Chris Johnson remains available, but maybe for not much longer


When the Titans cut running back Chris Johnson, the initial expectation was that he’d sign by the middle of last week.  He didn’t.

So when will he sign?  We currently believe it could happen in the next few days, if it happens at all before the draft.

Teams soon will be shifting their focus almost exclusively to the draft.  And a team that needs a running back can cross that item off the list as they finalize their draft needs, if it signs an available veteran running back.

It remains unclear which teams are talking to Johnson, but there’s a good chance that the teams talking to Johnson are insisting on discretion.

Either way, we’ll know more about Johnson’s next stop soon.  Unless, you know, we don’t.

58 responses to “Chris Johnson remains available, but maybe for not much longer

  1. Colts. Ballard and Bradshaw are a crapshoot with their health and this is the year t-rich either proves himself and becomes the colts biggest bust in a long long time.

  2. Denver Broncos.
    Doing something quietly to free up cap space.

    A running back is the missing piece in their offence … who they got?

  3. So let me get this straight — he might sign, he might not, we don’t know who he’s talking to, and it may or may not happen before or after the draft. Can you use your phone a friend on Schefter?

  4. Honestly I can’t imagine anyone signing this guy for what he’s asking.

    He had one amazing year followed by all mediocre years.

    Then add into the equation he’s got a repulsive attitude in a league where the running game game is now a secondary offensive feature. This adds up to why would anyone go through the trouble and risk?

    Incentive contract or get out.

  5. I hope no one picks him up.He’s refusing to work out for teams? If the Execs had any sense at all they would not hire him, not even for the veteran minimum. The guy has less talent than Desean Jackson and brings way more problems to the team.

  6. And in TN he refused to take a pay cut. He will never make the 8 million he was due in TN. He should have been more willing to take that pay cut. IF the Titans would even do that. Probably not.

  7. He’s not worth the asking price, but “one amazing followed by all mediocre years”. Since when is 1000+ yrd seasons, with TEN and those QB’s, mediocre?

  8. 1000 yards really isn’t very impressive. It’s only 62.5 yards per game, 1500 should be the benchmark

  9. ok this is bothering me, lets looks at CJ2K stats since he got in the league:

    2008 TEN 1,228 yds
    2009 TEN 2,006 yds
    2010 TEN 1,364 yds
    2011 TEN 1,047 yds
    2012 TEN 1,243 yds
    2013 TEN 1,077 yds

    From 2008–2012, Johnson rushed for 6,888 yards, second only to Adrian
    Peterson (7,508) during that period.

    over a thousand yards in every season he has played in. Also he has remained healthy every single year. This guy will be a steal wherever he goes. point blank period. i would want him on my team , especially if i have a decent QB since he has never had one.

  10. Well, he’ll sign with someone, unless, you know, he doesn’t. Or, or with someone soon, unless, you know, it’s not soon.

  11. I don’t understand why he hasn’t been signed yet. You are getting a 1500 yards from scrimmage guy for under 3.5 mill as the market dictates. What’s the problem? He’s an upgrade for 80% of the teams.

  12. Cracks me up to hear all this moronic talk about CJ never having a good QB. Remember Hasselbeck’s first year with the Titans? You know, when he threw for more yards than any Titan or Oiler QB since Warren Moon. Once again, CJ’s effort was flat out average that year.

  13. Plain and simple the media does not have a clue on this one. I bet Teams will be more interested depending on how their Draft strategy turns out. CJ is a proven product, but $3M versus a Rookie Contract for $650k is a big difference.

  14. Someday the running game will be respected again.
    Right now the NFL has put so many clamps on the Defense to highlight the passing game, that the ground game has almost been relegated to a 1st down positioning move, a pop inside the red zone, or a 3rd and short situation.
    He should have taken a pay cut and stayed with the Titans.
    He got horrible advice.

  15. For all of you who think he is a steal and a big upgrade to any team is wrong, and this is coming from Titans fan and a CJ supporter . The guy was the face of the Franchise for 4 years and was as durable as you can get with above pass blocking skills , who could outrun everyone on the field. Like I said in other posts is he was driven hard in the ground by fish and munchak and his quickness has diminished greatly. If you watch him play and please go watch some highlights from the last 3 years you will notice how slow he is hitting the whole, now go watch his first two two years and you will see where im coming from. He used to hit the whole like Giovanni bernard, McCoy, type players. Now he dances and watching him is like pulling hair. So you say give him a q.b and get him out of Tennessee and that will solve everything, i don’t think a lot of you understand he has the biggest ego in the NFL. Wouldn’t take a pay cut at 8 mill, wants to get all the carries and be a feature back, won’t workout with teams, and to top it all off he didnt have a run over 30 yards last year. Looking at stats over his career are great and wrote him self into the record book however Running back days are numbered but lucky for chris he signed the last big RB contract so if he saved he’d be alright.

  16. I just heard that AZ is in play… WOW if that happens might just be what they need to put them over the top with that O… Personally I don’t like CJ as he is self centered prima donna

  17. I love it when you jerks call him “average”. There wasn’t a single 1000 yard rusher in the AFC North or AFC East last year and he was the only one in the AFC South. There are 32 teams in the league and there were only 13 1000 yard backs. I guess your definition of “average” is different than mine.

  18. I think the Jets are the highest bidder at a price he still isn’t happy with. Say what you want about them, but the GM is really doing well. He hasn’t overpaid for anyone or given up draft picks. I was really impressed with what he did in Seattle. So far after taking over the train wreck that was the NY Jets front office he’s done well. They are still many pieces away from completing that puzzle so in the meantime, you take what you can get at a bargain and build with the draft. I know they showed interest but why jump when there clearly is no one willing to pay more.

  19. The benchmark should be 1500 yds?!?!

    How about we make that 1150 yds should be the benchmark. Prior to the advent of the 16 game season the NFL had a 14 game season. During the 14 game season a RB who could gain 1000 yds a season was considered elite. That was an average of a little more than 71 yds a game. So if we extrapolate that out over 16 games, the RB would have gained about 1150 yds(1142).

    At 1500 yds a RB would have to average over 93 yds per game, every game, for 16 games. Just to put this all in perspective in the history of the NFL only 1 RB ever averaged more than 100 yds per game and that was Jim Brown and that stat alone is why he is still the best RB to ever play the game. Only 2 other RB’s have averaged more than 90 yds per game and they were Barry Sanders(99.8 yds/game) and Eric Dickerson(90.8 yds/game).

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