Unnamed personnel exec calls Clowney “spoiled” and “lazy”


Every year at this time, scouts and personnel executives slide behind the cover of anonymity and take low blows at top prospects.

Some of the scouts and personnel executives are doing it for one reason:  To get the player to slide down the board so that the team whose employee is saying bad things privately about said player can draft him.

It’s one of the few certainties about the NFL’s talent acquisition process.  Teams that like a player will say bad things about him in order to have a crack at him.  Teams that don’t like a player will say good things, in the hopes that a team drafting higher will take him, pushing more desirable prospects down the board.

Without knowing the team, it’s impossible to know whether that agenda applies here.  But that doesn’t stop plenty of media outlets from taking the quotes and using them, since they inject sizzle into the process.

The latest comes from Mark Eckel of NJ.com, who quotes an unnamed NFC personnel exec who doesn’t like defensive end Jadeveon Clowney.

He’s spoiled, and he’s lazy,’’ the unnamed executive said.  “He’s never worked hard a day in his life, now all of a sudden you’re going to give him a bunch of money and expect him to work hard.  I don’t see it.’’

For good measure (perhaps), the unnamed executive expressed a belief that Clowney won’t slide.  But maybe that’s just the genius of it.

“Oh, he’s going to be a high pick,’’ the unnamed executive said.  “Some team will fall in love with him.  But wait and see, just wait and see.  I just don’t think you can count on him.  I’m betting the under on him.’’

Lies get told all the time in the NFL, and the pre-draft process contains the highest concentration of them.  The audience needs to understand that when trying to assess the value of such observations.

Here’s the answer, in a nutshell:  There is none.

For that reason, we hope the media will think twice before serving as the conduit for unnamed scouts dumping on kids who are finally in line to get paid for the risks they assume and the efforts they contribute.

92 responses to “Unnamed personnel exec calls Clowney “spoiled” and “lazy”

  1. The hype machine is so strong in the NFL these days. Clowney could end up having a really good NFL career, but the chances of him living up to the hype he’s getting are really low. So chances are, he’s going to be looked at as a bust, no matter what he does. Look at Reggie Bush. Dude’s put together a nice career, but a lot of people still look at him as a bust. It’s pretty silly, when you think about it.

  2. “He’s never worked hard a day in his life… ’’

    I GUARANTEE that he has worked harder than that NFC exec.

    Clowney showed me that he is not an idiot by not killing himself in a FORCED year of college for zero dollars and no guarantees.

  3. It’s a tough choice with Clowney. All the talent in the world, work ethic is questionable, intelligence is lacking. No telling if he’s going to be boom or bust.

  4. Hes Never worked a day in his life? Ive seen Clowney play on many Saturdays and Id bet my life that he has worked harder on those days than this “unnamed “source has his entire life!

  5. Clowney doesn’t have to play hard every down . all he has to do is hit the weight room religiously and be there on defense on passing downs to sack the QB. He would do great on a team that rotates their defensive lineman. In Oakland he would become an over night legend ! He would look awesome in Silver and Black wearing # 77 like Lyle Alzado.

  6. ‘The media should think before giving this kinda garbage a platform’… and then you, a widely followed media outlet, give it a bigger platform.


  7. To assume a top (top) prospect simply has god given talent and hasn’t worked to achieve his body and skill set is incredibly uninformed and naive.

    Whether he will be driven once paid – who knows – but it’s not a fluke he’s rated the top draft pick and best football prospect in the world.

    Come on.

  8. Clowney would look awesome with either the LA Jaguars or Oakland Raiders. He’s definitely California bound!

  9. He was in St Louis Friday. Coincident timing with the Sunday NJ.com article. They only need him to “slide” one spot.

  10. Even though it was probably meant as a smokescreen statement, that executive may have backed into the truth.

  11. Bust waiting to happen. Lots of kids come out who have relied on pure athleticism. When they don’t work at fundamentals, the bust. Clowney will be yet another

  12. I’d love to get a guy with that kind of talent that is spoiled and lazy. Just think how good he would be if you can inspire him and get him to contribute a hard working effort. The excitement of that is too good to pass up, there’s no way you can draft this guy and let him fail. You find a way to make it work and develop him to be his best, there is no alternative.

  13. #1 recruit coming out of high school.. #1 draft prospect out of college… If he stays healthy, he’ll live up to the hype. Some people don’t have to work hard to be better than the rest. The rest should just be happy he’s not giving 100%. Imagine if Clowney gave Jerry Rice type effort? He would be unstoppable.

  14. You can bet that whoever drafts this kid will have done their homework and will pretty sure of what they’re getting. For better or worse.

  15. its a fair assessment. the guy had 3.5 sacks last year. he isn’t Dontari Poe, a guy who had crazy combine numbers but lacked coaching and joined the sport straight off the Band late into high school.

    Clowney is supposed to be ready, he has had the coaching, he has had the time and opportunity. I see a massive bust, but we will see.

  16. The whole system is wacky. Paying lots of money on potential as the pro game is so different then the college game.
    Pro teams double team much more then the college so that a weak effort this past season blaming a crappy year as being double teamed.
    Wait till you see the real double team in the pros.
    Nuts to this guy

  17. He admitted to taking plays off. How is this a ploy to get him to slide down the board? He’s a future bust. Easy to forget how many players have been drafted high and were suppose to be an instant pro bowl player and then never pan out to even a reserve.

  18. I feel like with all these hot button prospects everyone either believes they’ll be an uber bust or in the HOF.

    You know it is possible that Clowney will have a solid career as an above average, yet not stellar, defensive end? That is what most guys taken in the first round go on to do.

    Some become HOF’ers. But if you look at the top 5 picks from each draft over the last ten years, you will see that the “solid but not amazing” players heavily outnumber the crazy busts and HOF’ers.

  19. …………or maybe the guy really thinks Clowney is spoiled and lazy based on, oh, I don’t know, his performance during the entire 2013 football season. If Florio is smart enough to determine that anonymous personnel guys are going to throw up smoke screens, I have to assume that virtually every GM is wise to that scheme as well. I don’t see all this talk impacting the thinking of other GMs in any way.

  20. It’s like telling everyone in high school that a girl has aids so no one else will date her & she’s only left with you. Except in this case it’s real life & you’re effing with the size of his paycheck. Men have been killed for much less. NFL needs to reign this garbage in,

  21. Clowney goofs around to ease the pressure of being a constant public spectacle. That leads to misapprehension I think. Getting asked the same dumb questions 300 times in a week makes you want to change things up a bit. Better than than getting angry or surly. He’s a good guy, very smart, and will be a great pro.

  22. The hype machine is so strong in the NFL these days. Clowney could end up having a really good NFL career, but the chances of him living up to the hype he’s getting are really low. So chances are, he’s going to be looked at as a bust, no matter what he does. Look at Reggie Bush. Dude’s put together a nice career, but a lot of people still look at him as a bust. It’s pretty silly, when you think about it.

    Dude clowney will have a hard time living up to the hype. He is graded the best de to come out since Bruce Smith. Just like Bush was the next Sayers. For the amount of money bush made from the saints off of his staggering rookie contract he was and still is a bust. He is far from an every down player. The only running back worth that kind of money is ap. at least who ever gets clowney won’t have to pay him like Bruce smith with the new labor deal.

    The odds of clowney being a bust are good but he will have to really try so he gets another contract.

    As long as no one is stupid enough to trade up like the falcons to get him it won’t be as big a risk.

  23. Can someone explain why unnamed sources are unwilling to put their name to their comments? Makes me wonder if these sources are real or if the media conveniently say “an unnamed source” just to get a story out there.

  24. you gotta love the self-anointed football geniuses who claim the Clowney “hype” is all based upon one hit vs. Michigan.. as if the 13 sacks & 23 TFLs in the best conference in America never happened that season..

  25. Yet another “suit” using racially charged, coded language to disparage a young man. The guy is not man enough to put his name on it.

    Chances are, he was never good enough himself to play the game, but sits on the sideline taking pot shots at others who do play. He comes of as envious and petty.

    Isn’t it funny that you can tell the race of a given player by the adjectives chosen to describe him?

  26. “Spoiled” and “lazy” are not adjectives ANY draftee wants associated with his name EVER for ANY reason. These types of innuendos have REGULARLY been mentioned in connection to Clowney. These kinds of references are simply too frequently uttered to have no basis in fact. EVERYONE associated with the draft process can’t be fabricating negative whispers about this young man.

  27. What the NFC executive is saying what everyone who watched South Carolina this year saw.

  28. Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel cited this quote six weeks or more ago.

  29. Well there it is”lazy” you knew it was coming, it always does, at least be a man and put your name to it. If you can’t put your name to it, then maybe u should shut your damn mouth. Probably same guy who a few years ago thought Tebow was an NFL QB.

  30. What kind of GM would allow an anonymous comment from another league personnel executive to influence their opinion in any way?

    If you know why they are saying it, and I know why they are saying, doesn’t it stand to reason that the GM would know why they were saying it?

  31. Being in SC,,I have watched him almost every single weekend…(,,,,THAT HE PLAYED…uhhhum)
    He takes plays off repeatedly…he also bogarts,,and ignores the coaches,,,does he make videotape plays once or twice a game..yup sure does,,then takes the other 25-30 off. He is spoiled,,,and child like. Once you give him big $$$ he will be trouble on and off the field,,,you watch. People are in love with him for all the wrong reasons..

  32. Boo hoo! Quit appoligizing for players. Look at the tape, Clowney dogged it most of the year. Mike Mamula had great workout numbers too. BUST 2.0

  33. With the NFL rookie salary structure, the real money doesn’t start flowing until the second contract. If a player is a bust as a rookie, it’s slim pickings going forward. That should incentive enough to work hard and perform.

  34. “He’s never worked hard a day in his life, now all of a sudden you’re going to give him a bunch of money and expect him to work hard. I don’t see it.’’

    Clowney will be in the NFL long after this chump will be an executive.

  35. This is called , “smokescreening”. LOL

    Now is the time of year where all the execs talk down the prospects in hopes to drive them down to their draft position. Nothing to be concerned about right now.

    Everything coming out these guys mouths are 70% lies right now.

  36. How many can’t misses have came out college over the last 20 years that turned in to busts, until he shows it on the field then he’s just a great athlete with great potential , but as we all know there are things that goes on in an athletes head that can destroy their career !!! Clowney is one of those that seems to be self absorbed , that don’t work too well in the locker room !!!

  37. Don’t lawyers call that defamation of character?
    So if you stay anonymous you can trash anybodies
    reputation? Welcome to the NFL where double standards and Hypocrisy run rampant.

  38. So you don’t like stories with “unnamed scouts” but still want us to read your stories with “unnamed sources” who just so happen to spout the same traffic-driving opinion that you have?

  39. Clowney’s rep going into the draft is very similar to Nick Fairley’s.

    A Player with a lot of potential, but may not be mature enough to fully maximize it.

  40. He’ll end up in Jax. That’s just how they roll, Gabbert, Harvey, and they’ll get Clowney and he will be a bust. It’s got Jax written all over it.
    Because, they CAN’T draft a good player to save their life. KHAAAAAAN!

  41. Wait, you say in the last paragraph you hope the media doesn’t become a conduit for unnamed scouts dumping on a prospect. Isn’t that exactly what you did here?

  42. Only a worm of an NFL exec would make an anonymous statement like this. Man up and stand behind your words. This is the NFL. Unless of course the media is making it up which is very easy to do in a feeble attempt to generate headlines.

  43. I honestly don’t knock clowney at all for tanking this past year.its a stupid rule he and so many others are subjected to. Anybody at any age should be allowed to enter the draft. And in any sport. I see the rule as nothing but a money grab by the NCAA. They want the stars to come make them some money before they go pro. Clowney was simply protecting his investment, his health.

  44. “But that doesn’t stop plenty of media outlets from taking the quotes and using them, since they inject sizzle into the process.”

    Whoa. Totally meta.

  45. NJ.com again…you know what,the #1 draft pick is still just a draft pick. A pick that a team is using to fill a need. They just happen to be the team choosing first. It doesn’t matter who the #1 pick is because that team is trying to fill a position. Knock on wood,if Andrew Luck has a season ending injury in the pre-season and the Colts get the first pick next year,will they choose a QB? No,they’ll select the best available player to fill a need. There’s just too much stock put in that “First Pick” title. So if Houston needs a QB or DE who cares who they pick if I fits their needs.

  46. What gives with these pre-draft guys that haven’t even signed their contract and they start behaving like divas. It seems they are going to need the rookie symposium at the collegiate level for those aspiring to go into the NFL. The syllabus should be “don’t be a clown while they are still evaluating you for league worthiness and you haven’t signed your contract.”

  47. I dont think that the exec was wrong in terms of present day….

    FYI, when Bruce Smith was drafted, he was overweight, lazy and tried to get by on talent. 1 or 2 years into his NFL career, he got serious and become one of the alltime greats…. although he always seemed to have a contract squabble that would start up about 3 days before training camp and end on the last day lol..

    anyways, my point is that he is an athletic freak and has gotten by on beating many guys who wont play in the NFL but, there is always the chance that he can turn hungry and be determined to be great… only time will tell..

  48. This guy has the same type of character as Ryan Leif did when he got into the NFL.
    The Psychology of Linguistics and Body Language dept. recently were asked to make observations of the top 10 suggested prospects. All came away with the same observasion as ” shelfish, lazy, and arrogant ” due to has always been the best where he has been and not among the best.

  49. “For that reason, we hope the media will think twice before serving as the conduit for unnamed scouts dumping on kids who are finally in line to get paid for the risks they assume and the efforts they contribute.”

    Yet here you are serving up this story on a silver platter. I guess you didn’t think either.

  50. hmm
    same thing the NFC management leaks about their own players when they want to cut them.

  51. I have no reason to think hes going to be lazy – but there always a at least small worry, when you have a player who was so physically gifted in high school and in college that was able to be the best just by showing up often.

    We have seen this story before sometimes its nothing sometimes its an issue.

  52. Load the contract with Incentives.
    After all, can he really afford to take another season off.

  53. Most of the guys he played against in college aren’t good enough to make it to the NFL, and will be working the Wendy’s drive-thru next year.

    Hyping these players before they set foot in the NFL is laughable. Pay them all minimum-wage rookie salaries until they do something.

    Yeah, right… in a fantasy world.

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