. Even in those post season wins, the defensive line won the games for them.

  24. Yes, I forgot to mention Joe Montana. Also, if Asante Samuel catches the clear pick Manning threw to him (which by his own admission Samuel gagged), this is all moot. Give me a break – greatest playoff QB.

  25. Philip Rivers also hasn’t had the high points that Eli has had over the past 10 years. I wouldn’t trade two super bowl wins for marginally better “down” years.

  26. Perhaps the writer meant to say greatest giants playoff qb. Which he is. You people need to look at the whole game. No one player can be held accountable for victories our losses. Football is a team sport. How would Joe Montana have been on the lions? Crap. Look at the entire equation.

  27. Greatest playoff QB? Yes Eli has two (2) Super Bowls in 10 years and five (5) playoff appearances. Just looking at Flacco in six (6) years five playoff appearances and one SB. In those five appearances he one at least one game. I’m sure other QBs rank as good or better. On second thought look at the steelers truly elite QB and his (10) ten years, this is playoff record dominance, oh wait lets look at Tom Brady the second of only two elite QBs playoff record. The comment that Eli is the best playoff QB is silly.

  28. Sure, give him a pass. He was literally given 2 SB MVPs, while others on his team deserved them. You wanna blame his line, his OC, his receivers? OK, then why not give them credit when they win?

    Face it, if his name wasn’t Manning, he’d be just a guy who gets criticized for throwing more INTs than anyone in recent memory.

    He has no trade value. What young QB can’t throw a million INTs for a lot less money?

  29. Disguised around those SB wins are 4 years out of six that the Giants didn’t make the playoffs. Eli’s whole career is full of inconsistency.

  30. Take what you got and milk him for his last few good seasons left. Unless you guys like going back to the Dave Brown, Danny Kanell, Kent Graham days.. What happened with the Colts with the opportunity to land Peyton and then Luck might not happen again in our lifetime. Don’t expect the same thing with Eli’s replacement.

  31. Bunch of know-nothing haters and giants fans looking for thumbs up on this site. Here’s some truth for you all. While your qbs take sacks and worry about QBR, Eli slings no matter what the results are and no matter what you dopes post on corny blogs like this say. This is why he has 2 rings and your qbs are fantasy football champions. It’s called risk/reward and he’s rewarded real giants fans on spades. Ask a pat fan if he’s overrated. Cheers!!

  32. Holding a team’s passing record isn’t much of an accomplishment these days. Saying you hold the Giants passing records is like saying you hold the rushing record for the Niners or Dolphins considering how much those franchises have traditionally thrown he ball.

  33. Whether he is good or not is besides the point for one reason only: he is your franchise player. You stick with your franchise player.

    Perhaps you all prefer all the quarterbacks that came after Simms and Hostetler. Dave Brown, Tommy Maddux, Kent Graham, Danny Kennel and yes even Kerry Collins. What did all those QB’s combined get you: 1 SB appearance in which they were destryoyed.

    Give Eli at least another two years with Coughlin. They have made NYG football at
    least relevant again. If they are both bad the next 2 seasons, then yes start over.

  34. Look at all these giants fans talking about him having no running game or line being the reason he sucks. No qb can function without a run game or o line that’s funny. Romo has been doing it for the last five seasons and so has Aaron Rodgers. Your qb can’t function without the two don’t get it twisted Eli sucks always has and always will

  35. Eli Manning is the luckiest player in sports history. He had every single break go his way in 2 playoff runs, and in the seasons of those runs. An example I will never forget is the Victor Cruz non-fumble in the Arizona game. If the refs call that a fumble like I have seen the, do EVERY SINGLE OTHER TIME I have seen that play in my 40 years of watching football, the Giants don’t even make the playoffs. Yeah, I’m bitter.

  36. Giants fans need their heroes to worship. Eli serves their purpose well imo. I guess it’s easier than saying yeah we don’t have anything special overall and we just had a good TEAM the years we won a SB and we got hot at the right time and played the right teams at the right times. You have to be lucky AND good. They were. The first year they won it behind their DLine and Spags defense. The second year was one of the worst played, sloppiest games I can recall in SB history and their run to the game was just ok ball. They still came out after 60 minutes on top. Credit them for that. But that’s still not good enough for some people.

    My team won their SBs on great defenses and on an average QB playing very well when called upon. And I couldn’t be happier about it. Defense is still what it is all about for real football fans. Giants used to be a defensive team. Now they are just horrible there. It’s embarrassing as a football fan to have watched their defense play the way they have the past 5 or so years.

    Go RAVENS.

  37. Alot Of Eli Haters on here.

    If it weren’t for him, we would all be speaking “cheatery” with the Patsies going 19-0 in 2007.

    He is a gunslinger, not some Prima Donna crybaby (ala Brady).

  38. scothawk says: Apr 13, 2014 4:00 PM

    Note to self. In dynasty leagues grab whichever QB the Giants take in what ever round.

    This could get very interesting very quickly.


    So how is Ryan Nassib doing? Or do you expect the Jints to pick up a new prospect this year?

  39. geeeeemen says:
    Apr 13, 2014 2:38 PM
    They should be asking if 2011 was the exception to his 10 other seasons.

    Exception? he thrown 14 or more INTs every season except his rookie season. 20+ 3 times. he played well in the playoffs and had a great defense and won 2 titles. but hes really not that good.

  40. Question answered as the giants move up in draft for their QB. Then draft another in later round.

  41. Is it the 27 interceptions last year that make people think this 2 time Super Bowl MVP is not a good QB?

    His brother Peyton threw 28 in 1998. Brett Favre had 29 in ’05.

    HoF QBs with more than 27+ ints in one season include Joe Namath (27, 28…twice), George Blanda (27, 30 and 42, highest ever), Sid Luckman (31), Fran Tarkenton (32) and Y.A Tittle (28).

    Better kick them all out of the hall, they threw a lot of interceptions. According to you haters, no other stat has any meaning.

  42. The guy played with a poor O line last year.

    He still has more bling than Rodgers, Rivers, Squidward of the 9ers , and Romo


  43. lucky and inconsistent, the giants cannot win with him due to his salary and they cant replace him because idiot Giant fans says he gets a free pass for life. reese made horrible decisions past 2 years and RB situation needs to be addressed AGAIN. sorry fans but you are looking at 5 more years of missing the playoffs if you stick with Eli.

    PS – not a chance in the world that Eli is better than Peyton…

  44. Hey guys remember in 2011 when you all said the same things about Eli. He got lucky, he’s not elite, he’s done. How did that workout for you guys? Keep it up Eli and the G-Men are listening.

    And any real Giants fan can tell you that them not extend Eli had nothing to do with his possible decline and everything to do with the Giants’ owners being cheap. They never extend a guy before his contract is up, never. They would rather take their chances waiting and gaining some leverage in the hopes of saving money. Even if he has a down year they will resign Eli.

  45. a lot of hate/jealousy here. eli is very good, not great like montana, marino, unitas. but he’s certainly not average or to be compared with brad johnson or trent dilfer either. and to the guys calling eli lucky and brady the supreme playoff qb in the same sentence – remember the tuck rule game and vinatieri winning all three super bowls? in fact, since eli became the giants starter in 2005 (first full season), eli is 8-3 in playoff games while brady is 9-8

  46. lol @ the comment saying Eli came into the league with little to no expectations….Yeah, um..1st overall pick in 2004 and little to no expectations…yeah…

    28 interceptions last year, 27 the year before, 29 in ’09…Like the Great Phil Simms said in the 86 version of Americas Game when Parcells told him on the sidelines to throw the ball away in that situation….”Who gives a sh!t !?!?” we just won the Superbowl!!

    Same thing with the Great Eli Manning. As long as he doesn’t throw picks in the superbowl, who gives a sh!t. One pick (count them) one, in two superbowl victories (count them) two Lombardies. So, to all the haters, sit back, thank your GMs for your lombardies … or lack of.. and watch Eli and the Giants get hot at the right time and get us another Lombardie..Go GMen!!

  47. hey paulsmith….Pretty boy[romo] doesn’t have 2 sb rings, and neither does Rodgers. , And romo’s name should never be in the same sentence as Rodgers or eli. At least Rodgers and eli play for franchises that actually want to win

  48. Completely agree with gilbride. Defining “great” and “elite” is completely subjective and useless. What’s your goal? If it’s to post stats, then that’s what will make you “elite.” If it’s rings, then you just have to play your role and Eli did that wonderfully during the two Super Bowl runs. No one player does it alone – Brady has had belichick his entire career; lets not pretend he would be Brady without belichick. Imo, Peyton and Brady are the only truly elite quarterbacks because their personalities push other teammates to be better. The expectation around them is perfection and that translates to the rest of the team. Eli is a great quarterback. He can play his position well and deliver what he needs to. What he’s not good at is pushing his teammates to be perfect and great. This team is dangerous when they have strong leadership and therefore team chemistry and every player is pushed on every single play to be perfect. You can knock Eli for not being that “elevator” but i just don’t think that’s his role nor is it an accurate way of judging what makes a good or great QB. You can call the tyree helmet catch luck if you want (there’s certainly a level of luck involved). But that throw was also all Eli manning. He fought through the sack to try and make a play. Don’t really see Brady do that – he just eats the sack…

  49. Since Matt Flynn has resigned with Packers now, it is all the more reason to keep Eli now. There are no good FA QB’s available right now.

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