Webb says his knee was “a lot better” by end of 2013 season

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Last season’s NFL ACL rehab overanalysis focused offensively on Robert Griffin III and defensively on Darrelle Revis.  For better or worse (better), that allowed Ravens cornerback Lardarius Webb to work his way back from his own ACL tear without nearly the same scrutiny.

Webb recently explained that he eventually got to the point where his knee had improved significantly during the 2013 regular season.

“By the end of the  year, my knee was feeling a lot better,” Webb told Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun.  “I was able to run and cut and do everything I wanted to do. I had so much more confidence and trust in the knee.  I’m feeling great now.”

Webb, who threw out the first pitch at Friday’s Orioles game, admits his performance in 2013 didn’t meet his standards.

“It was just good, not great,” Webb said.  “I was trying to get my legs back under me and get my knees right and get back to the flow and speed of the game. I did OK, not as good as I wanted to. I’m excited about this year.  I’m feeling good.  I’m into this offseason healthy.”

He may not be healthy for long, given that he’ll be repeatedly covering Steve “Blood and Guts” Smith in practice.

“It will be me against him in practice every day, making each other better,” Webb said. “Getting to guard him in practice will make me even more prepared for games. . . . With me going against him every day, with how he practices and the way he plays, his attitude about the game, is going to make me 100 percent better. I love the matchup. I can’t wait to meet him. It’s going to be big.”

The results could be huge for a Ravens team that faded on both sides of the ball in the afterglow of a Super Bowl victory.

12 responses to “Webb says his knee was “a lot better” by end of 2013 season

  1. top corners in the league
    Sherman for now
    Revis will be on top by next year
    webb will be after revis next year
    Grimes love his game
    then the others
    patrick peterson is overrated he is just ok

  2. Webb is a total beast who keeps under the radar. Another reason Ozzie Newsome is the best GM ever.

  3. It usually takes two years to fully recover from an ACL tear. With that in mind, Lardarius Webb is due for a stellar season in ’14-’15. There are not many players that are as dedicated to training/rehab as Webb. This serves as a great example for Jimmy Smith and others to follow. I look for the Ravens secondary to blossom into one of the best in a couple of years when the free safety situation is solved and matured. I’d love to see Ed Reed come back as a defensive secondary coach……that is if Harbaugh’s fragile ego can stand it.

  4. You mean the fragile ego that has led him to hire numerous former head coaches who would like to be head coaches again?

    The irrational fan hatred of Harbaugh by some Raven fans must be amusing to fans of other teams that would gladly take Harbs’ record.

  5. Sure they’d take the record.

    You could get the record by having most of the players. A lot of those players that earned those records… Were inherited. Harbaugh fell into a great position. Inherit a talented team that simply needed to cut bait with Boller.

    Anyone would have done good with that team.

    You say the fan “hatred” for Harbaugh is ridiculous? I say the blind faith and defensiveness when it comes to harbAugh(and flacco) is ridiculous.

    The ravens have had plenty of talent for the last 6 years. And even with multiple playoffs and 1 Super Bowl… I say they still underperform.

    How many division titles in that span? How many “close” games against horrible opponents they should have beat by 14+ points?

    You can spit the typical “that’s the NFL, any team can win,” but if you believe it then I can’t help you.

  6. watermelon.

    Much like Tomlin inherited a good squad. He sucks, no way around it. The steelers have underperformed much more than the ravens in recent years. .500 for the greatest franchise to take the field is unacceptable. Maybe Tomlin will coach them up this year with his terrific dialect.

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